FRESHEST SEAFOOD FEAST! INSANE Seafood Meal at Dampa Market Manila Philippines

[Music] hey guys it’s Mike Shanin here in Manila really really excited for a while I’m bout to eat tonight I’m at that damn side this is a fresh seafood market all the fish all the seafood is caught locally and what you do is you go and you pick out the seafood you want say a fish crab whatever it is then you take it to the restaurant of your choice and cook it the way you wanted to so basically just a super customizable seafood meal all right let’s go see what the catch of the day is so from the outside the market cells live through a lot of vegetables a lot of toys and then he’s just like hip it in just just let’s go I’m not very deep into the seafood market yet but this area in the beginning and people seem to sell a lot of cuttlefish tons of shrimp and lobster really everything is as fresh as it can be I mean oh I can see that it’s just jumped out of the bucket and what’s kind of interesting about this market is that it doesn’t smell bad there’s not really not much of like a fishy smell to it everything’s pretty good oh look how colorful what is that mahi Mahi’s what is this that looks like a rainbow fish to me it’s colorful guys might have to eat one of those things later all looks really really good huh you taking what are you taking which one did you get you’re from Saudi yeah yeah what’s your favorite fish you cook it we’re at home at your house go with you yeah you gonna let me see what you got yeah no we’re gonna go eat at his house seriously okay let’s go good you know this guy’s place what what fish is you get salmon la blah blah blah blablah is a very Filipino fish right that salmon looks beautiful by the way [Music] salmon is going in so tomato garlic chili and shallots were in there that fish just looks ridiculously beautiful tomato paste he cooks like like Chinese people because we don’t measure you don’t measure everything you just kind of like I know how much I should put in there oh man close the pie Nance is great because a lot all that fat is in the pine nuts a lot of oil in there all that is going into the rice look at that that’s a way to jazz up your rice all right the food is ready look at that Wow oh yes that color is beautiful it’s enough fluffy the Rice’s oh man I cannot wait to eat that oh my mouth is watering right now I just want to say thank you are they for cooking this wonderful meal well thank you guys for having me in your home it was very close dental wore off cuz I don’t believe in coincidences but it’s great meeting you at the at the market fish market so seriously these guys is the most friendliest people I’ve met and I’ve gone to Saudi Arabia because of you guys I get to go to your house they eat your home cooking right this guy’s a master barbecue or as well tell me about this dish you made so the rice is tapsa yeah a very traditional Saudi Arabian dish is a spicy word um yes I like spicy to each other rice because you put a lot of ingredients in this rice so fluffy a nice Wow am i eating at a restaurant right now wow this is so fragrant I’m gonna taste the different spices to raisins in this rice you guys don’t know usually like are you that whole pot of fish and a whole pot of rice but you’re lucky today I already ate otherwise you won’t have enough food here huh but the salmon a nap my friend we shall open a restaurant Wow you can taste how fresh suspicious – this is fantastic a very aromatic we must taste all the different spices dyli put into the fish and i want to take a bite thank you for giving me this by the way no I like it I like it I love the pine nuts now you put into this I was like such a nice fatty flavor I’m like eating every single queen of this because seriously it’s on the best rice yeah no joke so good I want to thank you guys again for for having me here I mean you guys have been more than hospitable I mean it’s just a nicest gentleman and you know sharing a meal with you has been one of the most enjoyable experiences in all my travels guys such a beautiful meal thank you I am gonna go back to the market and show you guys the entire process everything but this has been such a fantastic experience you guys can see we’re back at the fish market this section is a lot of different types of crab Christine Oh crabs throw out to the crabs you get a lot of clams oysters scallops some conch now let’s pick out some seafood all sea grapes that’s delicious I haven’t seen those since Japan oh I’m definitely getting back can I guess I’m see some clam yeah this one yeah the one that spit at me thank you thank you thank you let’s get a crap Wow how much hey 15 how much it’s same same price we looking your keys you better sound good tea so jumbo for 850 okay so I got a jumbo crab for a 50 so originally it was 1250 I don’t know if that’s a good deal I don’t know what’s good like half a kilo what is that how much how much how much how much tell me where I get yeah well guys it’s good does it get them what’s the biggest prawn biggest okay sounds good so 500 he’s gonna give me a free prawn with what the other two prongs I got there you go all right thank you what fish sunfish oh wow that is ugly but I’m sure that’s delicious look at what is that Bharath just kirochka that was crazy as well spinal pattern I got some crab I got a fish I got some jungle prize um I got the clams I seen it I think I’m ready to get this cooked let’s go find a place alright buddy thank you thank you thank you thank you so basically the rule of thumb is you find a restaurant that has a lot of people in there and that’s probably a really good place I heard about this place Hong Kong master cook and it’s still packed with people this is the first time I’ve ever brought seafood into a restaurant before this place is packed so I think you bring the seafood to this counter here and then I get I guess some sort of cooking magic happens I want whatever that is yeah that looks crazy that looks like it’s filled with chilies right there you just wait everything I brought and in there as he’s weighing it he’s asking me how I would like the fish prepared where would where the seafood prepared just one how do you guys cook it salad yeah is there are different ways of cooking this we’re only one way okay okay that’s fine sea grapes you don’t need to do much with can I do different types of crab yeah so smaller one citron Lutron bigger one salt egg yolk thank you this is insane experience right now I’m so like I’m kidding man this is like so cool so we good all right take this to a table okay thank you thank you and that’s it you take this to your table and wait for your seat with a swim – yeah oh the first item has arrived to get his little tiny crab this is cooked us sits front style that smells glorious onions green peppers red peppers chili peppers can now way to dig into this I’m gonna take a claw right here look at this thing look how nice that crab meat is dip it in some sauce Wow this is by far the freshest crab I’ve ever had and this mean it’s just so ridiculously tender as soon as you put into your mouth it just falls into like a million pieces I never had crab meats melt on my tongue before and their sauce spicy peppery it’s gonna go great with rice pour some of that on my rice here you’ve got that beautiful tamale oh yeah this is good eating my friends oh yeah oh that tamale was in sync this is one of my favorite parts of the crab right here oh man this meat is so Sookie literally just sucking to me right out of his shell that is some sort of beautiful my friends I really don’t think I’ve ever had crabs it tastes like this before it goes so lovely Oh see grip thank you my ocean salad has arrived you know this must be what Ariel used to say ten I don’t know now sea grapes if you guys remember but something I first had in Kyoto Japan and this thing which is it just blew my mind but how do you miche’s it is mutual fault is like a burst of seawater you can literally taste the ocean in here it’s so crispy and briny and nice yeah I actually I actually miss these things they really didn’t do much with it they just clean it up added some onions out of some Tomatoes I honestly think these things will be great with some garlic and vinegar on that’s all that’s beautiful as well oh here we go our clams right here thank you plants and black bean sauce one of my favorite ways to eat clams it scoop up some of that gravy put it all over my rice those plans so ridiculously tender I mean you saw a fresh these things were they were squirting up a storm each piece is so gentle and flavorful this song is so good by the way a nice amount of black beans this is a great rice companion normally if I’m just you need that depends on its own I love it with some garlic and butter but what’s rice this is what you need to do with the clamps and seriously guys this is beyond ridiculous today as it was I’m super it oh yeah amazing will be an understatement really what all the prawns are here yay look at the size of this monster I was gonna eat they hit a little bit ah huh crack it open look at that beautiful beautiful meats Oh just as I was getting into the prawns look at this the fish has arrived citron style and a hot surrounded by spices and garlic and cabbage and everything else that just makes this fish beautiful this this is a feast to be to hold my friends hang on a second I’m gonna get to this but I got a tasteless prom for us before he gets called oh oh the head the head is intact he just took up the antennas all right gotta have their head and sock on the inside look at this thing was a crazy sting ever dip that into fried garlic do not sleep on the fried garlic this might just be one of the happiest days of my life correction this is one of the happiest days of my life that Swami so ridiculously sweet it’s bouncing you cannot get anything fresher than this those are eating a shrimp lollipop is so naturally sweet I see this big Bulova it’s just chili soup sitting here I think I’m gonna take my proper strip sir my way monster prawn conquered the broad get some that spicy yet spicy know me happy let’s go for another dip it’s a beautiful day whatever a monster prawns are involved there really is and now now let’s get to this fish look at this crazy fish let’s dig into this thing oh look at that beautiful flesh let’s get some sauce with it put it on my rice let’s get some cabbage in there as well you know I’ll make sure I eat my veggies everything about that was amazing guys oh my gosh what a day I’m having right now let me just taste the fish on its own here that low tender I want to go beauties with some of the skin what I’m loving about this this whole fish it’s kind of like the fish tempura so the fish is fried the skin obviously battered it was crunchy and they put into the spicy nummy rock so that the bitter in the skins it’s just so dump all this just delightfully spicy elixir so every bite you get up the fish discuss so much of that irresistible draw all up in here the string is not like overly soggy it still has a semblance of Tunis to it this fish is just beyond tender and it got some great veggies in here that that also soak up broth and all this just goes perfect with rice this is a perfect style to cook this fish our last item has arrived the salting egg giant crap yeah you’re beautiful you know it this is a salted egg crab but check this out I’m this morning I was at I was at a local market and I saw this egg this is this is a salty duck egg I’m gonna add my salty duck egg onto my salty egg crap I think I just came her out of hunt Oh a lot of food coloring in this one though there it is I’m gonna kind of crumble it up okay that’s stupid that’s stupid okay that’s done it didn’t go as I thought I’m sorry but let’s give this a try you see all that delicious yolk just running just coursing through every inch of this crab leg zip that meat into the salty egg sauce there’s one of my favorite ways to eat crab the piece of my pie salted a guy don’t knock it till you try it it’s like liquid salty egg and solidify salty egg I think it’s pretty good they Noakes my favorite part oh yeah all right you guys ready to open this thing up oh there’s the tamale gotta have some that tamale get some salty egg sauce oh by the way I look at this guy’s we’re gone terribly mashup it’s flawless holy cow I’m pretty sure this gloss unk ships before all right I think I managed to get most of the clock intact look at this beast of a crab claw but this isn’t that then touch the salty egg sauce it is so sweet because some that yolk out here [Music] [Applause] this has been one of the greatest seafood meals I’ve ever had this day in general has been incredible I go to the seafood market he just randomly we need three awesome guys that invites me back home for dinner which was absolutely spectacular and I end up making three awesome friends come here grabbed a bunch of different seafood this restaurant cooked it up one of the freshest tastiest seafood pieces I’ve ever partaken in so if you are ever in Manila I highly highly recommend coming here and doing what I just did also guys I just want to note that what I did today meeting just like three random strangers if you’re going back for dinner at their place that’s not something I recommend you guys do all as you feel 100% safe and comfortable I mean that’s especially something you shouldn’t do if you’re traveling alone but for us we ended up talking to these gentlemen we felt pretty good about them we took some precautions and pleasures three of us so we felt pretty comfortable going with them and that ended up being a fantastic experience but by no means uh don’t don’t do what we did make sure you engage every single situation for yourself and if you do decide to go hang out with some locals we’re with some new friends like I said make sure you’re 100% comfortable with the entire situation with that said I just want to give another shout out to my new friends Ali Mohammed and Ramon’s you guys are just the most friendly most awesome most hospitable gentleman I have met on the strip and thank you so much for having us over and sharing a meal with us that was by far some of the best rice and salmon I’ve ever had and as always guys I put the information for this location in my description box below thank you all so much for watching this just incredible seafood event Ripken until we eat again see you later

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