Frank & Oak re-invents e-commerce experience with OVH Private Cloud powered by VMware

[Music] we start breaking out 2012 with a very simple mission is to help man dress and live a better life our goal is to create a brand for the very specific male demographic at first and of course we offer women the creative generation where we thought those men were actually underserved and need a new way to shop and that’s where we came up about with our online concept first and now of each other we always believe that in our generation technology was going to play a big role obviously across every industries but even more specifically would retail in commerce if you think about it it makes a lot of sense because it’s all about delivering a unique experience for millions of customers and and all the aspect that you know technology complain to that is really what’s changing the industry our biggest challenges always been to you know scale the organization and scale basically as the company got bigger you know starting from as he orders a week to thousands of orders after that you know from a technology perspective the traffic on our site from an operational perspective you know being able to deliver more orders you want to make sure that as you grow the quality of you experience does not decrease in 2012 Franken Oak started at AWS and migrated to OVH to message cost as the company grew so did the infrastructure so we ended up with dozens of servers which became somewhat difficult to manage we rationalized by moving to the private cloud at OPH which helped us to spend much time on the infrastructure so we started looking at virtualized solutions to help us in that regard OVH offered us this year as a service we quickly realized this was a solution that would work very well for us to manage our scalability our increasing needs for performance the dirac gives us a close network that makes it easy to manage our different servers but can also expand from one data center to another even on another continent as an e-commerce it was important for us to be able to scale according to demand seasonality is an important factor in our business so during peak season we needed to be able to easily scale up our offering and then scale it back down when the man was lower vSphere allows us to view this very very easily by just spinning up new VMs to meet demand and then scale it back down very efficiently the key benefits were using this year has been to manage scalability and flexibility and spend much less time managing our infrastructure than we used to so mean over the last few years that we’ve had in mobile we’ve added retail and now we actually very clear to launch womenswear collection actually a number of months ago we’ll continue to focus on that on our omni-channel experience and ultimately to try and pioneer and surprise our clients every single step of the way in terms of our objectives the next year is definitely to take our brand global you know we already have customers in Canada and the US and we feel like that we have something different offers so let them bring that Asia and Europe will be one of our next objective but beyond that I think there’s so much disruption happening the industry that is a huge opportunity to innovate further and create new experiences of our customers there’s no doubt that as we grow being able to scale quickly properly and also cost-effectively it’s definitely something we care about tremendously and I do think we have the right partners with aviation to be able to do [Music]

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