First Time UPGRADED to BUSINESS CLASS on Cathay Pacific Airlines to Hong Kong

Hey guys, I’m at SFO on my way to Hong Kong. I’m gonna go to Hong Kong for about five days because my apartment in San Francisco is still not where the bay area It’s still not ready yet So I’m gonna go for five days and film a bunch of stuff over there a bunch of food places I wanted to go to. It’s nine o’clock right now my flight doesn’t leave till 1 a.m. So I literally have four hours of, I don’t even know what to do at the airport I don’t know if I can check in yet Hopefully I can check in and then I’ll just be able to sit somewhere for about four hours and since the last video I did where I flew first class in Korean airlines a lot of people like fly first class again well You need money for that, so if any airline wants to sponsor me to fly first class And I’ll gladly do a review about it and show you guys but other than that I can’t be flying first class all the time so I’ll be flying economy to Hong Kong and not so exciting all right I’m gonna go and see if they’ll let me check in four hours early all right something really incredible Just happening never happened before in my life I always complain about this because my friends will tell me they’re like yeah, I got a free upgrade to business class I got a free upgrade to your first class but today when I was checking into Cathay Pacific I got a free upgrade to business class that is so awesome because there’s a long flight it’s a 13 14 hour flight and this is so awesome One because it’s going to be really comfortable and two I can film the whole thing and show you guys what business class Cathay Pacific is like because I heard it’s awesome. I heard this airline the business class here is Insane the only downside is because I got a complimentary free upgrade to business class Somehow I don’t get access to the business class lounge so I can’t show you guys that Okay, I thought I was just pay my way in because already got a free upgrade and I could show you guys where their business Class lounge looks like but they won’t let me you can’t work it that way, so I’m gonna go in that Wait with the common folks. All right, here’s what just happened I tried to go back to that lounge one more time to kind of explain to them that I’m doing a video I’m really thankful to him. They upgraded me to business class I was really loved to film the lounge so everyone could get a full experience Of what it’s like to fly business class with Cathay pacific But they told me the manager wasn’t there and they couldn’t just let me in and film whatever so That’s it guys. I tried. I really wanted to show you what’s like in there, but Maybe next time when I could afford it Thank you You too, have a good night. Hello. Thank you This is the first class. I assume Wow, give a nice suite And this is the business class section 24A, that’s me Home sweet home for the next 13 14 hours. Ew, that’s definitely not mine that’s my little pot here little pillow a little compartment for my headphones Reading light I assume, yep Seat adjust. Plug all right it says pull. Let’s see what happens but actually I dunno, well Okay, doesn’t come out so I don’t know exactly what this does There’s a blanket here TV screen, and this is the release button. Here’s the tray that that I can’t, ooh there this little Pod for magazines Lifting armrest this is like the only good thing about being short. I fit almost anywhere, I wonder How come I don’t have any flowers and a holy cow. This is actually real. It’s the real flowers Yeah, I don’t know what kind of flowers these are but one of they last the whole flight. I swear I threw this hair away like 20 times It’s just keeps coming back like the curse of the random hair for the seat belt in business class is different look at this sucker This is like (mumble) check this out guys just in case you wanna look at yourself during the flight. Oh There you go, oh Oh, thank you so much a water orange your champagne. thank you. Orange is be great. Thank you so much nice hot towel, OJ (orange juice)! I think I’m ready movies There is nine Pages So six per page inside out Kung Fu Panda 3 Cool All right pretty good movies Think I’ll be fairly entertained during this flight Chinese cinema, oh we got here. Oh ip man 3 awesome. Oh the monkey king 2 (PA annoucement) I heard this is good mermaid. I heard it’s really good. Go away, Mr. Tumor. Yeah, nobody wants a tumor Mojin, the lost legend, I don’t know who he is Mr.. Six She remembers he forgets sounds like a problematic relationship. The tiger, oo that guy looks like he’s struggling over there Arthouse, what is this? Movies, so I guess independent movies Western classics, ooh, six pages this wow the bourne ultimatum is a classic How old am I, ooh this actually really good olympus has fallen, That’s a really good movie Say what we got this means war. I love this movie one of my favorite movies really, oooh my favorite movie of all time I gonna have to watch this gladiator great movie. Oh these are really nice movies Inception I don’t want to be confused so I’m gonna watch that let’s see. What else we got here Chinese Classics. Oh See Ip man 1 as a classic 3 pretty new 1 & 2 classic eat drink man woman Sounds like my entire life loving the buff I love eating watermelon that way you know just taking half of watermelons. It’s not messy You know doesn’t spill any work this. It’s actually a really really funny movie the royal tramp The Stephen chow let’s start with a classic shall we forrest gump, let the emotional Rollercoaster, began See what we got here. Wow we got thicknesses supper savoury dips and breadsticks nice with a choice of prawns, sweet wine sauce stir-fried pak choy Grilled usDa prime beef tendo, oo, that sounds yummy they both sound good actually can i get both Fresh Note of Fresh berries cheese plate For a light meal cream of mushroom soup I’m definitely going for the beef tenderloin and the prawns in they let me. for Snacks which if you typically think of snacks you think about chips or whatever for Snacks there’s Nieman Ranch short Rib Burger with Bacon Cheddar barbecue sauce and Tomato Ketchup Wonton and noodle soup and ice cream. That’s my type of snack right there breakfast, bunch of juice. omelettes Bacon stir fry Rice vermicelli Dim sum Abalone clam mushroom congee bread basket and for drinks. Just the typical stuff. Oh, it’s milk tea That’s awesome I don’t know what it is about my fascination with airplane bathrooms on business class, but here we got some handwash okay, ooh foaming cleanser all right body lotion Purifying mist – okay, so I guess I sprayed myself with this thing. Actually smells really good i like that. Can I just keep this we have some wipes and we’ll check this out full-length mirror And fresh flowers and of course the toilet paper has a whole hotel fold right here Nice flavor, you know what. Only, if there’s hot oil. If there’s hot oil this thing will be perfect okay, check it. So they do have a hot oil, I knew it. This is the good kind usually. I think they might have some tabasco That’s what I kinda expecting but they have fine chili sauce from a brand I love (brand of hot sauce) I had two of these babies Try the soup now. That’s the stuff That’s what I’ve been looking for That’s good. Hot sauce I like that. ‘cus that sauce unlike Tabasco. it’s not sour It’s just straight-up fire and its kicks, and that is a nice degree of heat right there that I just added to my noodles We’re going to taste amazing That is a great bowl of noodle right now this literally feels like a bowl of noodles that I bought us on restaurant You ever seen extreme makeover chili sauce with hot oil on noodles. It’s like giving the noodles extreme makeover I’m sorry for the lighting. There’s really no lights around here. All I have is a Little guy the morning is officially breakfast time now got some fresh fruits right here pineapple cantaloupe . Oh strawberry raspberry Herb cream cheese omelette apple wood smoked bacon pork sausage with potato cake and tomato sauce I thought this would be like kind of blend and not a lot of flavor really flavorful everything’s in hot temperature wise potatoes pretty flavorful Bacon’s little soggy but soggy or not still bacon still good. Oh, it’s actually a bomb Just got off my flight I look (mumble) so awesome to get a free upgrade like I said never got a upgrade on a flight before and on such a long flight too Thank you so much cathay pacific for hooking me up And I really enjoy the whole experience the seats were uber comfortable when in late flight, just felt like a bed also I want to note that the flight attendants who were so courteous and so awesome They also know you by name, so they will come by like “Mr. Chen, Which is like some dinner?” Which I mean, I know they’re memorizing it from a piece of paper, but still. It was very personable and made me feel good It’s like they actually cared but really I can’t say enough good things about the flight attendants on that flight got me my bowl noodles my burger like an hour before Breakfast didn’t give me a weird look about eating a meal basically right before another meal So there you go guys, that’s what it’s like to fly business class Cathay Pacific and if any airlines are watching this I would love to try out your business class for first class for even that That cabin in the sky thing I’m talking about that like whole room and the sky thing I would love to try that and film It and show everyone what it’s like, so let me know. I’ll put my email address for you guys my description box So contact me and it’s [6:00] a.m.. I have no idea where to go I can’t check into my hotel yet, obviously so maybe wonder around the streets of hong kong get some breakfast We’ll see what happens, alright guys. Thank you all so much for watching this video. See you later.

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100 thoughts on “First Time UPGRADED to BUSINESS CLASS on Cathay Pacific Airlines to Hong Kong

  1. Know why I like your food reviews for airlines? Because you actually order the snacks on the menu instead of just eating the meals. Keep it up!!!!!🙃😀😄🙃😀😄

  2. I hate airplanes. I hate strangers, I hate cramped quarters, I hate no escapes. Just stuck. I would rather walk 3,000 miles.

  3. All these airlines reviews by: Sam Chui, The Luxury Travel Expert, Nonstop Dan, etc,… all have the same reviews, you see one review, you see them all. Mikey, your fame is from restaurants reviews, stick to what made you famous. "FOOD REVIEWS" on the ground.

  4. i’ve taken business class….was nothing like that!….but then again my flights were never longer than 6 hours ….I have seen move stars on flight ….that was cool

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  6. I wonder if he ever realizes how loud he’s talking, especially on a dark quite plane. I would be embarrassed af

  7. He was so nice for not using the Lounge only because they didn't allow filming. He could have just gone there either way without filming to get a little of relaxation.

  8. First time seeing your videos and I loved watching the first class but now I think, I wouldn’t mind going on business class 👍

  9. Good choice of movie Mike…that's my all time fav too! I didn't realize who that kid was until you pointed it out 😃 Wish I will get an upgrade on my next flight to Asia 🙏 Thanks for sharing your experiences with us 😉

  10. Have you ever thought about getting a priority pass so you can always get in a lounge even when in economy? If you travel a lot it’s a decent investment

  11. You get the award for the best food eater I've ever seen., any cooking grandma would be proud to claim you!

  12. Am I the only one who has the urge to shush him when he was talking and the lights were off? I felt like he's talking really loud. lol but it's fun watching your videos! New Subscriber here! Also you remind me of Jackie Chan. lol

  13. Imagine that it’s your first time buying a business class ticket, you are pumped . You go to the lounge and then you see this weird guy holding cameras trying to come in the lounge, you don’t thing much of it and just ignore it.
    You board the plane and that same weird guy is seating in front of you and before the plane even leaves he is already ordering all the food on the menu, you just ignor it and think he is hungry.
    You are sleeping enjoying the night and then all the sudden you hear it ohh yeah that’s the good stuff, and you can’t sleep anymore
    That guy was me lol
    Love your vid though gj

  14. I never flew in a class other than economy sometimes premium economy. But last month, when I check in, because of computer problem, my seat was double booked so the airline apologized and upgraded my seat to business class for free. But it was only 1 hour flight but still.

  15. I feel like the Chinese lady who sat beside him during the flight felt kinda annoyed o_o If I talked like this during a flight, I would've gotten shouted at million times by the Chinese ladies

  16. The one and only time I've ever been upgraded was when flying for work (business class). Got the magic words "Mr blah blah you've been upgraded to first class". I tried to keep my cool but failed miserably 🤣😁

    Also, as I tend to fly Singapore where possible they literally NEVER upgrade unless operational requirements mean they need to (ie. pretty much never! ).

  17. Don't take free flights in exchange for free flights. The guys who do that have no credibility and are not respected on YouTube.

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