GENERAL vs NICHE Dropshipping Store for Beginners – WINNING Product Example!

What’s more profitable and easier to run
a general dropshipping store or a niche store in this video I’m going to tell
you my latest recommendation whether you’re just starting out drop shipping
or you’re just struggling to make sale give this video a thumbs up and let’s
get stuck straight into it I’ve made a buttload of drop shipping stores over
the years and luckily for me all of these stores have made sales but some
were obviously more successful than the others but I have seen a strong
correlation between general and niche drop shipping stores my first successful
dropship so as you probably already know made me $10,000 in sales within just the
first week of Loan and that was the result of Facebook Ads and scaling but
as the years went by there’s one thing that I realized that was true and that
was general stores were just not as profitable and I am always certain that
the reason behind this is that shoppers are becoming smarter shoppers are
becoming smarter and they’re realizing that they want to buy from stores that
are branded and trusted the vast majority of general dropshipping stores
frankly look like a local $1 discount store I’m gonna jump up to my laptop
right now and show you exactly what I mean by this so a great way to find
stores based on products is simply the Facebook watch platform now you can find
video ads through this platform and also organic ads so let’s take a common drop
shipping product and find a store a common drop shipping product is the moon
lamp I’ve mentioned this in the past before let’s go ahead and type in 3d
moon lamp here and click enter and then you will be able to see a whole bunch of
video ads based on this exact product as you can see here you can also filter
this by the amounts of views that are happening here
but let’s take a look at a random one just so we can see you can see this is a
typical ad here and there’s a typical dropshipping looking store and if you
click onto this ad here and go into this page this is most definitely a
dropshipping store as you can tell it is very stereotypical
and this is my point okay it’s pretty overwhelming and there’s not much
theming to it it’s just a whole bunch of random products now let’s go into the
home page here so you get a better idea of what exactly I’m saying but on the
home page no surprise it is just a bunch of products and there’s basically no
theming to it and like I said earlier in this video this looks like a discount
one dollar store it looks exactly like if you’d walk into a discount store
this is what it looked like an online version so you can imagine this
throttling their brand and also they’re potentially their conversion value by
having a really poor set up really poor brand it seems like it was really
whacked up real quick and there’s no theme at all and at this point you’re
probably assuming my preference is a niche store and you’d be correct in
assuming so and here’s why I’ve had a couple of students who started with a
general store as you saw in last week’s video and had them switch over to a
niche store and they saw success through that change why is this branding and
easier targeting now let’s find another store as an example of this so let’s go
ahead and type in 3d moon lamp once more but this time on Google like I said and
just scrolling through you can see there’s already a whole bunch of niche
stores but the one I wanted to look at is lunar effects and this was a decent
store that I found earlier and essentially this is a niche store they
sell a lunar products or lunar lamps and they’ve just basically taken the moon
lamp and created a brand out of it so this is an Australian specific store I
believe yes Australian owned as they say but really it’s just an Aliexpress
Express product but it just goes to show you the viability of this product to be
able to just sell in one single country and that’s specifically very very niche
so let’s see if they have any other products beyond just the moon lamp
itself but I’m pretty sure they’re having different sizes yeah it’s always
someone product store but they’re having different variations in different colors
and they sell it at a very high profit margin 116 dollars almost which is
insane because like I said you know if you go
into Aliexpress and search the moon lamp let’s go ahead and do that moon there
you know you they sell for eight to twenty six dollars essentially so that
is a huge profit margin of almost five six times markup so you can tell here
the difference between a general store you know where they’re just trying to
sell absolutely everything under the Moon and Sun get get it get it guys
whereas if you create a niche store it is far more attractive it’s easier to
target it’s easier to brand there’s more brand equity here an ability to scale
and when I say ability to scale there’s a lot of chances here to go back on
Aliexpress and if you see success if you see fans signing up to your email
newsletter and they’re interested in just a moonlit niche in general then you
should start thinking about building out moon products so in this specific case
all you need to do is type in moon and then you get a whole bunch of examples
of different moon products and they can easily add these beautiful pendant
necklaces into their store and you can also see related searches and go through
more suggestions more products a whole bunch of different jewelry that’s
available here clearly and I’m sure you can find more lighting options and more
different types of products beyond just jewelry but the point is there’s a lot
of there’s a lot of viability with a niche store to build a fan base and to
grow your store rather easily in comparison to a very very broad store
where cpc’s are also going to be higher because it’s such a broad store and it’s
not relevant to the ad in the actual niche that you’re trying to sell into so
if you’re interested by the way in this approach and if you’re interested in
building a one product store be sure to check out my one product click final
strategy video a full complete free course but in next week’s video I’ll be
comparing the differences between click funnels and shop fire drop shipping
which platform you should pick to maximize stale so stay tuned until next
week I’ll see you then

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