Free Website Builder: Your 4 Best Choices for 2019

So you’re thinking of creating a free website? Stick around as I show you the four best free
website builders on the market. You’ll also find out all about their pros
and cons and when it makes sense to upgrade to a paid plan.
Welcome to WebsiteToolTester, where we review website builders all day long so you don’t
have to! The first question you should ask yourself
is whether you want a free website or a cheap website. I’ll explain the difference: A free site builder has certain limitations
that you may not like, especially if you want to use it in any business-related context. You won’t get a proper domain name for free
as it always comes at a cost. Instead, you’ll get a free subdomain that contains your website
builder’s brand name. Your website will contain an ad as you can
see in these examples. Some more visible … some less.
You won’t have access to all the professional features such as ecommerce or password-protected
pages. But let’s now check out four actual website
builders that we can recommend for their free offerings.
The first website builder is Webnode. We picked it because, as you can see here, the ad isn’t
that visible. You will only see it when scrolling down to the bottom of the page and it pretty
much blends in with the rest of the website. They let you build an unlimited number of
pages and have a decent selection of mobile-responsive templates to choose from. They also offer
their Limited plan, which is a relatively cheap way to connect your own domain name
if you don’t want to use the free subdomain.
Ucraft, our next option, is your ideal choice if you’ve already purchased a domain name
and want to connect it to a website for free. You’ll be able to do just that but it comes
at a price: Ucraft only allows you to create a single page. Also, while it’s certainly not a bad website
builder, we found others to be much easier to use. Fortunately, the ad is relatively
low-key. Our next contender is Wix, the largest website
builder in the world. Their advantage is the amazing number of features you can use for
free. You have access to nearly everything, Pro
photo galleries, an appointment booking system, email marketing campaigns and 100’s more
apps. Where their free plan falls short is the very
visible ad at the top that will stick around even as you scroll down. Also, the URL of
your website isn’t exactly sexy: it’s very long and pretty much impossible to remember.
The cheapest ad-free plan that also lets you use your own domain is called Combo. By the
way, for paid plans, Wix is our top choice. Lastly, let’s take a look at Weebly, where
you also have a pretty visible ad on your page that even expands as you hover over it. We recommend Weebly for the ease of use of
their drag and drop editor. The available designs are a bit more limited but overall
it’s a very decent product that also lets you add apps to your website. The cheapest paid plan is called Connect and
lets you connect your own domain name but will still show the ad. You’ll need the
Starter plan to make it disappear. Now that you’ve seen our top 4: let me quickly
summarise when to use each product: If you just don’t want to pay anything at
all, only have a small ad, and stay on the free plan indefinitely: Webnode. If you only need a one-page website and already
have your own domain name that you want to connect for free: Ucraft If you want to start out free but would also
be considering a paid plan as your business grows: Wix or Weebly.
Wix is the flashier, more flexible candidate, Weebly, on the other hand, is a bit easier
to use and offers cheaper paid plans. There you have it, the choice is yours now! If you still have any questions, check out
our reviews at or send us your feedback through the comments!
Thanks for watching!

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10 thoughts on “Free Website Builder: Your 4 Best Choices for 2019

  1. Hey, I came across your page when I found your GoDaddy Tutorial. I have used Wix, Weebly and GoDaddy. I see what you're saying in GoDaddy how there's limited options to place things and change the sizes. I found a way to customize that. They have an option where you can place customized HTML on the page virtually anywhere. I have also used iPage and bluehost. I decided to go with GoDaddy after trying out all these web site builders. I like your informative tutorials! Wix wasn't for me, though.

  2. good lord this was such a blessing. why can't every youtube video be this straightforward and helpful! i'm like in a good mood after watching this cause it was like, idk it was good. lol good job, thank you!

  3. I don't see any free plan on weebly. There's only 3 steps I see.
    1. Build your professional website
    2. Purchase or Transfer a professional domain
    3. Launch your website.

    Am I the one getting it wrong?

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