Free website builders: a comparison of the best ones

Hi, and welcome to today’s video. Today, we’re going to take a look at those website builders
that let you build your own website for free. We use these tools quite extensively, both for real projects and to create demo pages for analysis. So you’re going to be learning from our direct experience. There are a couple of common limitations that you should be aware of with these free plans. First of all, with all free plans some sort of advertising is going to be placed on your website, normally at the bottom of each page of your site. Secondly, your URL will be a sub-domain that contains the name of your website builder, keep watching to see a couple of examples. This kind of sub-domain doesn’t look very professional and we wouldn’t recommend it for business purposes. However, all of the website builders we showcase in this video also offer premium upgrades that allow you to get a proper domain name. We’ll start with Jimdo. One of the easiest to use tools in the market. Jimdo features a relatively small self-promoting element at the bottom of the page as you can see here. This is now much more elegant than it used to be in the past! As you can see here, your domain name will be a Jimdo sub-domain. You will not be able to connect your own domain name to your Jimdo website unless you upgrade, at least, to a Jimdo Pro plan. Now let’s have a look at Weebly. This is one of the most popular tools out there and they also have a free plan available. As you can see, Weebly displays a dark grey banner at the bottom of your website that takes up all the width of your pages. And though this is very visible we don’t find it too intrusive. You will not be able to connect a free Weebly plan with your own domain name. For that you will, at least, need to sign up for a Starter plan. The next tool that we would like to show you is Webnode. This tool will allow you to create multilingual sites very easily. As you can see here, at the bottom of each page a Webnode ad is featured. When hovering over it, a floating pop-up ad will appear. We find this a tiny bit more disruptive than Weeblys or Jimdos approach. Unless you opt for a premium plan you’ll have to go with a Webnode sub-domain that will look like this. Finally we’d like to show you a free account at Wix is particularly good for creating impressive visual presentations of yourself or your work. Wix’s approach to ads is a lot more invasive. They show two ads. One at the top right hand side, which will get bigger when you hover over it, and one at the bottom that will take up the entire width of your page. You will be provided with a Wix sub-domain name that looks like this one. To connect your own domain name to your Wix site, you will need to upgrade to their paid Connect Domain plan. Unfortunately, even with this plan, the ads remain. In order to remove all ads from your site you will need to upgrade to, at least, the Combo plan. Showing ads and having a sub-domain may not suit your project. But if all of this is not a problem for you, or you wish to experiment, then you could start creating your free website right now! At we have more detailed reviews for Jimdo, Webnode, Weebly and Wix that also include details of their paid plans. If you have any questions, please leave us a comment. We’d love to hear from you. We hope you enjoyed this video. If you found it useful please give it a Thumbs Up on YouTube. Thanks for watching!

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21 thoughts on “Free website builders: a comparison of the best ones

  1. Hi WebsiteToolTester,
    I want to learn how to make a good website design so i can make money off making website designs for others. I've heard that it pays pretty well and that its not the hardest thing to learn. Could you guys give me any tips of how to practice at making website designs, and what program would be best for practicing it. I've been doing some research for 2 hours now and i don't really understand how i can practice at designing sites while not having to actually make one.

    Sorry for my bad English not my main language 

  2. It's not much of a comparison to be honest. All this video shows is that ads will be placed on websites unless you pay

  3. I could not find out if any of the site-builders allowed a groups feature to be added such they have on ning 2 sites

  4. you can have a free site with Zoho sites and use your own domain. you can also build a site using Google Blogger an have your own domain on that too. have you ever covered these tools?

  5. I need a free website builder, dudes it is just building website like uploading videos on youtube BUILD WEBSITE DON'T NEED FOR MONEY OR UPGRADE !!!

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