Finding Freedom to Spend Time Your Way By Starting an Online Business

Are you working so hard that you don’t
have time for anyone or anything else in your life? Is your work robbing you of
quality time quality time with friends and family and time for fun and
adventure in your life? Well we’re here to share how having an online business
can give you back that quality time. Adrienne and I have owned our own
executive recruiting business for the last 20 years and like many consulting
businesses the busier we got the more tied we were to the business and the
missing part of the equation was freedom. We wanted more time to
travel and more time to spend with our family and our friends.
We found an online business that gave us our quality time back. You know here we
are in Croatia and we can work when we want wherever we want in the world all
we need is our laptop and access to the Internet. You may be thinking this is too
good to be true. We thought the same thing. We found an educational program
that taught us how to be online marketers without any experience
whatsoever. We also found a community of like-minded people on different stages
in their journey and it’s an abundant community where everybody is willing to
share ideas with one another. One day we were just checking things out on YouTube
and we watched a video just like you’re doing now. We thought we’re too busy
to start a business. We don’t know anything about technology and we’re way too old. Then we thought what was the harm? We were given the chance to
watch a series of videos and these videos didn’t cost us anything. So that’s
what we did and here we are. We are now at the stage in our journey where we can
offer these same videos to you. You’ll find the link to these videos in the
description below and we really hope you’ll take the opportunity to watch
these videos and learn how an online business can get started. Just to be
clear this opportunity is not for everybody it does take time and it does
take commitment to learn new skills and what we’ve found it took a lot more time
at the beginning but these skills are now second nature to us. So we encourage
you to check out these videos and you might just create the life you’ve always
imagined. We look forward to to meeting you soon. Bye for now.
Bye for now.

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