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ho-ho-ho day to what’s happening i’ma
show you real quick for tips are five tips on how you can
get mortgage leads from Yelp. Alright in case you aren’t aware Yelp gets about a hundred
and seventy million searches a month in america about eighty million are and cell phones
are ninety million on cell phones and eighty million on desktop computers so
you definitely want to be here you can see Brad hacker right here is number one
now how’d he do that he has more reviews anybody else in his area right and she
in fact nobody else know loan officer in the entire city has another review on
Yelp except for bran now she look at his profile you’ll see that he has some
reviews that are here visible and he has other reviews that have been hidden
which of course is a big complaint that people have helped write the hyde
reviews knows the reviews they’ve hidden it’s the first time they reviewed
somebody this person has no friends and no photo where these that have stuck
they have friends they have other reviews they have photos right there
very active users alright so that’s the thing is when
you’re getting reviews over here on Yelp you have to make sure that they’re
active users now number one it’s against the Terms of Service to ask for reviews
on Yelp so just be aware of that ok you don’t wanna get like a flood of reviews
we need them to trickle in slowly go to Yelp do a search in your city for loan
officer and for mortgage or home loan and see who ranks and how many reviews
they have all you have to do typically is get one more review then the person
ranked number one you also want to get reviews from active users that’s really
important ok they need to have a photo brands reviews and that kind of thing so
here’s four ways that you can find people to give you reviews number one you can find friends on Yelp
ok so he go over here I can click right here and find friends in its gonna show
me people that I’m already connected to all right you can search your Gmail
account and you can be able to pull up friends that way so right here right here on Facebook in
my email contacts so there’s a few ways you can find people that way you can
also ask on facebook rising just put a post says hey who’s active on Yelper who
likes using Yelp and then those people you could go and private message and
talk to them about leaving the review of course you can email people after
closing and asked him to leave a review and if people have the Yelp app on their
phone when they come into your office asked him to check in on the app or if
they’re gonna leave a review ask them to do it from the App because
that’s the most trusted reviews source on Yelp and also when people are leaving
reviews the keywords that there you know the kind of words that they’re using in
the review is really important because it’s going to help your profile to rank
higher if they’re using words like loan officer mortgage homebuyer home loan you
know your CNAME you were named in that kind of thing within their reviews so
hopefully this helps you out there’s five quick ways that you can go out takeover Yelp so that you can be the
loan officer people get referred to if they’re over there searching for some
might help him out

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