Funny business video – Stuff managers say (business jargon)

hi synergize if Wiley to point to go on the end of the day, let’s keep everyone in the loop and get them up to the speed of the mindshare com’on girls, I think we need to get all adopts on a row and leverage global milestone on a roadmap so in the form of my radar screener, let’s surface the conversation on a Bokozan, as a Japanese say in a form of sushi cutting edge, leading edge, bleeding edge win-win is the best practice in a social organization die rise so Lisa I want the KPIs ORY and the BLT please look, we’ve get ever onboard, benchmarks, the swings on ranchbacks and get bottomline, top them, bottom-up okay let’s push them blow,think out-of-the-box, be pro-active, see the big picture and write size this whole conversation like Steve Jobs do, action it already operationalized so Corry can we run the numbers and give me the function at the date of our next quarter, we’re on the same page huh your routine plan yeah, neutralized envision in multiple leveraging platform solutions i’m passionate in maximizing shareholder value and competes it’s advantage what is that mean? absolutely nothing, zero return on verbal investment thinking plans should do, it’s actionate fact of the matter is, let’s get everyone out of the box, into the fire, out of the loop and taken offline Christian, let’s trace base on the measurable surface the issues and craft a scalable response is that Facebook? dynamic this is fluffy-people issues For plain-spoken management and leadership training contact… Integration Training
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27 thoughts on “Funny business video – Stuff managers say (business jargon)

  1. So many of my pet hates here! I only discovered "blue sky thinking" about 5 years ago temping at a certain NGO in Brighton that shall remain nameless… They were having an overseas "Blue Sky Week", and I couldn't help but think how nice it sounded! I just thought it was a jolly!

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  3. Great video, well written.  Question:  if you want people to watch your video, which I see is a form of on-line marketing for you, why do you monetize it and expect them to watch a commercial?  Isn't it enough work to get viewers to watch it, let alone sit through ads first?

  4. I watched this while eating schnitzel which didn't taste good but the video was bad too. I didn't like it. It's not even funny. If that's your idea of humor then shit you are autistic.

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