GMB Baseline Optimization – How to fill out Google My Business Information

hey quick little video to create the
base optimization for your business listing so once you’re logged into Gmail
go to a business (dot) Google (dot) com Should log you in automatically and then
you come to this page –>publish locations click the location that you have or
you’re trying to optimize and go there. This one is already got a little bit of
optimization done I think actually quite a bit of it but we’re gonna go through
the most important parts right. So first of all click Edit and when we’ll be creating a
little checklist that I can put on the description below. Alright, first of all
making sure your name address and phone number is consistent right this is like like a quality check like baseline first things
first right before anything else okay. name, NAPS correct? NAPS stands for name address phone number alright next thing would be your
categories okay are they in line? check categories are in line so this is a part that many people mess
up and it is one of the most important things for your Google Maps rank this is
your categories are going to be in line with the on page of your website right
so right here the most important thing we are trying to rank for is that we’re
a roofing contractor after that we would like to also show up for siding
contractor window installation service things like that right most roofing
contractors also do gutters and do siding okay
not a great as Windows but this client happens to do so so it’s important that
in the on page of the website that these things follow through more or less
in a coherent pattern so if the H1’s are about Roofing Contractors and goes
down the second h2 could be some information about a siding contractor
right I will make videos in the future about how to make a line
back-to-back-to-back and mirror everything so Google can read every
platform coherently which makes it I’ll give these gives you a boost but for now
just make sure you have your main categories there as well as the side
categories in importance in order of importance okay so check if categories
are in line okay that’s all I can put for now because it’s gonna differ from
business to business okay serving customers address I also serve businesses at my business
address if you have all right so this part I will check it because they do
have an office that comes I don’t know what why it wasn’t checked make sure if
you serve at your location the box is ticked. Okay, most times if otherwise not stated, leave it ticked you want to have that tick because
whether you know it or not, Google actually gives you a boost if you show
your business. Google is trying to show businesses that are locally present with
a brick and mortar business right they say they don’t care they don’t differ
but they do when tested and they make a pretty big distinction in the rankings
right so if you can show it then show it if it has actually like a friend’s house
or something you can’t show it then it’s another another discussion. All
right hours of operation filled out I have to put correctly because
sometimes people think that you can or you should put something else just to make
it rank better or something give you should open longer it doesn’t matter
just put your correct hours if you close on Sunday say you’re close on Sunday.
All right fill out special dates usually best to put closed if you’re
unsure this is basically something we ask our clients you know what your dates
are if they are somebody who just doesn’t care are this question we never
get to it we just keep it close just in case that nobody calls in the wrong day
but the point is to fill out something right Google likes it when you are using
their tool to the maximum right they know that you care and it’s also better
serving the consumers that’s what their ultimate goal is okay phone number phone
number correct side note if you are using a tracking phone number get a
local phone number that’s self-explanatory guys we are trying to
rank in local and whole numbers one of the things Google knows where each zip
code is put so you should go for local phone numbers okay website URL website
URL should go to the page where the location is in line with okay I’m having
trouble finding the words to explain it so basically if you have a multi
location business you’re targeting multi Google my business listings you don’t
put all them to the home page you put them to the specific page that’s
for that specific area for us we have a page just for Fairfield because valley
roofing does a lot of locations in Connecticut we have one just for
Fairfield and now we go this for this listing it points to the Fairfield page and where the website URL should go to
the page where the location is specified all right 8. apologies guys for
anybody who I’m going really slow cuz this is something I’m doing at the same
time and that I’m you know quality checking for our listings so just bear
with me and take some time this is gonna be some valuable you know we’re just at
the beginning stage a lot of people know this if you don’t then this will be
valuable but as we move forward I’m gonna get more and more ninja as I try
to like to say write more and more complex and little things people miss
and to be honest this is something people miss all the time you know I see
so many times clients when they come on they’re like hey this is you know we’re
tired we have four offices and they’re all like pointing to the homepage I’m
like why that’s you’re just confusing the robots
alright appointment URL that’s not for now next is labels fill out labels for
the business so labels could be basically your main services that you
sell right so if I go to valley roofing and siding (dot )com they do roofing siding windows roof
repair I mean I already know the service I don’t even know I’m looking at it but
you want to fill out main things for example roof leak repair local roofing
contractor general you don’t want to put the categories as to say because this is
for a different thing but you want to put a few things that are like more into
a bit more niche into your main category I can’t think much right now but I do
know that they’re big on installing asphalt shingles asphalt shingles
installation and then you can put like maybe one more of like let me pause the
video on second this rain or hail damage repair and the reason for that is we
realized from call tracking a lot of times people only call for roofing when
there is some rain or hail damage right they don’t even know they have a leak
until that day comes, so you want to put that. Let’s see the labels for business I mean
niche services such as all right store code we don’t need to
put this not actually sure for the store code we never use that
I know adverse extension we used before that’s if you have one but let me go to
the next part I’m going to pause it for now
but this part is done it’s going to be the website this is the Google Google’s
GMB website and we’re going to optimize this and I’m going to pause and optimize
the whole thing and then I’m going to turn it on. Over here we finish the web’s
I don’t know where the text is not showing that’s kinda crazy okay oh I thought I lost it all right
now it should show. it’s really weird let’s see so anyways basically you want to put the
heading you can put your company’s heading exactly the same as the business
and listing description moving contractor in the area you can have
don’t go crazy with keywords but you don’t have to worry too much about over
optimization because it’s Google’s own property they’re not going to penalize
you as easily primary button is always “call now” summary a different version of
the same kind of you know having the category of the word their location but
a different kind of cinnamon right not just say best best best all the time
say trusted, say affordable and then a brief description okay make it nice
short and sweet and yeah and try to save it I guess it takes some time to render
but what we’re going to do now is basically have this go live
Roofing Fairfield business (dot) com –>business (dot) site and then we’re going to put it into our listing right here Go to the homepage, –>edit it and
you’re gonna put it as an appointment that URL it’s already there
just click it and put your appointment here and then click apply. Right okay so
the last thing you want to do in the baseline optimization is make sure that
you have your Google+ made so when you type in or when you go to Google+ you’re gonna go to profile I mean profile here and
it’s gonna say join Google+ you’re gonna create your listing same heading as the
Google my business listing and then you’re gonna have this account it’s
gonna be a page just for this listing right this is called a brand page it’s
like creating a social media for you know this exact listing so you want to
have that and then this button will pop up here and now basically that is
connected all right thank you for taking the time to listen
it’s almost 15 minutes again apologies I’m just starting to make these videos
so it might be a little slow as we move forward I’m going to pause in the fluff
and make this a bit more rapid okay take care bye

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