False Scarcity Marketing Kills Small Business Credibility

Ever been duped by false scarcity online? You’re not alone. I’m Denise O’Berry and you’re watching
the Little Big Show your place for bite sized tips that can have a big impact on your bottom line Have you ever bought a product online
because it was a really good deal and time was running out to take
advantage of the offer? Yep, I’ve done that too. There’s nothing
wrong with putting a limited time on an offer or setting up a limited
amount available. It’s a good marketing tactic. We humans
need an incentive to spur us into action and those kind of
offers make us do that. But when this scarcity of an offer is
fake, that’s not a good thing and as a
business owner it can kill your credibility. Here’s an
example. I use this fabulous tool that’s an
add-on to my email client. It helps me manage my inbox better. A while back then made an offer that I
just couldn’t refuse. It was for an unlimited lifetime license for only a certain number of people. So yep, you guessed it I snagged my copy. When I went to purchase there were only
11 copies left. Whew! I was so happy I was able to get in
under the wire. Or so I thought. Once I had my copy in
hand, I thought you know there’s probably quite a few people who
would like to know about this. So I’ll go ahead and share it. But before
I did that I wanted to check and make sure that we’re still licenses left, because I didn’t want to tell people
about something that wasn’t unavailable. So I hopped on over to the web page and
much to my surprise there were now 56 copies left. Hmm — I was really disappointed in that
company. There were more copies left than when I
purchased mine a couple hours ago? That company lost a lot of credibility
with me and my respect for them its gone. They
could have handled it another way if they truly
wanted to sell more licenses. They could have easily just sent out an
email saying hey our offer went so fast we know you love this so we’re gonna
make more licenses available. That would have been a okay because they were being upfront about it. So here’s the thing. Scarcity is okay. Here are three tactics you can use
in your business to spur people into action without duping them. Number one. timers that are individually cookie based. This type of
timer sets an individual unique cookie for
every single person who visits a page. The timer starts when they visit the
page and then the time moves on and when it
runs out for them, the offer is no longer available. Number two. A cart closing deadline. You’ll see this one a lot. People launch
a product or service and then you’ll see a closing deadline
for when the carts gonna close. The deadline is the same for every
single person and once the deadline arrives no one can buy it. And then number three is the
number of participants deadline. This is another fairly common approach
and normally it’s set up for some type of product or service where having way too many participants
would devalue the experience. Once the number
of participants is reached the offer is closed. I use these tactics
too in order to help people make their
buying decision. And its okay for you to use them too. So what about you? Have you ever been in a situation where the scarcity was false? How did you feel about it? I’d love to
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