Game Theory: FNAF, The FINAL Timeline (FNAF Ultimate Custom Night)

Hi, I’m Masahiro Sakurai. Today I’d like to introduce you to the new Super Smash Brothers game for the Nintendo Switch. Many fighters have appeared in the series. I’m sure you’re all eager to find out who will be joining the roster this time. Please, take a look. [Filthy Frank]
Just Stop! [Game Theory Theme Song Begins] Hello Internet, welcome to Game Theory, the William Afton of YouTube. [William Afton]
I always come back. So here’s something crazy – you know how every FNAF game tends to have 5 main nights, a bonus 6th night that gives you more lore hints, and then a challenge mode 7th night where you customize all the animatronics? Well, look at the games. We have five main games bearing the five nights title. A bonus 6th game, that was mostly for lore, and now a 7th stand alone release where you customize the animatronics. The game releases directly mirror the gameplay! Either Scott is a mad genius, or I’m thinking about things WAY too hard. [Mr. Hippo]
You try to read into every little thing, [Mr. Hippo]
and find meaning in everything anyone says you’ll just drive yourself crazy I heard you last time Mr. Hippo! But guess what, you Barney reject. Reading into every little thing is the only way to have this series make any sort of sense whatsoever. Case in point: Today’s episode. With the final novel out, and Ultimate Custom Night picked to shreds, it finally feels like the story of FNaF is at its end. Or, at least the Afton story line is at its end. The series will probably come back to tell another story in the same universe later. I mean, it’s exactly what Scott did with FNaF 4. The quote unquote, “Final Chapter” dot dot dot of the original FNaF story. I see what you did there Scotty. It’s the final chapter of the “Original Story” But oh no friends he wasn’t done, he even ended that teaser with a question mark if you brighten that screen up enough. Man, Scott! You’ve really wanted to leave the door open for more games in this series didn’t ya? You were milking it more than I was. Or, I guess we’re both milk maids at the teat of Freddy Fazcow. Anyway, as they say in FNaF world “The pieces are in place for us” So it’s time to take one final step back and put every single one of those pieces together into this: My final timeline for the final FNaF game. Though, uh, let me save you some work if you brighten the image you see on screen right now. You’ll see that there’s a question mark there since y’know.. [Springtrap]
I always come back. And if he comes back, well I gotta pull myself a Samurai Freddy and pursue the anime fox of truth Wherever it may lead. Let’s do this! Now, putting together a final timeline of events for this series is incredibly challenging, and requires us covering a lot of really minute details from literally every element the series has ever released. This is my longest, most involved theory in 7 years. Covering every square inch of the series So fair warning that this episode is not for the faint of heart. It is extreme. A way for me to simultaneously flex my knowledge of the minutiea of this series all while trying to come up with a satisfactory answer to pretty much every question it has ever thrown our way. and of course, there are some questions that don’t have clean answers. Which I’ll be calling out for you as I go. So for those of you who want to take the challenge and attempt a timeline of your own Let me first explain my thought process. As I was writing this episode, there are three hard and fast rules that I applied First, it’s important to note that I put greater emphasis on information that was released more recently in the series. While, yes, everything in the series is important, by FNaF 4 and even more so sister location We can assume that Scott had a complete picture of the story in his mind. It’s easy to forget that FNaF 1 was gonna be Scott’s final game after years of trying to be a game designer and hitting dead ends. Do you really think that he imagined a lore so deep that it would cover eight games, five books, and countless teasers? That he predicted his story would be SO massively popular that it would involve undead purple people way back when we we’re all just making memes about Foxy ‘Swiggity Swooty Comin for that Booty ‘! Probably not. So it’s safe to assume that the newest information we’re getting in the games is the most accurate in pointing to the final story he’s looking to tell. So that’s rule number one. Rule number two: adhering to key dates and events. Now, there isn’t much that’s certain in this story. Which means that the things we do know must serve as fixed points that the other details fit around. We know for a fact from FNaF 1 phone calls that the animatronics are allowed to walk around freely until the bite of ’87. We know from FNaF 3 calls that the golden spring-lock suits are eventually retired to a back room after a tragedy at a sister location: The FNaF 4 bite. Which itself takes place in 1983. FNaF 3 also tells us that at some point William Afton tries to dismantle the robots Whose spirits rebel, causing him to become Springtrap Eventually getting himself sealed up behind a wall until the workers at Fazbear’s Fright discover his body and set him loose again. Details like those have to be our guide posts if we have any hopes of getting anywhere in the story. And lastly, rule number 3. Realizing that this isn’t just a simple linear timeline. It’s clearly established in the games that multiple Fazbear locations exist at the same time. And that the events in one affect what happens in other locations. For proof, just look at phone guy in FNaF 3. [Phone Guy]
Uh, welcome to your new career as a performer slash entertainer for Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. [Phone Guy]
Right now, we have two specially designed suits [Phone Guy]
that double as both animatronics and suits. [Phone Guy]
After learning of an unfortunate incident at the sister location, [Phone Guy]
involving multiple and simultaneous spring lock failures, [Phone Guy]
the company has deemed the suits temporarily unfit for employees. This not only tells us at the first that the first Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza had two golden suits, but also that the first Freddy’s was open at the same time as the FNaF 4 Freddy’s. The spring lock failure in the FNaF 4 location prompted the yellow suits to be retired in the FNaF 1 location. In short, a lot of these events overlap. Restaurants often stay open for years beyond what we see in the games. And everything weaves together in a way that’s much more complicated than simply saying: “This restaurant opened, kids died, it closed.” “The next one opened! Kids died again, it closed.” In all honesty, I suppose you could simplify it to that level BUT WE’RE NOT GOING TO. I am holding myself to a higher standard. A… slightly higher standard. But a higher standard none the less! So with those three logical rules in place Let’s get analyzing To begin, we have to identify who William’s first victim was. Now I’ve covered FNaF a lot, but in all my theories one thing has remained
consistent since FNaF 2: that the puppet was first — Henry’s daughter — she is the
character who gives life to all the other animatronics. So it would just make
sense for her to be victim numero uno but outside of that it’s always been
just an assumption. And now that we’ve seen the event actually take place in
the games I think I’ve been wrong about it this
entire time. Think about it. We have proof that William kills Henry’s daughter in FNaF 6, but as I talked about in a previous theory we see that later that night, Afton goes to a place called Junior’s, where he’s turned away at the
door. Now why would Scott show us this? FNaF 6 was all about tying up loose ends. He’s not just going to throw in a random bar to establish that the mustard man is an alcoholic or anything. He’s doing it to
establish a timeline. The only time we hear of anyone being
turned away from any building for any reason in this series is in FNaF 2. [Phone Guy]
From what I understand, the building is on lockdown. No one is allowed in or out, y’know.. [Phone Guy]
especially concerning any… previous employees. And the name Junior’s make sense… in Scott’s classic way of giving us clues that are
meant to clarify things but really just end up confusing all of us. Remember FNaF 2’s location is the grand reopening. A second Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria
location. A Junior location if you will And lastly to further solidify the
puppet coming later in the timeline, remember why Freddy’s closed in the
first place. It wasn’t due to murders or animatronics going haywire. According to
the FNaF 1 newspapers, people just got weirded out by a place where kids
disappeared. Quote. “After a long struggle to stay in business after the tragedy that took place there many years ago, Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza has announced that it will close by year’s end.” End quote. This all means that the missing
children’s incident, where five kids go missing at a Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, must
be the first event of the timeline. William Afton uses the Spring Bonnie
suit to lure five kids to the back, employees-only safe rooms that we hear
about in FNaF3, hiding their dead bodies in the animatronic suits. We can even figure out the order of who was killed when based on clues hidden in
Ultimate Custom Night. We know with 100% certainty that Chica was first, based on one of her death lines [Chica]
I was the first. I have seen everything. That’s about as explicit as you get with
these games. From a storytelling standpoint, I hate that Chica is first,
because it really should have been Golden Freddy, so he could be the first
spirit killed and the final spirit to haunt Afton in Custom Night, but whatever. Chica, A.K.A Suzie, is Death Number 1. She’s lured away by Afton telling her that her dog died. We see it in FNaF 6’s Fruity Maze. We also read about it in The Fourth
Closet. Quote. Beside them was the little girl with blond curls… I heard Daddy say he was hit by a car. But I knew it wasn’t true. Bonnie told me it wasn’t true; he said that he had found my puppy. And did he take you to your puppy? He took me, but I don’t remember… my name’s Susie We even hear about it in the Chica anime cut-scenes from Custom
Night. [Chica]
I told him that someone ran over his dog in front of my house Geez Scott! I know we were all looking for answers, but man! You beat that one over the head
didn’t ya? Not that I’m complaining, but that one
was a bit overly obvious, and then all the other ones are just so damn obscure. Just gotta find a better balance here, man. From there we know that four other kids get taken and stuffed into suits. We know
their names based on the gravestones at the end of FNaF 6: Gabriel, Fritz, Jeremy,
and… Grass. Hey who are we to judge what other people name their kids? Probably some celebrities’ kid. [posh voice] Oh you must meet my children. This is Apple, Audio Science, and Grass. All joking aside though, loyal theorists will remember this last grave
was giving me a lot of trouble during a past theory. You see, this book, The FNaF Survival Log Book, holds a ton of reveals about the franchise, but they’re all
hidden in code. Some I was able to deduce, some left me stumped, but a few hours
after releasing my video covering the book, the mystery was solved by the
brilliant deduction of game theorist subreddit user dpowerful1. dpowerful1 used the numbers that I had found: 52, 39, 15, 7, 2, 10, 11, 8, and 11, and put them not into an alphabet grid for ciphers
like I’d been doing, and like the book was CLEARLY hinting towards, but instead put them into the word search of all places. Using the numbers as coordinates
in the word search you could spell the name Cassidy, a name that must belong to Golden Freddy based on the repeated use of golden Freddy’s signature line of
“It’s Me” throughout the book, the gravestone imagery which lines up with the fifth mystery gravestone at the end of FNAF 6, and a mention of Cassidy in the final FNaF novel The Fourth Closet. And that would be more than enough proof, but it’s not all. In the novel Cassidy is
described as “a girl with black hair.” And what do we see in the log book? The
puppet giving cake to a little girl with black hair. The only human child in the
log book, no less, and it’s happening on a page talking about your happiest day — a
direct reference to the Happiest Day minigame from FNAF 3 where the
puppet gives cake to Golden Freddy in an effort to release its soul. You can even
hear a girlish laugh every time Golden Freddy is summoned way back in FNaF
1. [Little girl laughing] Literally everything about this reveal lines up. Everything of course
except for the pronoun of “he” being used to talk about “The One You Should Not
Have Killed” throughout Custom Night, Which, as we established last episode, is referring to Golden Freddy, but consider this: Golden Freddy is a male character. He’s
Freddy Fazbear. He’s Fredbear, regardless of the spirit that possesses it, so the
gender confusion works here. Scott even used that to his advantage in the casting call, Where he was specifically looking for auditions where Quote “The gender should not be immidiately clear, it should work as either a young boy or a young girl” FNaF: teaching kids that gender is fluid… but only if you spend four years picking apart its obscure lore. Yeah, by the way, FNaF is 4 years old this August. It’s crazy right? Wow I’ve been doing this for a long time. The last thing to say about Golden Freddy is proving that he gets possessed here. At the first Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza location, rather than in FNaF 4 like most of us have assumed in the past. You see, in Ultimate Custom Night, you get an item called a “Death Coin” that can eliminate one animatronic from the game. But if you use it on Golden Freddy, you don’t eliminate him from the game You just get jumpscared by Fredbear and then hear some strange sounds. [Strange Noises] [Matt] Ah [Strange Noises] [Matt] Huh It almost sounds like Fredbear is underwater. Which we all know is gonna be terrible for those springlocks Anyway, I played around with those audio files and got them to here [Freddy Deep laughter] Laughter, obviously [Freddy Contorted Word-Like Noise] Let’s find a suit that’s right for you. [Freddy Contorted Word-Like Noise] And there was more fantasy and fun where I came from. That last one feels really random right? Like, roar, I’m an angry spirit, who just killed you, but let me tell you about my love of fantasy, fairies and long walks on the beach first. I’m very in touch with my emotions. However, the phrase ‘fantasy and fun’, is a direct reference to the first game in the franchise. Where phone guy welcomes you to… [Phone Guy]
Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. A magical place for kids and ground-ups alike, [Phone Guy]
Where fantasy and fun come to life It’s Scott telling us that Golden Freddy is the same spirit who speaks to the crying child via the Fredbear plush at the end of FNaF 4, but who dates all the way back to the first pizzeria and the missing children incident. Phew! You got all that? Good, beacuse that’s the easy stuff. Well, not easy, obviously considering I’m on page 4 of this script and I’ve only just talked about the FIRST EVENT IN THE SERIES But there is consistent logic and evidence to back it all up. However, it’s at this point that things get messy from a timeline standpoint. You see, right now there are two dangling threads of events that directly conflict with each other. One The first Freddy Fazbear location has to close, so it can reopen sometime before 1987. However, it has to remain open AT LEAST until 1983 when the FNaF 4 bite happens The event that prompts phone guy to call back to the FNaF 1 location, informing them that the springlock suits are being retired. [Phone Guy] Welcome to your new career as performer, slash entertainer for Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza [Phone guy]
Right now , we have two specially designed suits that double as both animatronics and suits. [Phone Guy]
After learning of an unfortunate incident at the sister location involving multiple and simultaneous [Phone Guy]
springlock failures, the company as deemed the suits temporarily unfit for employees. This is important because phone guy later makes a point of saying that the spring Bonnie suit is still being moved [Phone Guy]
Management has also been made aware that the spring Bonnie animatronic [Phone Guy]
has been noticeably moved. Which implies that Afton is still using it to kill kids AKA the missing children incident is STILL GOING ON even after the bite of 1983. That would all be fine except for point number two According to HandUnit in Sister Location, Circus Baby’s Pizza World is opened after Freddy Fazbear’s is closed. [HandUnit] Due to the massive success, and even more so the unfortunate closing of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza it was clear that the stage was set, no pun intended, for another contender in children’s entertainment. [Matt] Again, this wouldn’t be a problem if it weren’t for the empty girl’s bedroom we see in FNaF 4. As we established in a previous episode using the FNaF survival logbook, the crying child is Michael Afton, which would make this his sister’s room. Elizabeth Afton. The girl who gets herself clawed and goes onto possess Baby on the opening day of Baby’s Pizzaria. That’s why she’s missing and why her room is empty. But that can’t happen if Freddy’s is still open. And Freddy’s can’t be closed until the Bite of ’83 causes the springlocks to be retired so that Phone Guy can make his call. You see the problem there? Do you understand Why creating a timeline of this stuff is so darn complicated. Anyway, to move forward we have to apply rule number one That I talked about earlier and throw out some of the phone guy information in order for the events to work Freddy Fazbear’s first location closes in the aftermath of the Missing Children Incident With no pizzeria to serve as his murder den, Afton tries to launch a new pizza restaurant: Circus Baby’s Pizza World. It’s important to note that this is an actual restaurant and not the underground rental service you see in Sister Location. We’ll get to that one much later. Based on the name, we can be confident that this place has a clown aesthetic, which makes it likely that all the animatronics who don’t fit into the Freddy Fazbear’s series of restaurants were made specifically for this place. The Minireenas, Balloon Boy, JJ, Dee Dee and, of course, the star attraction: Baby. Notice how the all even look alike. However, on day one of the restaurant opening, Elizabeth, Afton’s daughter, finds herself alone with Baby and gets herself clawed. We know that it’s closed on day one both from Baby’s story in Sister Location: [Baby]
Did you know that I was on stage once? [Baby]
It wasn’t for very long, only one day. and from this hidden news story about a supposed gas leak posted on Scott’s website in the lead-up to the release of the game. This in turn explains a lot of the weirdness going on in FNaF 4. Why Elizabeth’s room is empty; why Michael Afton has nightmares of animatronics with “stomach mouths”; and why William locks Michael in his room and has so many surveillance cameras following him around. He doesn’t want what happened to his daughter to also happen to his youngest son. You see why it’s so important for Circus Baby’s Pizza World to happen before the events of FNaF 4? Before 1983? A lot of pieces fit in place if it does. Anyway, in the aftermath of the tragedy, he buries Baby, and most of the other humanoid characters, underground in a facility that we will eventually explore in Sister Location. The rest go to the new and improved Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria, which is set to reopen. But first, running parallel to all of this, and I mean ALL of it, is Fredbear’s Family Diner. Not the sister location we visit in the game Sister Location, but the only sister location actually called a “sister location” by Phone Guy during his FNaF 3 calls about springlocks. [Phone Guy]
An unfortunate event at the sister location… We know for a fact that Fredbear’s Family Diner is the FNaF 4 location based on this purple hat teaser that came out with the release of the game. Brighten the image, look down at the bottom right hand corner and fill in the blanks and you get yourself “property of Fredbear’s Family Diner”. We also know that it should fit here in the timeline because of one small detail that Scott made note of with the release of FNaF 4’s Halloween Edition While Nightmare Puppet and Nightmare Mangle weren’t canon, he made it clear that Nightmare Balloon Boy was. Now, if I’m right about Circus Baby’s Pizza World and the red-cheeked design of its characters, then the crying child would have come across Balloon Boy. He existed at this point in the timeline. But because both the Puppet and Mangle don’t exist until the FNaF 2 location, neither of them would be appearing in his nightmares. Therefore not canon, therefore the timeline continues to make sense. So, at this point, we know how the story goes: William is working there as what appears to be a suit technician, Michael Afton, AKA the Crying Child, has witnessed his friends and maybe even his sister get killed. I mean, he’s even locked in the supply closet with what appears to be the body of Golden Freddy. At the end of the week, at his birthday party, he gets shoved into Fredbear’s mouth by his brother and CRUNCH, he ded son. The spirits of his dead friends, all five of them, remind him that they’re still here for him and the whole incident goes down in history as the Bite of ’83, based on the TV easter egg in FNaF 4 and the code in Sister Location’s secret room. WHooaohaahaoaah But again, it’s here that we hit another little wrinkle. You see, in the FNaF Survival Logbook, it asks Michael whether his favorite ride was the carousel, a feature that was only present in the FNaF 2 restaurant. This also coincides with my hypothesis earlier about the Midnight Motorist minigame and “Junior’s” being another name for Freddy’s Version Two. It would make sense that “that place” that he is going to is indeed him running out to the new Freddy Fazbear’s location. But we know Michael gets bitten in 1983 and that the FNaF 2 location is open in 1987 based on the paychecks you see in the game. Fortunately, though, there’s an elegant solution this time: the FNaF 2 location is just open earlier than we thought. Remember, Fredbear’s Family Diner being open doesn’t preclude a new Freddy’s location from also being open at the same time. The new and improved Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria is just open earlier than we all thought. At least as early as 1983 and continuing through 1987 when a new series of murders happens and the Bite of ’87 gets it closed down. This all allows Michael to visit “that place” again, have the carousel be his favorite, but still die in 1983. Because William doesn’t want to lose another child, especially since he’s in his own killing spree, he puts security cameras EVERYWHERE and uses the illusion sound discs first introduced in the ‘Twisted Ones’ novel to scare Michael away from the restaurant. That’s what he means by “he’ll be sorry when he gets back”. William is intentionally locking him in his room and giving him nightmares, hence why Michael is so scared by the time we see him in FNaF 4. Additionally, Ultimate Custom Night proves that the Nightmare animatronics are just that – nightmares. Illusions. [Nightmare Fredbear]
This time, there is more than an illusion to fear. [Nightmare Freddy]
I am given Flesh to be your tormentor. Both these lines indicate that before, they were just an illusion. They had no flesh. But now, in the latest game, they are real. So, contrary to popular belief, these things were never real animatronics, just a glorified way for William to keep his son away from his murder locations. Except, obviously, it didn’t work. Despite his best- well, maybe not his best, but his most stalkerish efforts Michael gets crunched and dies. A fact that becomes very problematic for the timeline considering that Michael Afton clearly survives until the end of the games. We see him in Sister Location. We watch him get scooped. We hear about him burning in FNaF 6. How is all of that possible if he’s already dead? Surprisingly, there is a way to solve it, and I have the evidence to prove it, but, sadly, it’ll have to wait until next time. This ended up being a twelve page script which there’s no way that we can do all in one week. So, in the words of Dee Dee, [high voice imitating Dee Dee]
How unfortunate! [high voice imitating Dee Dee]
How unfortunate!! [high voice imitating Dee Dee]
This is a thing I hate to do! [high voice imitating Dee Dee]
But the rest has to go in a part two! Anyway, don’t worry, we’ll get it out as fast as possible. It’s already written, we just need to divide this up for editing purposes. In the meantime, though, make sure you JUMPSCARE that subscribe button to– well, who knows what it does at this point, but it makes me feel good about the effort I put into this video, which is really nice. So, make me feel good. It also improves the likelihood that you’re going to see the conclusion of this episode, which is even BETTER. And, in the meantime, if you missed my last FNaF theories, well, watch the ones from FNaF 6 linked onscreen right now. You’ll need them to really understand part two of this theory when we get into the more recent events. Now, if you’ll excuse me, REMEMBER! That’s just a theory! A GAME theory! I’ve got to go rolling to recording part two right now, so I’m gonna go do that. YEEHAW! FINAL FNAF THEORIES! Anyway, now that we’ve spent an entire episode chronicling the fictional deaths of 10 to 12, oh no I forgot the puppet so that brings it up to a bakers’ dozen of 13! Now that we’ve accounted for all of those children’s heinous murders, Let’s talk about security (security shark!!) No, really, as it turns out, you don’t need a human-size security puppet wandering around your house to keep you safe. But you could probably use… a VPN They’re smaller, they require less maintenance, and they’re like a 100% less murder-y. Conveniently the sponsor for today’s episode is NordVPN which, if you’ve never used a VPN before, is a great place to start. I’ve talked about online security and VPN’s in a lot of other episodes From the whole Watch_Dog series to the Game Lab where I hung out with real world hackers. If you haven’t seen those, you should probably check them out because they’re what started my interest in VPN’s to begin with. Before that, I didn’t really even know what a VPN was. But the short story about them is that they’re a program that redirects all the data that comes in and out of your computer from the internet. Thereby making it a lot harder for someone to hack you or for other malicious stuff to happen to your devices It’s basically like your own personal internet filter. And there are two things I like a lot better about Nord than other VPN’s. Because like I said, after those Watch_Dog episodes, I tried a BUNCH First, Nord lets you connect six devices with just one subscription, meaning that you don’t have to feel wonky about connecting to public wifi anymore whether it’s using your computer at McDonald’s or your phone at Wendy’s. I just really like fast food. And the internet. And the combination of both of those things, okay? Second, the theorist team and I actually tested Nord’s connection speeds relative to other VPN’s we’ve tried in the past and objectively it’s way faster. As you can imagine, I go through a heck of a lot of internets working on these episodes, so to me, that was the single most important thing about a VPN. So if you’ve been worrying about connecting to a sketchy wifi network somewhere, if you have roommates who are fast and loose with your home internet password, Or you just want a little extra protection for all your personal information, Get yourself some peace of mind and check out Nord. There’s a link to them down in the description below, so click it down there, Or, simply head to Where they are having a HUGE discount off of their subscriptions with our code. Seriously it is almost 80% off, which is massive. So go and do it now, protect yourself the theorist way. Hackers are way scarier than animatronics, I don’t know what you’re still waiting for, Security puppet was not effective. I mean look at how many kids still died, what were they thinking?

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  18. I feel it’s necessary to point out that Scott himself has stated that he has put one retcon somewhere in the series, but he didn’t say where. It could be him changing the dates of closings and openings that you applied rule number 1 to. I imagine that you won’t see this theory and that I’m probably wrong, but if someone DOES see this, then prove me wrong or argue against it.

  19. I'ma try to clear this up so the first 5 children were killed and hide in the suit so there souls are in the suit then I think baby restaurant opens in 1983 Elizabeth get eaten by baby and then they close baby restaurant and the William puts the baby and the rest of the animatronic under ground but then he did not want that to happen to Michael so he tries to keep him away from fnaf 2 by giving him nightmares so when you goes to Fazbear diner he is scared but then they put him in Fazbear mouth and the spring trap snap and kills him making that the bit of 83 then he is with the other 5 children spirit/his friends then willam was sad and tried to put him back together which makes him a robot/animatronic and the other video says the rest someone tell me if I'm right cause I get it but I'm also lost 😂

  20. MatPat, I found that in fnaf 1 there is an anamotronic in the back room on the table. It looks like mangles head without the fox part (half way through being built/ just the endo skeleton), it gets mentioned in fnaf 2 by the phone guy that the technitions tried to make a new kid friendly foxy, so if fnaf 2 came out before the fnaf 1 location, how does that work ????

  21. I think it’s called sister location because Baby was a sister in a family so if Aston is the child and turned into the purple guy he would make it called his “SISTER’S LOCATION” emphasizing his sister is there after he knew

  22. I dont think fnaf 1 was before fnaf 2 because the animatronics doesnt look like them in fnaf 1 even if they get really damaged they couldnt look like that

  23. I would really like a remake of this one with the idea that the house is the Emily household not the Afton one. it fixes some of the information that has to be thrown out.

  24. But what about chika? She has red/pink circled cheeks and she doesn't show up in sister location😗or am i just slow and am thinking too far into it.

  25. Hold on, if the Five Nights at Freddy's 2 location is opened at 1983 then wouldn't that mean the crying child (AKA Michael Afton) came across the puppet and mangle at that point so wouldn't that make nightmare puppet and nightmare mangle Canon?

  26. All of this wouldn't have happened if Purple Guy's dad wore a condom and if someone didn't kill their brother by stuffing him into and Animatronic's mouth 😂

  27. Michael Afton is the brother of the kid.
    The kid is Norman.
    Puppet debut in fnaf 2, but she was created in freadbears family diner.

  28. 20:28 that doesn't add up because the newspaper at the end of fnaf 2 states "after only being open a few short weeks"

  29. It’s funny I watch your FNAF game theory’s all night but this time it’s day XD but literarily I love you FNAF game theory’s keep them coming

  30. Matpat : Hummm
    Scott: Man…
    this Is A War That’s Never Gonna End. 😂😂😂

  31. The part with juniors and circus baby's pw was really confusing for me so please take that part a little slowet next time

  32. Anime chica: i told him somone ran over his dog at my house

    russian mafia: its me

  33. Pat:I've done it! I solved the timeline!!!!!!!🙂
    Scott:I ALWAYS COME BACK!!!!!
    {System} pat has left the chat

  34. Here's a theory you may haven't of thought of.
    The names of Springtrap and Glitchtrap are on purpose.

    Springtrap traps Afton's soul making the trap half. Springtrap always comes back like a spring making the first half.

    Glitchtrap traps victims in a loop making the second half. They were originally a glitch making the first half.

  35. Uhh I just saw 2 teasers for another game…next thing you know there is gonna be FNaF 69: rainbow dash Freddy location now featuring weed trap and a robot version of that punk who should’ve stayed in prison

  36. He did not die from the bite he went to the hospital and when he recovers that is when you play as your character in for naff four and that is your character which means he did not die he was recovering and He recovered fast for you are him in that game was that game only

  37. Oh and by the way if you complete the minigame when you die in sister location it is actually the time whenThe person is quad bye baby The person is quad bye baby

  38. Wait i think i know witch anomitronic is in the bad ending (the one with the glowing eyes and stuff) it has to be a type of bonnie or freddy because of the nose so i think its golden freddy

  39. 3:05 in the right up corner it says UNTİL THE FNAF i failed to read this part sorry THİS İS

  40. Question: if the ones trapped inside the animatronics are children, does that explain why they want to play hide and seek forever as a way of tormenting their killer? Or am I just getting terribly confuzzled?

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