Flying Singapore Airlines BUSINESS CLASS to Seoul South Korea

So everyone has that mustache thing over there off the lift driver has the mustache. Yeah, what does that mustache? Do oh your mind? Oh? It’s a light yeah It was it all the way to the [water] to come in there. He sees the arrival couple Korea great. Thank you Hello, hi, thank you. How are you today? Good. How are you? very well thank you little description about Laksa which is kind of a tease because there’s no Laksa here We got some tuna salad

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100 thoughts on “Flying Singapore Airlines BUSINESS CLASS to Seoul South Korea

  1. New entrepreneur. Please feel free to visit my campaign. Everyone thanks, and best to you all.

  2. 😁 Mike…. Love your videos Bro. You keeping it real and say it exactly how it is. Don't worry about what people say about your business class, how you're dressed etc. You got the best videos man 👍🏽 ✌🏽 🙏🏽 😃

  3. did he just say maruchanes are worst noodle have you seen mexicans house they mostly have that. thats breakfast lunch and dinner

  4. You're awesome I like your vids and I liked how you visited were I live called Vancouver but I'm sorry but I like cup noodles. I still subscribe and I will buy lots of your chili oil soon

  5. I am watching all your HOTEL and AIRPLANE exp so that when it's my turn I know what to do, and where to go. 😂

  6. The only real comment is, you talk too fast. I don't know if that is just you, but it sounds like a cassette tape with alot of skips. Oh, and I disagree with your opinion about, Cup of Noodle, I love them and they're removed the, MSG finally so I can eat them. I like your shows, keep them coming..

  7. Man that was funny when he said that “This hotel is actually encouraging you to be a commando” I was laughing hard. Great video man! Can’t wait to visit Korea.

  8. I dont upvote many videos but i will upvote anything that promotes throwing a table out of a hotel window. please watch video for context. lol.

  9. I actually thought Mike would travel first class more cuz I figured with so many views on his channel he'd be making good money through YouTube.

  10. I am a NEW Subscriber coz Mikey Chen YOU are REAL, NATURAL, HONEST and DOWN-TO-EARTH amongst many other positive attributes 💕🥰💕 Everytime I watch your Videos, I feel like I’m travelling with you😇

  11. Dude but that the reason we watch you is because it’s real sorry but not everyone can afford first class and your channel is a real perspective

  12. 4:56 “random guy, normal guy” – this is exactly why your channel is so good, its an honest review from an average guy!

  13. I love that you explained yourself but you shouldn't have to, to a bunch of haters. We love you just the way you are! If you're fortunate enough to afford first class, who cares! We love your videos! 💖

  14. How did Mikey get the money for these hefty priced Business/First class cross-Pacific flights? Is there any trick of getting these premium flight experience without paying the normal fare? I wish he could tell viewers about this at each video.

  15. I appreciate your enthusiasm. It makes your videos watchable. Your attitude is what makes the videos worth viewing.

  16. Pls don't change who you are and how you act. This is the reason why we love watching you. More power to you!

  17. I actually like that fact that you’re not completely jaded by the whole ‘been there, done that’. It makes your reporting more excited and informative.

  18. I like the music selection in this video. It makes the journey seem like a peaceful and relaxing experience (even though air travelling isn't often peaceful and relaxing)

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