Facebook Bot Tutorial – How To Use Facebook Messenger Bots For Small Business

Okay, also guys let’s dive into things because it is the top of the hour and so I just want to jump into things get The straight to the content. I’m planning on this presentation gonna be probably about 15-20 minutes and so then at the very end if you guys have questions along the way Make sure you guys throw them in the chat box and then also I’ll save some time to the very end to be able to go through and answer all your questions, okay, so today We’re gonna be talking about facebook Messenger bots I’m gonna go through and show you guys some demos give you a little quick tutorial some things you can go through and implement for your business and Schad yeah if you’re if you got a Shopify store really this works for any type of Small business owner so the the demonstration I’m going to go through and show today are specific to real estate Also for mortgage, but the same types thing if you’re like you know Sean for example if you’re in Shopify I’ve got a lot of friends in the shopify space and using these messenger bots so I just want to show you some of the different possibilities that you can go through and Use and break down for you all today alright, so okay cool So let’s just start out how many of you guys have used facebook Messenger bots go ahead and type in a yes over there in the the question box a little chat box over there if You guys have either used facebook Messenger bots or also if you’ve kind of seen how they’ve worked if you’ve been the recipient of one Of the facebook messenger bots now I’m sure a lot of you guys are probably on my facebook Messenger list so I’m sure some of you guys have at least seen that I Just want to get a feel for Everyone that’s kind of seen a little bit of how they’ve worked for just for business in general Okay, we’ve got Erin saying no No L say no, okay, this is good ginny say no Todd saying Yes, awesome, and Todd I know Todd’s a full-service client. I know he’s been getting some points booked with this Florida real estate saying I have mini chat awesome Andre say not yet Todd saying yes Hey, Chad saying heck. Yeah, so money Seeing how they work, no, yes, it started and Lord set up for me awesome Paul. Yes cool. Okay cool So it looks like we’ve kind of got a mix We’ve got people They’ve seen how they work And they see like how profitable they can be and as some people are like you know they have no idea Maybe if you’ve got you’ve heard of them a little bit, but let’s just break down really quick So I started getting into facebook messenger bosses I telling you probably about five to six months ago right so I went through I heard all my friends They were like yeah facebook Messenger boss. It’s awesome it’s killer and So I thought you know what why not go through give it a try for my business see if it works And then if it works for my business we can start setting some stuff up for clients and see if it works for them And kind of move forward from there so at the time I went through and I started building my my messenger bot list which if Like a messenger bot list is kind of like an email list right or your your list of Contacts and your database let’s say you’ve got your phone of all the their names phone numbers email address all that it’s very similar but you’re reaching out to them via Facebook messenger as Opposed to email or just like text message or phone calls or any of that stuff So I went through and I started building up by my messenger bot list and about six weeks later. I had Probably still seven to eight times more people on my email list as opposed to my messenger bot list I was like you know what? Let’s go through I’ll give this a try so I went and set up a new promotion that we were doing for our business And I blasted out the promotion to my email list which was seven eight times bigger than my messenger list okay So imagine let’s say my messenger list was a hundred people my email list was 700 to 800 which is a lot bigger But it’s kind of like make the numbers simple and so I went through and I blasted out to email list flashed out to messenger bot list and The crazy thing that happened you guys is I saw more revenue come through more business generated from my messenger bot list Then my email list that was seven to eight times bigger than my messenger bot list That’s pretty crazy right like went through it. Took me about six weeks to go through and build this up just a little bit, and then went through blasted it out and the reason why is because Back in the day when email marketing first came out. We’re just email in general, right? People were super excited to get emails like that little like you’ve got mail you guys have seen movie with Tom Hanks And who wreath was reese witherspoon Omega Anyway, I can’t remember name may Ryan That’s who it is so they went through and people were excited to get emails they open every single email They’ve read it and be like oh, this is cool, right Whereas now? like emails Are you just get bombarded with emails or so many your inbox and just so much stuff and use like you go and delete half your emails or probably 90% of your emails before you even go through and open like that’s what I do when I Gets my email, BA inbox the beginning today I’ll go through and I’ll see which ones I can just delete right away And I delete them all and then I just get to what I need to focus on okay, and that’s pretty much how it works with most people nowadays But with Facebook Messenger bots as we’ve seen a lot of people already are Okay air insane, or you say box or BOTS. I’m saying uh BOTS be OTS like a robot right Okay, yeah, can is saying he said BOTS, okay, so? Anyway, so with messenger BOTS as we see like a lot of people haven’t used them in their business they maybe haven’t heard of them They haven’t really seen how all that works yet and so It’s still brand new it’s kind of like the Wild West especially for you as a business owner or market or whatever you’re doing Where if you go through and you send out a Facebook message? You’re gonna have 90 to 95 percent Open rates or in other words you send a message out to 100 people 90 to a 95 People 99 90 to 95 of the hundred are gonna actually open your Facebook message Okay, where’s with email right now if you send an email out to 100 people What is considered good right now is a 15 to 20 percent open rate so the hundred people only? 15 to 20 of those people are actually gonna open your email, okay? Okay awesome, so so that’s one thing that you got really taking consideration here and and know like how Powerful this can be and then also another thing of why I like it even more over email Is because you sent out an email and you got to wait for the response to come back, and then you reply back? And it’s just like a very manual process where I’ll be able to show you guys today How this can be a very automated process and you can ask questions like yes/no? Are you first-time homebuyer? Yes, or no, what’s your credit score above 620 like anyway? We’re gonna go through and break all that down for you guys all today. All right Okay so John okay, you’re just asking about the his monthly promotion all that stuff okay cool, so let’s dive into this guys Let’s go through I want to show you some different demos and If you guys do have questions go ahead type over here in the chat box And then I’ll be able to go through bounce back and forth get to those questions as we’re going through this okay So let me just share my screen with you all really quick Alrighty Okay, so this first one is going through and if you’ve been following me for some time I’ve talked a lot about landing pages and using landing pages instead of your main website to generate leads Right and the reason why is because if you go through and you send people to just your main website It’s going to convert less than 1% of people visiting that site Into an actual league whereas with a landing page you can get as many as 20 to 25 percent of those people visiting the site To become a lead right so right here is a quick example And that’s obviously you know like this this real estate agent. This is like just a demo post This is not the full post you guys have been following me for some time you guys have seen the full post We’ve got several templates for you all, but let’s say you know attention orlando homeowners right or whatever city you live in are You or anyone. You know looking to buy a home in the Orlando area, and you can say go here, so this is the call to action to go through and Send them to the landing page to go grab their name phone number and email address so this is one of the templates that we have that’s converted amazingly well for realtors and even mortgage brokers cuz like you guys are kind of working with the same person right if you’re looking for buyers a Buyer typically they need to find a home to buy and they’re gonna need someone to help them with the loan Okay, most cases. I mean sometimes. I’ll see people their cash buyers, but it doesn’t happen too often Okay, so they come in here They say get me the list they’ll come in and say you know put in some of this test info for right now They hit submit And at this point they become a lead in your database right you’ve got their name phone number email address you go through follow up With them contact them and all that stuff and but then I want to show you guys this next process okay I don’t know why he’s going so slow there, but it says okay. Thanks. Help me put some homes together for you okay, now somebody’s opted in saying hey, I’m Wanting to find out more homes in my area in the Worland o– area, Dallas area in New York City or whatever Um you probably want to help them a little bit more by putting a list of homes that are more specific to their needs Right whether it’s a certain price range? Number of bedrooms are looking to have or any of that right Okay Carrie saying who do you by your landing pages through so we’ve got a company’s called Arsenal marketing let me just I’ll just throw in the I’ll throw in the link into the chat box over here where you can get your free trial okay? So here is the link okay, so we’ve got all these pre-built templates anyway Back to this so they come here they become a leave got their name phone number email address they now click, okay hey, help me put some homes together for you, so we want to go through and Take the conversation a little bit deeper, so they say find homes for me And this is where we kick them into our facebook Messenger bot which this is really pretty cool guy, so Says hey hey Jason I just I see you’re looking for homes in the Orlando area and we’ve got all these templates that you guys can can use and Implement to your business. We’re just like take out the your city and put Orlando or Omaha or Salt Lake City Or where you guys are living says that’s great. Is there a certain number of bedrooms. You’re looking for Okay, now if you’re working with a buyer That’s a pretty good question ask right like seeing like okay We’re how many veterans are you looking for so you can narrow down and find homes? That are gonna fit not only their price range, but their whole demographic not demographics But the whole spectrum of what they’re looking for so they come in. Let’s say ice want one to two bedrooms They click on that okay. Perfect. Are you a first-time home buyer, okay? Which this is really important because obviously if you’re a lender That’s some pretty good information to know and then if you’re a realtor. That’s also some really good information. No because if to say no You have a possibility to grab a listing from that right so you can now help them buy a home But you can also help them go through and list their home, so you’re kind of double dipping on this one lead So now I’m gonna come in. Let’s say. I’m gonna say yes and Then it’s gonna auto respond great. How soon are you looking to move? That’s another great question right cuz like you want to know how? Where to put them in your sales pipeline is this person someone I need to be talking with right now Today is this person somebody where I can send them some more educational information But you know I know they’re not really looking for one or three months, or you know they’re kind of just looking around They’re not really ready to take action immediately Okay, so we can say hey as soon as possible like I’m ready to move. I’m ready to get going right now Okay awesome let me compile a list of homes that would fit what you’re looking for and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible if You have any further questions just ask them here now the cool thing about this too is When you’re out and about once you get this campaign set up, and you’re out and about showing homes you’re at an open house You’re off doing whatever you might be doing right? This is all happening on the back end on complete auto-pilot where your pre-qualifying this lead and then we come here at the end of the day and All of our leads we can go through and look and say okay this Jason guy. He’s looking for a one a two-bedroom home He’s a first-time homebuyer. He’s looking to move as soon as possible. Okay. This is someone. I need to go through and Get an appointment with as soon as possible like I need to be on this person right now Whereas if you look through another one they say hey four to six months out you know that’s alright But maybe that next day you follow up and say hey Let’s you know you could set up a call with them and but it’s not as urgent is someone who’s saying like hey I’m ready to go right now alright Okay, cool, so so that is the way that we kind of go through and do it with landing pages So we go through click there And we have it on that Thank You page so after they’ve opted in have that whole process start Okay, guys if you guys have quite Shinzon any of this just go ahead and type them over in the chat box I want to show you two more quick examples and then We’ll kind of get back to some more questions here, okay So this one is pretty cool because this is where we can kick them right into messenger from your Facebook post Okay, so same type of thing Or we’ve got the same type of ad copy, but instead of sending them to a landing page right here What we can do we can go and we can click on this and have them immediately kick into facebook messenger Okay, so look at this. We’ve got the same sequence built out But if you look at this it Just goes straight to messenger instead of going and having them opt in through name phone number and email address So you can go through we can split test both We’ve seen both work extremely well But also the same time like you don’t want to necessarily if they’re going straight to messenger You don’t want to jump the gun and say hey, what’s your phone number? What’s your email? Just what’s your this type of contact info because the whole point of getting someone’s contact information is to start a sales conversation Right is to go through and get an appointment with that person, and if you’re already starting the sales conversation and facebook Messenger Why are you killing the conversation and asking for their name their phone number their email address and all that other information Right you can ask that a much later after you’ve pre-qualified this person and built a little more rapport so We can do saying hey Jason You know I see you’re looking for it So it’s the same exact sequence that we can go through and we have a number of these different sequences built out And I’ll show you guys how to get access those here in a little bit But you can go through and add a ton of other questions like you can ask credit score You can ask you know first-time. Homebuyer like somebody was mentioning there They’ve got a Shopify store, so depending on what you’re selling you can ask questions related to the products that you’re selling It makes sense Okay Vincent can say where should I go to set the bot? Yeah? I’ll hit that here in just a little bit can They can’t is saying. This is great. Especially for newer agents. Yeah, no, this is great for brand new agents. This is great for even Seasoned agents like it just helps you create more Appointments and more sales conversations, okay, and we’ll show you guys here in a second But people are using messenger BOTS from the leads They’re generating They’re seen about a four to five times more appointments booked from those leaves as opposed to those people just using Email or phone calls or any of these other communication channels right now. I wanted to show you guys one more This is for mortgage brokers, okay So let’s say first-time homebuyers obviously this is just a demo ad this is not exactly what you guys should say okay So don’t be going to say like well Jason’s ad said this and so I’m just gonna copy pick this Just like a quick note. This will not work. It won’t convert. It. Also. Don’t don’t go spend money on this Kay Okay, so we’ll go through we’ll say click on this awesome demo right here They click on that it kicks them into the same messenger bot and the same thing we can do this with landing pages all that good stuff But it says hey Jason glad you saw my post is this your first time you’re looking to buy Okay, now this one’s more specific to a loan officer or mortgage broker, right? But like I mentioned earlier this works for any type of small business owner, so they come in here they say hey no It’s not actually And we go through great how soon would you like to purchase your new home okay within four months? And then we just go through and you can see this whole follow process now Someone that’s gonna go and give out a loan to somebody they’re gonna be a little more interested in like the credit score So hey, I’m 620 or above And it comes out okay great. Is there a specific area looking to purchase your home. We can come in here Type a specific area, and then we can have okay They’re looking to move within four months six 20 and above credit score great credit score, okay, and they’re looking to Looking to purchase in this specific area so if your realtor you can go through and find homes in that area And then also if you’re a mortgage broker you can actually team up with Realtors which we’ve seen great success with that and Anyway so so anyway. I mean does that make sense anybody have any questions on any of this I mean, would you guys like to go through and? Have me show you how to implement this into your business, okay? Go ahead. Let me know with the chat box you guys want to go through start implementing this into your business as well Of these boss that we’ve got going on right here Okay, just really quick. I want to share with you. So this is Giovanna. She was on one of my trainings I think two weeks ago I Went through and broke down some of these different Facebook messenger bot Hacks and trip tips and trains all that stuff, and she said I did this last week I have 10 leads and I spoke with four people now You might be thinking well that was only 40% only four of the ten well How many people did you top your last ten leads from facebook from realtor.com from Trulia? How many of those leads did you actually get a hold of? Okay, and if within the first week. You could already have four sales conversations with those 10 leads That’d be pretty awesome, right Again, you can see right here. We got Latricia She said she has 11 leads and two appointments already set from the 11 leads now obviously that’s a little bit lower conversion rate Pilatus that was in the last 24 hours, and she spent nine dollars on her advertising Okay, so within the 11 leads. She was able to book two appointments in her first 24 hours Leveraging the same tools right here, okay, and then we’ve got Jeff who is a lender up in Washington He booked dozens of points and already have one closed deal with several others in the pipeline by simply using this messenger follow-up, okay guys It’s really at the end the day Leads are cool leads are sexy and obviously it’s like it’s big selling point because every wants leads Everyone’s new people to talk some in their business. They in a day le’s doesn’t don’t really matter if you’re not able to convert those leads into appointments and Convert those appointments into actual closed deals Now what we can do and like we can do our best with helping you convert those leads into appointments then at the end of day You got to go through and study sales training and learn how to actually convert those appointments into closed deals But the more appointments you get the more deals that you’re likely to close right So we got Liz right here liz is a realtor in doubt she’s these are both Jeff and Liz are both, Somerville his clients as well as Todd and So liz is in Dallas which Sure most you guys know that is a very very competitive market okay very competitive market And she’s like once we went through and had her first follow-up call out for like a week She was like what are you guys doing? I got seven leaves for two dollars of lead And I already have a buyer wanting to look at houses this weekend plus another two scheduled appointments That’s insane ROI okay, now. I don’t know how much those homes were that were listed, but let’s say they were even $200,000 okay if you’re making your typical 3% Commission on a $200,000 home, that’s six grand. You’d be making on just one closed deal Right if she went through and she got seven leads two dollars a weeks. That’s 14 dollars spent She’s a buyer looking at house plus two more scheduled appointments Okay, so that ROI is pretty insane there, and then Jamie right here She was able to go through get tons of leads said I think Four appointments from the six leads that she got in her first 48 hours, so anyway guys long story short this is pretty powerful to be able to go through and get the proper follow-up in place to connect with more of your leads and Boost your sales conversations right so I know a lot of you guys been asking about some of these different Okay, I’m just reading through some of these Some of these different comments here, so people pretty excited so guys I want to show you what we put together to help you implement facebook Messenger BOTS into your business So we’ve got the messenger bot master you, can you can go get it at Arsenal marketing? Dot IO 4 slash messenger, so let me just copy and paste this into the chat box over here And so what we’re gonna do with this training is we’re gonna give you all of the copy and paste Templates that we have to use for real estate and also for mortgage of what campaigns that we’ve already tested so you don’t have to go recreate the wheel we have step-by-step training and Also when you get started this weekend, okay, or this week, I’m sorry You’re gonna Have a member of our team be able to go through and set everything up Completely done for you like so you don’t have to mess with it. Okay, so if you’re like man Jason This is awesome, but I don’t really know like the Technic details. I don’t know how to set stuff up I don’t know any of that our team will just take care of all that for you, and then also what we’ll do is We’ll set up one new lead generation campaign for you, and so you don’t have to worry about that either So we’ll set up the Facebook ad the landing pages the automated emails automated follow-up text messages the automated farm facebook Messenger, okay And so and we’ll set it up whether you’re looking for buyer leads if you’ve got a listing you’d like to go through a market And promote an open house you’re looking for seller leads whatever type of campaign. You’d like us to go set up We can go through make that happen for you, and you’ll see here. We’ve got all the messenger bought training for you We’ve got the Byerly’s training You’ll get the seller leads and you’re gonna get a pro account to the our çelebi software when you go here and get started today all right, so Let me just break this down right here of Everything that you’re gonna get with the messenger bot mastery and so the URL up here You can see is our samarkand io four slash messenger, and we’re only gonna have this available through this weekend Okay, so this is not This is kind of like a you know a one-time special type of deal, so that’s the URL I threw it over there in the chat box if you want to go grab that So part of this you’re going to get the messenger bot training, okay? We’re going to throw it show you step-by-step how to set up The messenger box with your landing pages with your facebook ads And if you have a Facebook page and someone messages your facebook page will show you how to go through and have an automated Follow-up sequence to kind of prequalify and sift and sort through all those people messaging your Facebook page right you’re going to also get One messenger campaign completely set up for you so our team will go in They’ll go into your Facebook page set up the whole messenger boss, so you don’t have to worry about it plus You’re going to get our copy and paste campaigns the scripts the templates to go through and implement for your business Also a member of our team is going to go through and set up one new lead generation Campaign for you as I mention earlier guys Doesn’t matter if you’re looking for buyer leads You’re looking for so leads if your guy listen and go through and promote an open house. Whatever it might be our team will be able to go through and set that up for you and you’ll be able to get one month account access to our salon catchy the pro account which actually open that up to a Completely unlimited account which is normally $1.99 a month So in there you’ll be able to set up your landing pages You bill to have the messenger marketing the email marketing the text marketing It’s a full CRM where you can import your contacts from Trulia Zillow Wherever it might be you’ll also get access to priorities priority support and for those our guys right here on this YouTube live right now Will also get you guys access to a four week live training that we’re gonna do for you starting this next week Okay now This is only a special bonus for you guys right here on this YouTube live So we’re not offering or promoting that anywhere else if you guys actually go here to the sales page You won’t see that anywhere because this is just for you guys for jumping on here jumping on this YouTube live I want to throw in a little bit extra bonus for all of you here, so Anyway guys you get started with all that when you go to Arsenal marketing dot IO for its last messenger okay, and you get started for just one single payment of 297 okay, and then Okay, so let’s go through them. I’ve got a few questions coming in Okay, Gini say so is this extra over and above the membership fee So Gini are you are you already currently a member of Arsenal? So yeah, so like the the campaign This is a bonus for Giving because like this is going to be a done-for-you setup for the messenger bot so if you already are a member Just go here to this URL right here And we’ll be able to upgrade your account and get all the done for you lead generation campaign The done-for-you facebook Messenger bots and all that stuff set up for you guys as soon as possible, okay? Okay, Vincent’s saying I already have our Solemnity lie didn’t see it there. No, so this is an added bonus This is something brand new that we’re just launching right here, and then also you’re getting some of this done for you action Just completely taken care of so we want to help you guys because Lots of times you can spend a lot of time trying to figure out all the technical details yourself But we know that you’re best at meeting with the clients wanna one showing them homes going through and doing open houses So if we can go through and help on some of the backend Technical stuff the stuff that we do every single day that we’re not getting frustrated with it because it’s literally like we can do it in our sleep because we’re setting up Facebook ads we’re Setting up Facebook message your boss all that stuff on the daily so we just want to be able to go through and help you Out right here okay um Carrie saying is it the same price if you are already a member of Arsenal mark and UK we got we had a lot of Those questions if I if I didn’t answer those questions make sure you guys go through hit me up in the chat box down there Natasha saying I already have a CRM No worries, so what we could do with the Arsenal software So it sets up your landing pages your all of your auto follow-ups and all that stuff And we also do social automation posts of Facebook Twitter and LinkedIn But what we can do is once a new lead comes in we can actually sync that lead with your existing CRM Okay, so I know for a fact that you know Natasha? I’m not sure what CRM you use, but we sync with lion desk We sync with wise agent follow boss all those different ones so that you can either use the Arsenal CRM have them all come through and we’ve got like tags and you can add notes and Enroll them into different email sequences or just different types of things like that or you can have it just you know sift Write or sip it go sink. Sorry. Just forget in the word sink right into your existing CRM Okay, so Natasha. Hopefully that answer that question there Okay J. Allen Carr I would like to learn more about master boss instead of call so Just type in your your question right here in the chat box if you’ve got some different questions on messenger BOTS because more than likely Like other people are gonna have the same question so like that’s why I like to go through and open up the end here for live Q&A Just because a lot of times like for example who was it got Jimmy and Vincent, and I think John they all had the same Questions and so then I’m able to go answer them and so like anyway So if you got questions on messenger BOTS or any of that stuff? Go ahead type them in and then out can benefit the whole group that everyone. That’s on right now Okay Okay, we’ve got okay. I missed I think I missed one right up here John says do you have to have a website? No, you don’t Sean or I’m sorry. I was reading chakras right about there Yes, John. You don’t have to have a website but With your with the Arsenal software you’ll be able to set up landing pages We’ve got all the pre-built templates inside the system that you can easily use and leverage for your business, okay So let’s see Sean saying so I manually initiate contact, then the bot retards I manually initiate contact, then the battery targets no Sean so what’s gonna happen is We’ve got also like part of this is you’re gonna get our buyer and seller leads mini-courses and that shows you how to go through and set up the buyer leads campaign of setting up the Facebook ad since the landing pages the automated follow-up and with that Facebook ad What’s gonna happen is you don’t have to manually do anything when they click on that link It’s gonna automatically take them into messenger so if we come back over here It’s like for example right here. They click on this and It’s like we run this post as an ad and then when they click on it It’s gonna immediately take them into messenger right here. Okay? Is that makes sense okay so um? I think it’s Sean Sean if you have any more questions on that hit me up in the chat box and More happy to get that Nick is saying. What’s your opinion on lead ads versus putting them through a funnel Yeah, so Nick I’ve seen both work extremely well okay, and both it kind of depends on the area So I’ve split tested them some areas they you know the cost per leads about the same some areas the cost per lead on a landing page is a lot better than lead form sometimes vice versa and it all comes down to for my liking it comes down so you going through and Knowing what which ones getting you the best quality data Okay Which lots of times lead forms do that but sometimes? Landing pages work just as well, and they give you a pretty good cost per lead Okay, so anyway Nick. Hope that answer that question and Kim going back down Sean I said are we able to set up a messenger bot for contacts that are already in arsenal yes You are so one thing that I’ve done, Shawna, and this is how I actually initially grew my messenger bot list is I went through and I created a link similar to this one right here, but instead of placing in a face book ad I Went through and I put it inside an email and then when they clicked on that link inside the email it Opened him up into this messenger Bob Okay, so it’s really just like taking this link and you could advertise it on Facebook You could do it on Instagram on YouTube inside of an email? inside of a text message to get them to opt in to your Facebook Messenger bot that make sense so Anyways, Shauna if you’ve got contacts already in there You can easily do an email blast get people on that messenger bot list and even kind of have them go through a full-on sequence and It’s a great another great way to go through and start the conversation Okay Jenny is saying where can I find how to sync leads with my CRM so shoot an email to support at our salon kg comm? Ginny and Natasha real geeks, so here’s the thing with CRN’s with synching with them If your CRM gives you a custom email address that is like a lead notification email address That’s how we can sing because then we just put that email address inside of the Arsenal’s software of the lead notifier or whatever and then it’ll send that lead info to that email address and Then what happens is it’s called parsing the data which Basically like real geeks or follow a boss or any of those ones they go through and they they’d find the the email the phone Number all that information inside of that email that’s sent over and that it would be able to sync it into your CRM okay, so if you’re so Ginny and everyone else if you guys have a CRM and you’re wondering how to go through do that it’s possible if you have that email address if you don’t have that email address, then it’s it’s kind of a It’s it’s major development work, which we’re not quite ready for quite yet, but most of these CRM s Do have one of those I know fall of bosses for sure I know wise agent does for sure cuz I’ve done both of those and then these other ones You’ll just have to kind of look through Okay, let’s see here J say we’re gonna find, okay, I’m just trying to get try to get back in order with all the questions, okay, so Elegant realty saying the landing pages and everything you get is that for a month Yes, so it’s for the first month and then if you’d like to stay on the Arsenal software its $99 a month for the basic plan or $1.99 for the pro plan and with the pro plan you’re actually gonna get You’re gonna get one lead generation campaign set up for you by a member of our team every single month, okay? So that’s kind of a nice little bonus that you guys can go through and have done right there on the $1.99 a month plan Or if you’re just on the 99 a month plan and these are month of months. There’s no contracts We feel like if you’re getting results and seen value from our software You’re gonna stick around because that’s what we want to often want to offer massive value for you all okay Let’s get back over here Okay Christine this is one time what they cost so Christine Yeah, so it’s gonna be a one-time for like the messenger bot training the messenger bot set up the lead generation campaign but then to continue on with the software it would be if you want to continue on with the software it would be like a $99 or one $99 after this first month camp That’s kind of how that works Trying to say this rocks if we are currently a member how quickly can we start using this super quick Yeah, super quick, so just go through go to the Arsenal market die of horse last messenger And then once you get started what we’re gonna. Do is we’re gonna sort through everyone that’s signing up okay, and then we’re gonna have a member of our team reach out and Help you get that messenger bot set up and get it going for your business, okay, so Once again guys allow allow a few days like don’t like we’re gonna try to get to you guys as soon as possible But there’s a lot of people and we’ve got I mean I think we’ve got like seven or eight support members But just allow them a little bit of time to get to your account Within a week, they for sure should be able to get to it, but anyway, so just keep that in mind there Okay guys any other questions Okay, so let’s just wrap this up. I’ll kind of hit one more time what you’re gonna get today with the messenger bot mastery You’re gonna get our message about training. Okay, and for those of you guys here on this YouTube live We’re gonna actually get you guys a bonus for just the hose you guys who actually attended today for week I trained for all of you guys what we’re gonna do starting next week is we’re gonna have a once a week live training showing you how to implement some of these things and Then you’ll be able to ask Questions live on the call and so that you know you get all of your answer your questions answered there, okay? We’re gonna also get one message robot campaign completely set up for you You’re also going to get all of our pre-existing Campaign templates the text all that stuff that we’ve already tested out You’re gonna get one lead generation campaign set up for you So whether you’re looking for buyer leads seller leads listing leads open house leaves whatever might be And you’re gonna get our buyer and seller leads mini-courses, okay, so inside those courses those are We show you how to set the facebook ad and we give you the copy and paste facebook ad template We’re gonna show you how to set the landing pages the follow-up emails follow-up everything and how to go through and get them to actually Book appointments on autopilot with you with our appointment scheduling app that we’ve got for you Okay, you’re also gonna get one month account to our Celebi our pro account We’re actually going to open that up to an unlimited account So you can create unlimited landing pages you can have unlimited contacts inside of your CRM there So you can easily import the contacts you can easily export the contacts whatever you need to do We’ve got it all integrated with Facebook messenger email marketing text marketing everything set up ready for you and then also our priority support, so if like your biggest question right now is like Jason this all sounds awesome, but I Don’t know if I could go through and set up all the technical stuff for the Facebook Ads We’re there for you. Okay. We’ve got several members on our team jump on a screen share jump on a call do whatever you need to do to get the help and you get started today at our samarkand dot IO four slash messenger for just 297 K now guys literally just the done for you like excluding the training the templates all the stuff Literally just the done for you messenger bot campaign setup and the lead generation I mean those those that eat both are easily worth the 297 just to kind of eliminate that time of Trying to go through and figure it all you out yourself right it’s kind of like the time value money Where do you value your time? Where is your time best spent it’s the best spend out the few? showing homes doing an open house with that or spending you know an hour to trying to Set up a Facebook ad for your first time and not really knowing exactly how to do it So anyway, that’s why we want to go through and help you with all that Okay my CV to say this price is reasonable. Yeah, yeah, I think so but uh But anyway, okay, Sean said this rocks, okay? I think I read that one Messer has been so awesome me the response rate is through the roof It’s so new that everyone replies, and it’s instant thousand times better than I slow back and forth so money for yeah I agree Chad it’s killing it right now, so Sean is saying and if we are currently a pro member we still need a purses as well as that correct Yeah, Shana the reason why is because of the the? Done-for-you set up on the messenger bots and the lead generation campaigns So it’s just I mean it just takes a decent amount of time to go through and get those first campaign set up so anyway alrighty guys Cool cool, so I think those are all the questions if you guys are watching the replay of this I know everyone on here right now is live, but if you’re watching the replay of this You know you can go through grab the Arsenal marketing dot IO Force last messenger, that’s the link to go through and get started And this is going to be available through the end of the weekend And this is kind of a special bonus to kind of really kick off the whole messenger box With your real estate business with your mortgage business with whatever you’re doing right so anyway guys Thanks so much for jumping on today And if you guys have any other questions that I did not get to a little bit later Go ahead shoot an email to support at our salon kg comm we’re here to help you and we want to see you guys Have success so with that said thanks so much for watching today, and I will talk to you guys all later

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  1. Hi Jason – I am interested in setting this up. I am not your your program currently. So if I take advantage of this
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