Facebook Audience Secrets Insights 101 – Building an Online Business Ep. 32

That’s it I don’t know who my customers
are. What’s up guys! Jason here, aspiring entrepreneur and welcome
to Building An Online Business From Scratch, where I’m taking you from A to Z, everything
in-between to build a online sales funnels particularly a webinar sales funnel but in
today’s video we are going to be talking all about face book so the next 5 or 6 episodes
are just going to be walking through the process of setting up a face book advertising campaign,
now I want to start with the disclaimer that this is not in any way, shape or form saying
that you are going to get the same results I do, hopefully you get better results than
I do but I’m going to walk you through the process of how to set up face book campaigns
so if you are not subscribed make sure you do because this is just part 1 in a series
so this video in particular we are going to be talking about arguably the most important
part of face book targeting. I just gave it away, face book, the most important
part of face book advertising which is targeting and targeting is you audience, who are you
customers, who are you talking to and so in this video we are going to jump into my screen
and I’m going to walk you through how to use the face book audience insights tool to
find your perfect audience, now once you found your perfect audience next is testing your
messaging and that primarily where you are going to spend your time and that’s primarily
where you are going to spend your time optimizing but first you have to know who you are talking
to so there’s 2 big variables, you either have, you know you have the right message
or you know you have the right audience, now 9.9 times out of 10 you’re going to know
the audience before you know the message because its you’re making something for your customer
which means you need to adjust how you communicate to speak the customers language not necessarily
find customers who speak your language, if you think you are part of that 1% then I probably
can’t help you if you think your that 1 out 10, the rest of us it’s all about finding
who are the customers and then when we know for sure who the customers are we can be confident
in our optimization and testing later on because all we are doing is swapping out our messaging,
split testing ads, split testing landing pages and we don’t really have to worry about
oh am I targeting the right people or not so this is the most critical part of your
face book advertising, so with that being said lets dive in. Now the most important and critical step in
figuring out who you’re audience is, is answering the question what content are your
customers already consuming that is unique to them, so let me explain, remember face
book is my enlarge a content driven platform, whether that content is cats you know grandma’s
new sweater or you know little Timmy’s piano recital it’s all content and depending upon
the type of customer you’re targeting you want to look at everyone has got family content,
everything I mentioned could apply to almost any demographic, any demographic any type
of customer but what is the specific type of content that your customers view, watch,
like, share, care about that pretty much everybody else could care less about so this can be
books, magazines, TV shows or competing companies so this particular example because I’m showing
you what I’m doing in my business, I am targeting people who have a skill who want
to turn that skill into, you know a free lancing business or be a coach or consultant around
a skill they already have so looking at those people saying ok what content are they attracted
to, what content are they engaging with that people that is unique to people who are looking
to become a freelancer, coach or consultant who already have a skill, which means I need
to go and find what books are they reading, what magazines what TV shows, and who are
my competitors, who’s already serving those particular people and so it’s really important
here that you are very very specific and actually the best thing to do is just start off not
playing with face book audience insights which is why I haven’t pulled up audience insights
yet, so number 1 you can you know head over to, a great place to go is to head over to
Amazon now hopefully you know who you’re customers are right, because you didn’t
just pick some random niche to go into you actually have a skill or a passion around
what you are doing if you just picking a random niche I’m here to tell you you’re probably
going to lose to others who actually really care about the niche so that’s kind of step
1, and then step 2, is figuring out who these people are, so I’m just going to go through
my excel sheet and again we’re focusing on interest, what are these people, what is
the content they’re engaging with, just saying mom’s who are between 25 and 45 and
live in New Hampshire, ok that’s great but you still need some content around it, what
content are they consuming, um the only time were you wouldn’t do a 100% content based
is if you’re you shopafy store owners, some of you will you know you are selling bracelets
or watches or rings or something, then you can kind of stay general with age and gender
but I would still recommend going detailed with the actual content that people are looking
at, we’re all about content so for me I’m looking at the information marketing space,
the kind of entrepreneur life style entrepreneur space so what I did here and let me blow this
up for you guys so it’s a little easier to see, so what I did here is I started I
said ok who are the other influencers, this may be applicable to your niche the entrepreneur
niche is driven heavily by influencers, not all niches are like that some niches like
if you are doing fly fishing for example you’re going to be talking about famous, targeting
famous fly fisher and fishing magazines, here I’m looking at famous entrepreneurs and
other you know influencers and key, lifestyle entrepreneurs that are in this space and so
what I did is I just made a list of the them and then I went, you will see yes, no, you
will see some are no and I’ll get to that in a minute where you go through face book
audience insight and see if there is someone you can target, and so I went through named
all the big guys there and then I went and said ok mark these people are figuring out
how to market themselves online so what tools and companies are they going to for solutions
to you know driving traffic, hosting their blogs, sending emails, managing their social
media, so I have a list of tools that they might be using so now let’s head on over
to the audience insights tool, now I want to know here when you first do it you are
going to create, you are going to say all people of face book when you first come here
and you have the ability to save audiences, so I’m going to click save as, oh no, cancel,
open, I’m going to click open so you can see, and you can see here I have a lot of
different audiences saved and I’ll get to a little bit, this is a little bit more advanced
but I will get to it at the end of the video why I saved so many of these because it saves
me a ton of time when I split testing ads, future video we’ll talk about that so essential
first we are going to start I’m here in the United States, I’m targeting people
in the United States and so step number 1 is saying ok can I target these people so
I’m going to start with Robert Kiyosaki, I’m going to come down here to interest,
click paste Robert Kiasaki, Robert Kiasaki author, Robert Kiasaki rich dad poor dad,
Robert Kiyosaki e something, its cutting it off so I know I want to target the author,
ok perfect so I know that here so I know that I can target Robert Kiyosaki, so I’m going
to come back to my excel sheet and say yes, you can see I did this so I wouldn’t bore
you guys going through each one of these, so let me go down and pick someone who is
a little more niche so I’m going to do Louis Howes here and what’s kind of cool is Robert
Kiasaki is pretty broad, one million to 1.5 million, that’s a huge, he is pretty broad
in terms of entrepreneurship so Louis Howes is digital lifestyle entrepreneur, he’s
probably much closer too who the kinds of people I want to target, you see how the audience
size didn’t change, that’s because Lewis Howes is significantly smaller so if I’m
going to go in here and I’m going to take out Robert Kiyosaki, alright 150 to 200k active
monthly users, so this is an interest or this is an influencer that I’m going to put on
my kind of core list if you think about it in terms of circles, so you have your inner
circle, you’re really tight niche and then you kind of go broader, broader, broader and
that’s kind of what I’ve done here, you will see niche 1, 2, 3, I grouped people together
based upon their audience size and how close, how kind of a small or closely related too
my customers they are so someone who sees Robert Kiasaki might not necessarily be checking
out Lewis Howes but someone who is checking out Lewis Howes is probably heard of Robert
Kiyosaki, if you can kind of see that relationship there and the way you figure that out is exactly
what I just did because you saw I typed in, I typed in Robert Kiyosaki, I started big,
it was 100, oops let me bring the size up for you guys, it was 1 million to 1.5 million
people and then I added Lewis Howes and the audience didn’t change, I removed Robert
Kiyosaki, immediately the audience jumped to this 150k, 200k range so really for your
core niche audiences you’re going to be looking for sizes that are between 100, you
know at least 100 to 150k up to 300, 400k is kind of your sweet spot and those will
be your like micro niche audiences and why you want that size is because when you go
into your ad campaign you going to have anywhere from 5 to 10 of those really small sizes and
that’s going to make your entire audience around a million people to start testing. But what’s really cool about this is learning
right now in this video we are just focused on learning about the customer, right so we’re
going to come in here, we’re going to entre Russell Brunson, he’s another internet,
another internet marketing guy and we see ok we jumped up a little bit, now what I want
to do because I and I’m skipping here because I know that these people all are relevant
to who I want to target, I’m just going to enter a couple of them and you’re going
to play with it, the, if you get one thing out of this video, you’re just playing with
it, you’re playing with it allot, so now we have 350 to 400k active users so we’ve
got 3 people, we’ve got 3 interests that I know are really relevant to who I want to
target, so now I get to look at the questions and say who are they? Well its 54%, 52% women so still about half
and half and plus/minus 5% there and the majority of the audience is between 25 and 54 so that
would be kind of my sweet spot and then I can come down here and see if I can get any
insights into the kinds of people that are here, now this is something that I was explaining
to a client the other day and when you’re looking at the selected audience eyes these
are kind of a hit or a miss but it gives you a little bit of insight as to who you’re
targeting so they grey bar, the grey bar here represents face book and then the blue bar
represents the audience you have selected and so we will go down to getting established,
what this means 59%. This means that this audience is 59% more
likely to be in the getting established lifestyle compared to all of face book users and this
percent here says 4% of the audience is classified as getting established, I have personally
not found these 2 helpful long term, other than just oh ok well that’s kind of cool
simple because these percentages are so low and of course you can come down to relationship
status if you are doing dating stuff, this is going to matter, education might matter
and then you can see the job titles as well but what is really important for us is the
page likes, so if you’re doing by the way if you’re doing, if you’re selling a Shopify
product, this is just 30 seconds guys so Shopify product, if you are selling a Shopify product
what you’re going to want to do is type in that your competitors here and you’re
going to want to pay attention to the demographics and the house, you going to want to pay attention
to demographics and the household because that’s how you’re going to be doing a
lot of your targeting for the rest of us service based businesses, information product businesses,
we’re going to page likes because what you want to do is we want to find out what other
interests that we didn’t think of are on our list, so you can see your click funnels,
elite marketing pro, Mike Dillard, the super preneurs, I actually don’t know what this
is so I will go ahead and open that, I will look into it and if it looks like something
that’s relevant to you know life on fire, open link in new tab, I check that out, business
town, growth freaks, I don’t have any of these and this is great because you can find
other interests that your customers care about and then you can scroll down here and see
more page likes obviously Louis Howes, Russell Brunson because I entered those in there and
so it might seem a little scattered, you might be sitting there like ok you kind of just
going all over the place and that’s how this will feel because you’re literally
just looking at the influencers, you’re looking at the kind of companies and tools
that they are already using, you’re looking at the publications the magazines and the
websites that they are going to be going to of course you want to be very as specific
as possible. Thank you for watching I hope found this video
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I found that that’s probably were the majority of the next few months are going to be and
the majority of the channel going to be because driving traffic, finding the right people
when you get that message and customer match, it’s just wonderful but it takes a long
time to get there and most people give up before they reach that point, so make sure
to subscribe because I’m going to be taking you through that arduous process so hopefully
you can short cut some of the mistakes I’ve already made and some of the mistakes I will
make in the future so until the next video, keep building the business you love, take

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