Facebook Custom Audiences Tutorial – Building an Online Business Ep. 36

Want Facebook advertising to work? Do this. What’s up guys? Jason here, aspiring entrepreneur and welcome
to Episode 36 of Building An Online Business From Scratch where I’m taking you from A to
Z and everything in between of putting together an online sales funnel and in this particular
part of my business building process and in this video specifically we’re going to be
talking about Facebook custom audiences. So there are actually two different types
of custom audiences you can create. You can create ones based upon your website
traffic or how people have interacted with some of your ads and content. And then number two you can create some called
look at like audiences where really is where Facebook really-really shines and allows you
to profitably scale your campaigns and find easily find new customers and clients and
prospects for whatever you’re selling, whether you’re e-commerce or your professional services
your coach consultant, whatever you’re doing these custom audience strategies are going
to work for you. So let’s go ahead dive into Facebook and I’ll
show you how to set up those two different custom audiences and the fun things you can
do to play around with them to really dial in on your audience and maximize your return
on ad spend. Okay so I’m here on Facebook of course, so
I’m going to go to my ads. Manage ads, and we’re going to be navigating
over to the, to do custom audience section. So this is going to be assuming that you’ve
already set up your you’re ready have some campaigns or you’re already have some ads
if you don’t, that’s okay continue watching this video and then make sure to subscribe
and check out the channel, because over there I’ve actually gone through the process of
finding your audience and setting up your first campaign, you know finding images how
to write your ads so you are covered. Okay there we go it took a little longer to
load. So I hit these three little bars up here,
we’re going to go click on over to audiences and so this is where you’re actually going
to act able to access all of your saved audiences. And you’ll notice your audience type, I have
different types, I have custom audiences and then I have saved audiences. So these saved audiences are the ones that
you save from either audience insights when you’re doing your initial research, or when
you’re setting up an ad group and you click to save the essentially targeting settings. That’s where you can go and find and modify
these here. So here we’re going to go up to create audience
and we have two, we have custom, and we have, look look-alike I’m going to start with custom, and what custom
audience does, now remember to check out the channel for how to install the Facebook pixel,
because this is this doesn’t really work if you haven’t had the Facebook pixel installed,
and what you’re going to want to do here is click website traffic, and this is where it
gets very-very cool. Okay, so I pause, the video a little bit,
so that you wouldn’t have to watch me go back and forth and clipping different parts of
URL’s So here’s-here’s how this works. So this is this is a custom this is going
to be a custom audience for people who signed up you know sign up for my webinar, but then
you know didn’t-didn’t-didn’t show up, didn’t essentially didn’t-didn’t show up to the webinar. Now I could do it I could do this one of two
ways, I could do it people have seen the page and you know signed up and then didn’t show
up or I could just say whoever I’m targeting people who’ve seen my landing page, but they
never made it to the webinar-room for whatever reason even if they already opted in I don’t
really care they didn’t show up so I want to remark it to them and say Hey you missed
the webinar come back So here’s how we did this, first I went up
here and I said visitors by URL you have different options you can say everyone who’s visited,
you know my website by URL or visitors spent a specific time. If you set up events check out the Channel
for different video on setting up. Events like this, then you can get really-really
detailed with events, but here we’re just going to be doing URL’s. So over my clicked funnels account here, my
webinar registration landing page is you know is X funnel dot com slash authority So what I did is I copied this and because
I have more than one webinar funnel that I’m testing, I went in here and pasted authority,
authority one and then authority, so that’s all I did, that’s all I did appear. So that means any page on that the Facebook
pixels on that has the word authority or authority one in it, it’s going to automatically add
people to this custom audience, now what’s great is like let’s say you want to just target
everyone who’s had a landing page, maybe you add a word in all of your landing page URL’s
that makes this really easy so we can do landing we can do opt in we can do squeeze, although
you probably wouldn’t put squeeze in your title right, but something that you’ve added
in your landing page URL’s that are unique to your landing page URL’s of course you can
also go the easy route and then just copy and you can actually copy and paste your entire
landing page URL and slap it in here as well. And then just add all your landing pages in
here, so this means Facebook you’re telling Facebook anyone who’s hit a page that has
one of these words in the URL, I want them on this list. Then we further refine it by saying however
if there have been on if they’ve actually showed up to the webinar or if they’ve showed
up to a confirmation page or they’ve-they’ve seen a sales video, I don’t want them on the
page because this is this is going to be an audience remarketing to people who haven’t
essentially seen your offer, if you will or seen the product page or seen the checkout
page. And so here I’ve typed in webinar broadcast
room because it clicked funnels all of the webinar rooms that they create have webinar
broadcast forum in them so. I added here this as an exclusion so Facebook
will collect an audience of people who have seen the landing page but haven’t seen the
offer, and then I just name the audience and click Save I’m clicking update audience because
I was trying to fix this for you guys off camera. It’s ridiculous how it goes, so you see these
are all very small and it needs to hit a certain number of people I think this is yes I just
set these up so it needs to hit at least twenty people before the this custom audience will
start working so that’s the first way you can do it Now will go in again will create a new custom
audience from website traffic now there is another way, there’s another great way to
utilize this tool, even if you’re not driving traffic to a landing page, and that is via
your blog, so over here on my blog not blog-blog I have a lot of different posts about digital
marketing and general putting together a sales funnel, so one of the things I could do is
let’s see recently I’ve done quite a few Facebook. Facebook blog posts so what I can do is I
can come over here and just type in URL contains Facebook and let’s add one more Facebook,
Facebook and how about Click funnels, Facebook and click funnels click funnels All right so now what I’ve done is anytime
someone visits a page a blog post that’s about a click funnel something about clicks funnels
or is about Facebook because I know Facebook is in all of these page URL’s. So we’ll go here to show you what I mean see
how it says Facebook tracking pixel and then this guy has right killer Facebook, so it’s
important that the keyword is in the actual URL here and so because I know that URL’s
in there, I know that I’m collecting an audience of people who were interested in my Facebook
blog post or my click funnels blog, blog posts and now all I can do is save Facebook and
click funnel blog readers, and now once twenty or thirty people show up to these different
pages, going to click create audience in the future if I have a product or if I have an
affiliate product that I want to sell, I can come in and say Hey I just want to market
to people who I know are interested in Facebook and click funnels, why, because I’ve set up
a custom audience for them. So hopefully that makes sense if it didn’t
make sense right off the bat that’s okay, because these this is definitely on the advance
side of what you can do with the audience tools that Facebook gives you So that’s the first type of custom audience
promise with a little faster than we have lookalike audiences now it’s different about
the look alike audience is it has to be based on an audience you’ve personally built. So what that means is those custom audience
is that you say from audience and insights or how you target an ads you can’t really
use those. These need to be audiences that you’ve built
so number one it’s a custom audience like the one we just put together or number two
it is a page that you manage So because I have client pages here some of
this is a little blurred out, but before instance I can come up here to A.B. customers ninety
days, so what I can do because I’ve set up custom audiences like I showed you earlier,
so I have a custom audience of people who saw the landing page, but never saw the webinar,
well now I can tell Facebook hey I want to target those types of people or better yet
you can create a custom audience of people who’ve seen your webinar and then once you’ve
hit that threshold you probably want a couple thousand at least a thousand people in your
audience. None of these are going to have thousand people
unfortunately in this account but once you’ve had a thousand people you come up here and
say let’s see I want to find you know custom, people who have actually purchased this particular
product. So once your custom audience has a thousand
people you can say I want you to find people that are similar to the people who’ve purchased
or similar to the people who actually showed up to the webinar and then here you probably
just do you most of the time of just do one percent. And then you’ll type in the country or countries
that you want to target and you click create audience, and so what Facebook will do is
it will look at that, that audience of people that have taken some action that you’ve already
set up from a custom audience and then it will say okay, these people look like this
let’s go find people that look very similar and then that’s your new audience and you
can begin to test and build. And from my research and experience once you
have that first kind of a couple thousand people in that initial audience and you tell
Facebook these are the people I want, create a look alike that’s where you can really-really
start to scale Facebook campaigns and they become extremely profitable and easy to run,
because you’ve gathered all that data you said here’s what the buyer persona looks like
just make a copy and find people that look like this buyer persona as opposed to what
we’ve been talking about so far on this channel and in this particular series, is all the
work that you have to do on the front end because you don’t have this initial data of
people you’re just kind of figuring out what do these people look like, but once you know
what they look like you just copy clone it Facebook finds your perfect look alike audience Thank you for watching I hope you found this
video informative an actual got some value out of it go and hit that like button and
then subscribe for more business building and marketing tactics and strategies just
like the ones covered in this video. Over on my You tube channel I’m doing showing
you guys everything I’m doing to not only put together an online webinar sales funnel,
but also documenting via my blog the process of building a digital marketing agency from
scratch So I would love to have you guys join me on
that journey and as always ask any questions in the comments section. I read and respond to every single comment,
love to get your feedback on this video, and other videos and make sure you get all of
your digital marketing questions answered. So you are set up for success and we can all
learn from each other, so until the next episode, see you guys next week and keep building
the business you love. Take care.

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  1. Does the Custom Audience update over time ? For example if I did a Custom Audience 3 weeks ago , will it have the people in it who went to my page 2 weeks ago ? Thanks and great content!

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