Facebook Tutorial For Setting Up A Business Page

So you’ve decided that your brand or business needs a Facebook Business Page. Well first of all you’re right, it probably does and here’s how to set it all up Thank you for checking out Five Minute Social Media. If this is your first time here I teach you how to do the best possible social media in the least amount of time And if you’ve watched before welcome back, and consider taking a second to subscribe down below here So I’ll tell you not all businesses need a Facebook page, a business page, but most of you do. There are a few exceptions and I put them in a video about whether or not your business needs a Facebook Business Page and you can see that right here or get the link down in the comments. But let’s talk about what we’re talking about today which is how to set up a Facebook Business Page. By the end of this video you’ll not only know how to set it up, but also how to get it verified by Facebook, which will help you not only with credibility for your customers and clients but also in search results. By the way Facebook Business Pages, “Like” pages, what was it, oh, fan pages? They’re all the same thing now They’re just Facebook Business Pages. Now before you start make sure you have your company logo if your company has a logo your photo for your profile photo, cover photos, different things like that, and all pertinent information about your business what’s your website, your address if you have a physical address ways people can contact you, email, phone, all of that stuff. Make sure you gather all that and then let’s get started So from facebook.com when you’re logged into your account just go up to the little down arrow on the upper right Click on it then you want to click down to Create Page Next you want to go through the selections and decide what you are. A Local Business or Place, Company, Organization or Institution Brand or Product Artist, band or public figure, Entertainment, or Cause or Community, and I’m gonna create a page today for a tech support company so we’re going to actually call it a local business or place. Fill out your information Once you’ve got your information hit Get Started. Next it’ll ask you to upload a profile picture. If you are a one person company, strongly consider using your own face if you are the face of the company Otherwise, maybe your brand logo So I threw together a quick logo for our computer repair service. Next it’ll ask you to upload a cover photo Boom. Just like that you’ve built a page, that’s how easy it is. Now I see my cover photo didn’t quite come out where I wanted it, so I’m gonna click up here and say Change Cover Reposition Then I can lower my cover photo there so it fits a little better Facebook offers some tips here in the center on how to set up the rest of your page I strongly suggest you go ahead and go through them. For example, we want to create a username for our page This is how someone will get to your page when they go to Facebook.com/whatever your username is. I’m gonna go ahead and just do the name of the company If it’s not available, it’ll tell you. If it is available you just hit Create Username Next thing I would do before you invite anybody to like your pages, come on over here to the menu on the left click About and here you want to go through all of your information and add anything else that is pertinent. So now that your page is all set up let’s look at how to get it verified. Start off by clicking Settings in the upper right corner of your page Then in this main center area here you’re gonna see Page Verification and if it’s not verified it’ll say “Page is not verified” Now if you don’t see this on your page there could be several reasons, and I’ll cover those here in just a second So I’m gonna go ahead and click on it to verify the page. The fastest way to verify your page is with a publicly listed phone number. So if your business has a phone number that’s on your website, on your Google business listing, things like that, you can go ahead and type in your phone number and say Call Me Now They’ll call you with a code, you put the code in, just like that you are registered! Super fast. If you do not have a phone number, or a publicly listed phone number, or an ability to answer your phone because it’s just a voicemail you can also verify this page with documents instead. You see it says here at the bottom So I’m gonna click on that, they give you a whole list of different documents that you can include It does need to have your organization or your business’s name and address, could be a utility bill, business license is what I use most often for clients business tax files, you can see a whole bunch of different things. You upload it to the file It’ll take a couple of days for them to verify it, they’ll message you back you’ll have your check mark, simple as that. So what do you do if you don’t see the option to get verified? Well that means your page ineligible to be verified, at least not at the moment Facebook is kind of vague about all this stuff, but here’s my understanding. If your page isn’t for a local business, company or organization you’re gonna have to become pretty big before they might consider you for a badge Those are the blue badges that they give out for non local businesses. If you want to apply I’ll include the link down in the comments but I can tell you it’s quite difficult unless you get pretty big. Now if you are a local business, company or organization like this tech support company Dog Gone IT that I just set up, make sure you have a profile photo and a cover photo which you should have done when you set it up. There are a few other things You can try that might help. Get some people to Like the page. It helps if you already have a web history as a company, for example, if you already have a website, a Google business listing, something like that Fill out as much info as you can in the About section of your page Link to your Facebook page from your company website that you have listed And start posting. If you’ve done all those things and it’s still not showing up here you might just have to give it a couple of days or wait for some more likes to roll in. So just keep an eye on it, but do get verified when you can because it helps not only with your credibility but also with your results when people search for you on Facebook So if your brand or business has been running without a Facebook Business Page until now you’re gonna have a whole bunch of new tools at your disposal like audience targeting and even spending a little bit of money to advertise and reaching a lot more people So I hope that goes well for you Let me know down in the comments! And take a second to subscribe while you’re here to Five Minute Social Media I teach you how to do the best possible social media in the least amount of time

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72 thoughts on “Facebook Tutorial For Setting Up A Business Page

  1. This video shows you how to get Facebook's Gray Verification Badge for local businesses, but here's how to request the Blue Verification Badge for major brands, celebrities, etc: https://www.facebook.com/help/1288173394636262

  2. What is the best Page type for a small, self-employed, business law firm? Someone started a page for my husband a long time ago, and I do not know how to check what type they used. They have been let go and I am now assigned to help do the admin for this page, but I am learning it in the hopes of also doing one for myself soon. Thank you.

  3. I kept getting this information on my Settings although I believe I have already completed the page. What have I not complete ?
    "Your Page is still being created. Once this is complete, you'll be able to publish it so that it's visible to the public".

  4. I need help. I set up a dummy Facebook account, so I could create a page for my new business. In hindsight I think that was my first mistake. Maybe I should have just created it from my regular, personal Facebook account. My business is a tattoo shop, in Yankton, SD, named Deep City Tattoo. I put a profile picture and background picture up, but it wouldn't let me create a username. When I try, a red error message comes up that says I am not eligible to create a username. Also, the page is evidently invisible to everyone but me. When I log in and search for it from other accounts, it doesn't exist, even though I set it up a week ago. It is published. The only thing I haven't done is verify it, but that's because at this point I am afraid to link my phone number to it. I have had it happen before where I had my phone number linked to two facebook accounts, and when I tried to delete one, it kept reactivating it. I am thinking I might need to delete this page and make a new one, linked to my regular personal account. I don't want to put my business number on a facebook page until I know for sure that it is the account that I will be using, but I am worried that not verifying the account might be what is preventing it from going live. Please help. My email is [email protected]
    If you're feeling charitable today please point me in the right direction. What am I doing wrong??

  5. Great video! I've added a cover photo and re positioned for a better fit however, now it doesn't look correct on mobile. If I upload it on my mobile, then it doesn't look correct on my PC. How do I correct this??

  6. Great tips, thanks for taking the time to help all of us. 

    Oh boy, do I have some work to do before I'm ready to launch! I'll keep watching and learning so when I DO have all my ducks in a row I can start with fewer mistakes and grow more quickly. KK

  7. Hi
    If you have someone you have blocked on your own Facebook page, and you create a business page … then does that person automatically get blocked from the new business page? Or do you have to ad blocked people to it? Thank you

  8. I want to set up a business page for the company I work for, but not necessarily have it connected to my personal Facebook page. Mostly because I'm assuming logging into the business page will require my personal log in. Correct? If so, how do I get around this? If I no longer work here in the future I want someone else to be able to log in without being connected to my personal page.

  9. Just clicked Create a Page, June 24, 2018, to start a new page and it only gives you 2 choices when creating a new page: Business or Brand AND Community or Public Figure. Being new to the Facebook business page family…I'm wondering if this changed VERY recently.

  10. Hi! How do I post as Business page instead of my personal profile account? I have been trying to set it up with no luck. Lets say, I want to advertise my business in our local community FB group, but it always comes us as posted by…(my personal account)…. Pls help!. Thank you.!

  11. I was just wondering. I've been trying to create a business page using my newly created account, but after uploading our company logo to the business page, a verification page appears to send me my photo which I did and they don't allow me to use Facebook until the account is verified.. On the first try, they totally disabled my account even after sending them my photo, so then I created another, until I still have to wait for the verification approved by Facebook. Could you help out?

  12. Thank you for the video. I have a page already and have had no success with it whatsoever. As I’ve stated in some comments below to others post, Facebook‘s new algorithms and interface is blocked the post unless you give them money the more you post the less it shows people even in a public feed. So my question is this… How do you create a business profile without creating a page or a group when you have articles incorporation and certificates in document that you can upload and how Can you make a comment without it being your personal profile when you want to like another public page from your public page? The option is to come up with a drop-down box for which ever profile or page I wanted to post a comment… Now it does not it is just simply disappeared as an option whatsoever .

  13. Hi, may i know how to make a business page private? Meaning, only allow selected group of friends to view / like the page.

  14. Since it needs to be linked to a personal account, is there a way where I can post to my business page as my business instead of as my personal self? I created a business page before and had issues figuring this out. Thanks!

  15. I think a full video on great ways to do the cover photo would be really popular. How to size it for multiple devices, how much text to include if any, examples of awesome cover photos and why they are so powerful.

  16. How do you get your url and phone number to show up on the right column of your business page? We filled out this information and I don't see it on our page. Is that because I'm the admin?

  17. Hi, if I create this page from my own personal account, can I manage them separately? Example, I might not want everyone on my Facebook to know about my business.

  18. Thank you very much for your video.! I'm trying to set up my page but unfortunately I cannot see any "about" or "photos" sections on the home of my page, or any other sections on the home screen (i can only see their tabs on the left side of the page)… Is there possibly a way to fix this through settings??

  19. I've been so frustrated with this process. I run all of my business online, but have resisted getting a personal FB account just to create a business page. Now that I have (still unpublished), I cannot figure out how to separate posts (I don't want crossover between business and personal). I do not get a drop down menu that asks which page I want to post from as some other tutorials have indicated there is. I wish it was simple. Create a business page OR create a personal page. Argh. Thoughts?

  20. Great, clear video. I am just frustrated by the requirements FB has in order to have a simple business page 🙁

  21. I am not looking for a business page just yet. I do have a main page that I post things on that I find interesting. Then I have another page that I add recipes on and cooking videos. Until I wiped out my history and other things I was able to toggle between my main page and my Paupers Budget page but now I do not know how to get back into my Paupers page. There is one page under manage my accounts and I never use it anymore. How do I add my Paupers Budget page so I can keep working on it? Sorry this took so long Thank you

  22. Great video. I was wondering the following. If you have several pages under 1 profile account, would they interfere with each other. I wouldn't want people that liked 1 business page to be bothered with anything else of another page. I would also mind if people can find out that the admin holder has got other pages. Any thoughts on that? Thanks!!!!!

  23. Thanks for this video! Quick question….should I have a separate email address when I set up a page or does it have to be connected with my regular FB page? I ask because I'm not sure if this makes a difference when directing friends to "like" that page. Your thoughts? Thank you!

  24. I have a business page as an education ecommerce website but cannot see the option for page verification in my settings?

  25. Maybe I'm missing something but in the mobile app for Facebook I have my other two pages next to my personal account. How Can I add more of my pages? ( in the hamburger menu part.)

  26. Hi – new subscriber with a question on FB Business Manager. How can I change the cover photo on the FB Business Manager page? I do not see any options to do so. My page is unpublished…fyi

  27. Love the tutorial. Thanks! Quick question: you said to “link” from the business page. How do i do that? Thanks so much!

  28. Thank You,I am trying to learn Facebook Ads and someone wrote: you have to take a course in facebook Ads,otherwise you will lose alot of money.Which Facebook Ads do you suggest? please

  29. Hello! Very helpful video:) I am having a problem and wonder if any of you have experienced the same thing. I have a FB biz page and have it connected to my Instagram. For some reason, I can promote on FB but NOT on Insta. I have reached out to FB numerous times but am told it's "some sort of technical issue"……. Any one know how to fix this?

  30. Another good video by Jerry. Well explained and not to much info in one hit. And to top it off Jerry is not hard on the eye !

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