F1RST MEDIA Tutorial – Introduction To Updating Your Coffs Harbour Business Website Yourself

Yes, hello everybody. It’s Ralph Stulgies from F1RST MEDIA. I just thought I’d give you a quick tutorial
and introduction to making changes on your website yourself so if you have your Coffs
Harbour business website produced by us, you can just simply go onto your website. This is just a sample website, which is a
bit simplified. So, you would probably have a main navigation
somewhere on your page. You would have your logo, some legal information
in the footer of course content in the middle and you would also have your site admin link,
which I will click now, and it will just take a short moment to load the admin interface. We provide our clients with editor accounts
and this basically ensures that you can make any changes that you would like to do, but
there’s virtually, no risk of you breaking your website. So, what we do is I will look at it with an
editor account now and you see the WordPress administration side of your website now. What you can do is in this menu, you can see
your ‘posts’ and you can see ‘pages’. So, when we click here on ‘pages’ this will
have all the main pages of your website in it and pages are usually used for content
that doesn’t change really that much over time. Things like about us, you know, it’s pretty
much going to stay or remain the same for a long time. Of course, we can make little changes to it. But the overall content remains the same. So that’s when we use a ‘page’. Now, another type of content is a ‘post’. So, a ‘post’ is basically something linked
to a particular time. So, it could be a special offer an event,
an announcement, job advertisement, something current happening, something that is applicable
at a certain point in time. So that is when we use a post. So, we just go back here to ‘pages’ and I
will just quickly show you when I go here to the ‘About Us’ page, we see here this is
our editor. We’re using Page Builder which is probably
the most advanced editor you can use for WordPress and what we do here is basically, there’s
a classic mode. This is how WordPress comes out of the box. Well, you just have text and you can edit
your text. If we just click here on ‘backend editor’
when I jump into the page builder view and what you can see here, this for example is
a text block. Over here we have an image. And once you hover over these items you can
see this little pencil icon and x appear. So if we click on the pencil we can then edit
this text and make changes to it or just then hit ‘save changes’ and at this stage the changes
have not been publicized on your website. For that to happen, you need to click the
‘update’ button over here and, in this case, you can also see here the content has been
arranged in two rows. They are these dark grey areas here. That is basically a row and this is a second
row. And these rows can be laid out in various
ways. You can have a row stretching across the entire
width of your website or you can just have it divided either in let’s say two halves
or you can have it divided into thirds. You could also have it divided into one quarter
and three quarters. For this case, e just have it divided in halfs
and what you can basically do is move The content around by dragging and dropping
the elements and that makes it fairly easy and flexible to work with to achieve the desired
effect. So, what we will do now is we will just hit
the ‘update’ button which will push our changes live to the front end of the website. And now you can either click on the link to
the front-end page of your website or you click up here on ‘view page’. I’ll just click this link and what you can
see is the current front end of your website where you have the text here and the pictures
here. And what is now does is that it is automatically
optimized for all your different devices. When you resize the screen and make it narrower,
the browser window, you can basically see how this page plays nicely along with all
the different screen widths. And what happens in this case is where we
have these two columns per row – these will basically at some stage, at some screen width,
collapse into a single column. Just so that you still have all your content
available on a mobile screen where you then just scroll vertically to see all the content
of your website. That is just one example of the responsive
capabilities of your website. Other things might change as well such as
this menu here at the top that automatically collapses to a little hamburger menu, just
to make it more user friendly on mobile devices. So, for your Coffs Harbour business website
it is fairly easy to make changes. And how you would like to use these options
to make changes is entirely up to you. As part of our Website Management Plans, you
can send us through changes in an email or you can talk to us on the phone or in person. And we can talk about changes that we can
apply for you. If you want something applied right this moment,
let’s say, you find a spelling mistake on your website and you want it fixed right this
moment, you can of course log in yourself and once you’re logged into your site, you
can also see this black bar appearing at the top of your website. This is only visible to you as the editor. It’s not publicly visible because, of course,
other people cannot edit your website. So, you can here just click on the ‘edit page’
button, which takes you to the editing mode of that page. You can just, you know, make some text changes
and hit the ‘save’ button and then hit the ‘update’ button to push that change live to
the front end of your website. And of course, it is good to know that if
you make a change and you are not quite happy with it and would like to restore a previous
version you can browse here your different revisions of your pages and you can always
restore a previous version. Also, if something goes wrong, you can give
us a call here at F1RST MEDIA. We have daily, weekly and monthly backups
of your website and it’s very easy to roll back to a previous version, which makes it
just a lot more stress-free when it comes to editing your website. And, yeah, so basically the easiest way to
work out the different elements that you can add to your website is just by playing around
with it. If, in page builder you click on this ‘plus’
icon here, you can see a screen that shows you all the different building blocks that
are available for your website. Now, in most cases you will just use probably
this top row of elements, but of course for more complex things all these different elements
are available to you. Also nice is this video player here if you
have a YouTube or Vimeo video. You can use this player to easily embed video
to your website. There is the ‘row’ element which is basically
the overall role of a site, where you can have multiple rows for different content sections. There is the ‘text block’ element for some
text. If you just want to add a single image you
use a ‘single image’ element and you can also use an ‘image gallery’ if you have multiple
images. And it automatically creates a beautiful gallery
for you with various options to optimize it for your purposes. And that is basically what will be needed
to update your website. All these other elements might come in handy,
but they’re also, you know, a bit more specialized and it’s not always needed. If you get stuck or you would like another
tutorial for something particular on your website just get in touch with us and we here
at F1RST MEDIA can create other video tutorials like this. And it might just be helpful to show your
staff or yourself how to do certain things, rather than spending a whole lot of time on
it and trying to work something out. We are there for our clients and we try to
build strong business relationships so in that way we hope to be able to help out these
businesses when it comes to updating their Coffs Harbour business website. So yeah, I hope you could get a little bit
of useful information out of this video and, yeah, for now I say ‘thank you for listening’. This was Ralph Stulgies for F1RST MEDIA. Thank you, bye.

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