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My name is Brendon. And my name’s Burt. And we’re from Uncle’s Smallgoods. Uncle’s Smallgoods has been in operation for over 25 years Not us though, we’ve just been in
action for probably the last five since we took over the business. Our journey in
was quite strange. We both finished uni ended up working in… Corporate jobs …corporate jobs. We didn’t really like it so we’d use our email privileges to
conjure up business ideas… Always in the food industry because we’re very passionate about it, we just weren’t quite sure how to go about getting into it. so we opened up a sausage stall the first one was at Fed Square. We did really well
we sold like 2,000 sausages – which we actually bought from Uncle’s, from the
original owners – in about three hours And we thought how good is this? What are we doing? Yeah. So not long after that we decided to take over the business. There was some heavy negotiations with with the old owners but they, were
quite happy and they’re quite proud of us and what we’ve created today. We have received assistance in the past from our local council which is the City
of Greater Dandenong. That really helped us propel our cafe
business. The money they gave us we put into a coffee machine which… …allowed us to actually produce the high-end quality that we wanted to produce. Those early days we had there was only four of us including Brent and
I. Today it’s almost 20 people in the team and that comprises of our cafe next
door, Young Uncle’s, and also another cafe that we open more recently… …just across the road. … and in general assisting with the larger business of selling small
goods. For the future we’ve actually just recently purchased the factory in Dandenong and that’s going to help us expand our wholesale operation. We’ll be
able to put in the better processes make it a little bit more efficient to
produce so then we can become more competitive on price so the future is
looking pretty bright for us at this stage.

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