Free Training: Learn How To Build a Profitable Online Business From Scratch

It’s a reality of life. We all need to earn an income but most people are doing it
in the worst possible way. Trading their time,
freedom and fulfillment for a salary and benefits package. You see, spending the
best years of our lives doing work we don’t love, under conditions that don’t serve us, hoping that we can retire
with enough money saved and healthy enough to enjoy what’s left
of our life in freedom is a broken model. But thanks to the internet, there’s a much better way. Working for yourself online. When I realised this, I was working as a freelance HR consultant and I was at a crossroads in my life. I was earning good money but I was sacrificing too much to get it. I hated having to commute to an office, sit behind a desk all day to do work I wasn’t passionate about and being in this artificial
corporate environment where I wasn’t free to
be authentically me. As I looked ahead at the rest of my life, I wanted to continue earning good money and I needed to secure
my financial future. To do that, I thought I’d
have to commit several years to scale my one-man consulting business with the need to hire employees and take on office space. I was holding onto the idea that my best way forward was to stick with the work
and the business that I know. But I didn’t want give my best effort to build a business I
wasn’t passionate about, that was going to take up all my time, no doubt stress me out and require me to stay in one place. I wanted the freedom to travel the world and I wanted more free time to focus on what really matters to me, being with the people I love, pursuing my passions and my potential and having a bigger and more
positive impact in the world. I wanted to live life on my terms. Now I was aware there were
people earning an income online but I didn’t know where to start and to be honest, I had doubts about whether I could be successful online because it was a new world to me and then one day I was on YouTube watching videos on personal development looking for some inspiration when a video popped up and in that video, a guy
called Stuart Ross invited me to a webinar where he showed me how anyone with the right mindset can
leverage internet tools and technology to create a life of freedom by building an online business around their passions. He also shared how he’d
helped many different people from all walks of life break free from their unfulfilling careers to live the lifestyle I dreamed of. Listening to Stuart what I
realised is that sticking to what I know, will never
take me where I want go and if I really want live my best life, I had to change direction
and walk a new path. Again, I had more doubts and
fears around the whole thing, like what if I fail and I lose money, or what if I fail, and I’ve got to go back to my old career and
I’ve lost ground there. But it all came down to the fact that I’ve got one life
to make the best of. And I wasn’t going to allow
myself to get to a point in time in the future where I’d look back and be filled with regret because I didn’t chase my dreams and instead allowed fear or the opinions of other people to stop me. I’d also realised that
the only way I can fail is if I give up which
means that my success is entirely in my hands. So long story short Stuart, who is a highly successful
digital entrepreneur is now my mentor, and
with the help of him, his business partner Jay and their team I’m building
my first online business, something I am passionate about and that’s giving me
the freedom to live life on my own terms. Most importantly, I know
that I’m now on a proven path that can take me to living my best life. I’m at the point in my journey where I want to help
other people do the same, so if you’re watching this and you want learn how to build your own profitable online business I’d like to share with you a
set of free video workshops where Stuart will talk you
through the opportunity that’s there for you
within the digital economy. There’s a link to my website
somewhere around this video, you’re welcome to click on it, enter your name and email address and I’ll share the free
training to your inbox. On top of that I’m going to share with you the best resources and advice that I’m using
to build my business and start living my best life. If you’re willing to invest in yourself, learn some new skills and
make the required effort to stop trading your time, freedom and fulfillment for
money and start working for yourself online I highly
recommend you check out this free training so you can decide if this is for you or not. My name’s Alan Brophy, I’m the founder of Thank you for watching and I look forward to seeing you on the inside.

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One thought on “Free Training: Learn How To Build a Profitable Online Business From Scratch

  1. To anyone watching this just have a chat with this guy and give yourself a chance.

    I myself have not signed up yet but I am getting things in place ready to do so and I have 100% confidence in him and the team to support me on my new journey towards a better life.

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