Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and
we’re seeing seasonal displays pop up everywhere we look. Knowing retail is detail, we asked the public whether the condition of in-store displays would affect their buying decision. Let’s hear what they said. Yeah probably if it looks clean and colourful, yeah. If we don’t look after the banners and the products, they’re thinking that the product musn’t be that good. It would for me. I think because if it looks tacky, then I’d be buying rubbish. And it seems as though it’s not just us
worrying about sustainability. If you could build something seasonal but re-usable, re-purposable into other things But whoever we
spoke to, there seemed to be one recurring theme. It’s not easy, we’re all shopping differently. Obviously you would rather have it in-store, because then you could try it out. There’s probably a lot more things online, and probably cheaper. Around here there are so many stores closing And it’s just like, well people are going online so it’s not really that much of a surprise. It’s so easy to just press your button on your screen at home Whilst the future of high street retail hangs in the balance it has never been more important to have picture-perfect displays in store. After all… Retail is not what it used to be.

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