Ginta – How to make it in show business – Episode 1 ( Web Series)

Hi guys! I have some great news to share
with you. We have been invited to London by a tech giant – Google – to collaborate on
a new project with them for the launch of their new platform YouTube Music. So
come with me, let’s see what’s up! Beneath glitter and gold of showbiz, the price to
pay is often 20-hour workdays and wake-up calls at 5:00am… But you know
what? It’s all worth it! Good morning, London! We’re meeting our PR team. Fabian, a vibrant French London-based music entrepreneur, and his right-hand Anne-Claire are waiting for us for breakfast. It’s Monday. Yeah, It’s Monday morning. I just want to order, I’m so hungry… Today I’m very proud to have Ginta here in London to start to promote our new
song “Mais Oui Mais Non”. Ginta and our team are very open-minded. Today there are no
rules and you have to create all this content… it’s a very creative project. It’s
not only about the music, it’s about… it’s like to work for a brand not only for
an artist. And I like worldwide projects. Okay, it’s there! After a quick brief we’re off to Google
to meet our project manager. So exciting! Oh my gosh.
Google. This place is a temple, a modern Mecca- YouTube is a very strong platform
because it’s the only platform where you can find all the official content of an
artist. You have the music videos, you have the behind the scene videos, all the
remixes, you can listen to the album. You have everything on one
platform. ” To be successful on the streaming platforms you just have to be
on a playlist every Friday.” But it’s not true. This is one part of
the job. The artists also have to create his own content to engage his community. When I did a meeting with YouTube music
they were looking for new artists. I introduced Ginta project and they said
” Yes, this is great! She’s a great artist, she’s a worldwide artist.” This web series will be like a tutorial, or like an inspiration for young artists, for management team, maybe from the old generation, to see how a young woman
today is building a career in this business. We just finished our meeting at Google this morning and are
off to Facebook right now. Hi London, happy Monday! Breathtaking rooftop views, a crazy
underground band and a lab where social media stars are born… all this and more
in the next episode! Don’t miss out. Subscribe to my channel!

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