Free Website Design Tutorial: How To Make A Website With WordPress

Do you want to make a website why not learn how to do it yourself with wordpress hi Tim from real website hints dot com and I just launched my new free website building course if you’re looking for the best and easiest ways of building a high quality website but aren’t sure where to start I’ve got you covered I spent the last few years at real website hints dot com and on my youtube channel testing and reviewing different ways of building websites after all that testing i came up with a list of three important qualities that the tools you use to build your WordPress website should have number one to choose a theme that you can get started with quickly now but will also grow with you as you continue to grow and fill your website building skills or your business online the most important thing to be successful with your website is to get started if you can’t get your site up and running fairly quickly because the tools you’ve chosen are to difficult to use then the chances of you being able to succeed go way down number two basic theme and the tools that you use need to be flexible what you think is a great-looking web page design when you first start out might not be what you think is a good-looking page design few months from now the theme that you pics need to have good level of design flexibility that you can design the kind of pages that you want and that will work best for your website and number three is you’re going to need help along the way wordpress is a great starting point it has such an open community of people willing to help and choosing the right theme that has the technical support staff as well as a great community of users willing to help and share their knowledge and even share some of their designs with you can greatly help you get your site up and running and moving forward the tools and services that i have found in my testing and i’ll introduce you in this course are the ones that I think best fit with these three important qualities i put my best advice into a free high quality online course and I’m genuinely interested in helping you launch your website and helping you avoid many dead ends and complications and frustration as possible my free course has the exact same advice that I would give to a friend if they ask me how they should build their website you want some help building a website someone who has been on the hunt for the best and easiest ways of building a WordPress website head over to real website dot com i’ll show you start building your awesome website today so go ahead and just click on the button or head over to real

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