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– Good morning, I’m Max Villalobos. I’m the chief operating officer
for North San Diego County. – My name is Sam Totah. I’m the chief operating
officer for Kaiser Permanente in San Diego for the Zion and
San Diego Medical Centers. – And we’re here to be able to participate in the ICCC as coaches, and we’re looking forward to be able to give back to our
community but also to connect with some of our customers and
some of these business owners who are looking to expand
and grow their business. – I agree, Max, and you
know, for me as a pharmacist, you know, one of the reasons
we got into healthcare is to help people, and this
is really an awesome way that Kaiser Permanente can
really deliver on their mission in a very transformational way, and help to improve the health of the communities that we serve. – Absolutely, and that’s what we’re about and the 75 businesses
that are here, and owners who wanna grow their business, who wanna expand, who
wanna make lives better for their employees, by
expanding their business, are here, and we’re here to support ’em, and that’s why Sam and
I want to be coaches to help them and to
see how we could do it. It doesn’t have to be in healthcare. It’s just they’re businesses
that are right here, that live in our
community and do business, and we wanna be here to help them. – Thank you.

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