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The real power of online video is in making
an emotional connection with your viewers. In fact I’d say if you’re not making an emotional
connection with your viewers, then you’re just NOT using online video properly. Because, short of being in person with someone
face to face, there is just no better way to engage with your audience than to use online
video. And in this world, which is very media and tech savvy, if you’re not using online
video, then you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to really take a stand for yourself and your
business and to show the world that you are here to stay. We’re Steve & Jaime Geffner, online video
producers, and the creators of Geffner Productions. We help entrepreneurs use online video to
Be Seen, Be Known & Be Profitable! We offer online video production, strategy
and education for entrepreneurs who are at all levels of business, from people who are
just starting out, to those who’ve been in business for several years and are already
making multiple six figures and above. So, before starting our production company
together, I actually spent 5 years working as a producer for the hit daytime talk show
Dr. Phil. And I earned a degree in Radio/TV/Film from
Northwestern University, before moving to Los Angeles to start my TV production career. I was actually really fortunate to work on
several TV shows, including the Emmy Award-winning NBC sitcom, Frasier. So, what makes us different from other video people
out there is we actually don’t consider ourselves to be videographers at all. We don’t just
show up with a camera and say “action!” and then hand you a finished video file and say
good luck with that. Because of our background & experience we’re
producers first, and that means that we hold your hand throughout the entire video production
process from start to finish. We help you create content for your videos,
we guide you on what to wear, we advise you on what location to film in, and most importantly
we make sure that you feel comfortable, relaxed, and confident while you are in front of the
camera delivering your content, so that your message will really resonate and
connect with your target audience. We know that online video can be confusing
and overwhelming, so we really try to demystify the entire process for you so it becomes simple, easy
and fun! Our ideal clients are heart-centered, service-based
entrepreneurs who know they have a powerful message to share, and that they need to use
video in order to get their message out into the world in a bigger way. They are typically just sick of wasting time, they know they’re not getting any younger, and that now is really the time for them to step
up, be seen and truly become the face and voice of their brand. We absolutely love hearing the results that
our clients get from their videos, like they’ve added thousands of names to their mailing
list, or they filled up their programs or their live events, or they booked new clients
or speaking gigs that added a certain amount of money to their bottom line. Yeah, but the thing that really makes us the
most excited, and the most proud, is hearing about the transformation that occurs for people
just by going through the process of working with us. They feel more confident in who they are and what
they have to offer, they gain clarity on their message, they improve their ability to communicate
about what they do, and deep down they just feel like they have completely up leveled their
business, and that there is just no going back to the old way of doing things. The most important thing we want to share
is that we believe that every person has a purpose, and a voice that matters. We’re all here for a reason, and that’s to
first discover, and then to share our unique gifts and talents with the people who really need
us the most, and in a way that’s going to evolve our planet and improves everyone’s lives. So if you feel like you have a message inside
of you, or you have a calling, and you’re NOT sharing it, then you and everyone around you is just really missing
out on the fullness of who you are, and what you really have to offer. And we believe that it’s your job to move past your fears, and past your self-imposed limitations, and have the courage to step up and claim the life
that is waiting for you.

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