Free dropshipping course: start your business IN 7 DAYS!

Hi, guys! I’m Olesia from AliDropship team, and today
I’m going to tell you about our dropshipping course for beginners. In just 7 days, you’ll learn how to start
your own dropshipping store on a free platform. If you’re interested in dropshipping with
AliExpress, you can find lots of courses on the web. But our dropshipping course is designed for
total newbies and is absolutely free. Besides, it’ll take just 7 days to cover
the most important topics for beginners. There are many platforms for dropshipping
stores. But our course will tell you about starting
and running your business on WordPress and WooCommerce. They are free to use, which is why they have
become really popular. Moreover, these platforms are compatible with
AliDropship plugin – an affordable and powerful tool for creating and managing dropshipping
stores. You can learn more about it by following the
link. And now, let’s find out what you can learn
from our dropshipping course. Any dropshipping business starts with choosing
a theme for your future store. E-commerce experts call it “a niche.” What niche could bring me profit? What products will suit me best? These questions bother all beginner entrepreneurs. After taking our course, you will learn how
to find a profitable dropshipping niche and the best products on your own. We’ll teach you how to build your own online
store step by step. You will learn how to import goods and reviews
from AliExpress to your store and how to set prices. You will also get a number of tips on how
to start promoting your business on social media. What’s inside? Choose a niche and products. Create a dropshipping store from scratch. Import products and set prices. Start promoting on social media. You can learn all of it for free, and it’ll
take you merely 7 days. In just a week, you will know everything you
need to start your own business. Subscribe to our course, and we’ll send
you a series of emails. Each day, you will receive one lesson. So, in a week, you’ll be ready to start
promoting your own business. You can either build a store on your own or
let AliDropship team do it for you. Order a custom store, and, in just a few days,
you will get an online shop fully ready to operate. Thanks for watching! Subscribe to our dropshipping course, subscribe
to our channel and offer interesting topics for our new videos in the comments section. See you next time!

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8 thoughts on “Free dropshipping course: start your business IN 7 DAYS!

  1. Allow me to say (without bursting any bubbles) that Alidropship is a logistical tool that is very useful in minimizing many of the manual tasks required to import products from AliEpxress to a WordPress/Woocommerce based website; and then also fulfill orders that may arise from your marketing and advertising efforts. There is nothing hard about using the AliDropship plugin, it is fairly intuitive, and there is plenty of documentation.

    However, success in this business requires knowledge and experience in marketing and advertising. If you'll notice, many of the success stories are of people who have had backgrounds working in digital marketing before attempting to start their own business. There is a talent requirement in these aspects of eCommerce. As long as you have the talent to relate to your customer base, or the talent to pretend to; AliDropship will always be there to help fulfill orders, but they will never come. And that is the end of 9 out of 10 such business.

    Take this course, and pay special attention to the part on how to promote your business on social media; the only thing that really matters.

  2. Thanks for the share. I have an issue when importing products with 2 variations from Aliexpress. After import it only shows one variation.

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