Getting Great Reviews in Yelp and Google

Getting good reviews on Yelp is vital to getting
higher rankings in Yelp and Google. Keep in mind that your yelp profile can appear
in a Google search result. The more reviews you get in Yelp the higher you will
rank in that directory. Technique #1
Ask customers to leave reviews from their mobile phones.
How about this statistic – There are more mobile phones in the world than there are
people in the population! Yelp has an app for just about every type
of phone, you can ask customers to download the app to leave a review. If the customer posts a review before they
leave your store it is more likely to be positive A person can only leave a review once, so
they cannot go back and leave another one for you.
Tapping into mobile phone users to get reviews is a no brainer. Technique #2
is to embed the Yelp badge on your website. It is a link from your website to your yelp
page. Doing this may not actually get you more reviews
but it adds awareness of your page in the mind of your customers which may be enough
to prompt them to give you a review. Technique #3
Create a “deal” in your yelp profile and give customers a discount or special offer if they
shop with you or use your services. The deal is not an incentive for the customer
to leave a review but it is incentive for them to redeem the deal by visiting your store
or hiring your services, which can lead to a review. Technique #4
Offer the best customer service every time you serve your customers. Customers are king
and customer service is lacking terribly in our internet society. Taking care of your
customers will make them more likely to give you positive reviews. By providing great customer
service you are showing your customers that you care about them which is the key customer
loyalty. Technique #5
Post yelp signs in the window, or on the counter of your store.
If a customer goes to your store and sees the sign, they will associate you with yelp
and be more likely to visit your profile. You can also provide a QR code in your store
or restaurant directing customers to your Yelp page. Technique #6
Print out your best Yelp reviews. Frame them prominently in places for customers to see.
What better way to get customers to see your reviews while standing in line or walking
past your store. This will give your business authority and credibility to customers. Technique #7
Send emails and messages to your customers and Facebook fans to leave reviews on Yelp.
Emailing your customers is a great way to get legitimate reviews without violating any
rules in Yelp or Google.

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