Go Daddy Website Builder Review – Is it any good?

You probably already know Go Daddy’s commercials. And although they do a great job in getting the attention of the male audience, it is likely that not everyone knows what this company does exactly. Well, primarily they are a web hosting company where you can buy domain names and web space. But they also have a website builder package that you can see here. It bundles up a domain name, email addresses and a point and click software to create a website. Let’s take a look inside and check what’s good and what’s not so great about Go Daddy WebsiteBuilder. We are now looking at the dashboard. From here you can access various functions like web statistics and the backup manager. To actually work on your site you have to start the Site Designer. The Website Editor While editing you can see the actual look of your website at any time. To edit a block of text, for example, simply click it. Once in editing mode the black text designer interface will open up. The formatting options are very similar to MS Word so I am sure you won’t have any problems here. To add a new content block to your site simply drag and drop it to where it says “Drop Zone”. In this toolbar you can see the different types of elements you can add to your pages. We have, for example, media related widgets like image galleries as well as a video and audio player. Let’s now add a contact form from the Tables & Forms category to our contact page. I drag and drop it to the page. To edit the content I first need to click the form and then go to the black button in the left corner. A double click will do the job as well. I’ve chosen this example because it shows a few general issues that we have with Go Daddy. Like a few other parts of this site builder it looks like an interface invented in the nineties. And it’s confusing. Not only are there no explanations what all these options mean exactly, it also shows irrelevant information like “Action” and “Method” that cannot even be changed. But to be fair it does the job and offers plenty of options. It’s only not very … sexy. Maybe they should ask Go Daddy girl what she thinks about such an interface 😉 Managing the navigation Now this is where it gets even more complicated. There are two different places where you can change, add and remove pages. The first one is inside the Designer under the Pages section. By the way, the buttons you see here are not draggable anymore even though they look the same as the other buttons. So we click Navigation to access the menu. Here you can create new main and sub pages. There are only two levels as you can see here. The confusion starts if you try to change the hierarchy after you’ve created a page. You can’t do this here for some reason. Instead you need to leave the Designer and go back to the dashboard. Now go to “Organize Site” and you will find a menu that has a few more options. You can highlight one page and add another page underneath it like you see here. Layout and Design On a more positive note we are going to look at their layouts. They look reasonably modern and feature different types of industries. You can also apply a filter to view specific sets of layouts. Let’s now go back to the editor and explore the style options. Through the Style menu you can fully customize background images, colors and fonts. If you know your CSS you have even more options to create a template exactly the way you want it to be. Conclusion As you can probably guess by now we haven’t turned into fans of this product. Although Go Daddy has a nice range of features we didn’t have a great user experience. The editor doesn’t feel very consistent and is not particularly fast. At first glance it doesn’t look very difficult to use but as you dig deeper it gets more and more complicated Another problem is that you can’t expect much help from their support. Their employees don’t seem to have ever used the product. All they do is scan the keywords of your enquiry and send back canned answers from their support system. If you want to try it for yourself you can choose the monthly payment option so that you’re not directly tied into a one year contract. Quite surprisingly there is no free trial available. I hope you found this review useful! For Go Daddy alternatives please check out WebsiteToolTester.com. There you find a ranking table of different website builders. And if you have enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up! Thank you!

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100 thoughts on “Go Daddy Website Builder Review – Is it any good?

  1. No, you can't. But the whole purpose of a website builder is that you create the pages inside the editor. // Robert

  2. You just showed that website builder is about $1/month. How could any company on the planet afford to provide call in support for that little $?

  3. Well, the quality of their support isn't great to be honest & the cheaper price is limited (it's up to you for how many months or years you pay up front and lock in the reduced rate). I'd recommend you check other offers as well. // Robert

  4. I need help finding a builder that offers membership feature or password protected pages and the option to charge for the service. recurring and fixed billing. But I don't want to pend 50/month that's a lot for just starting out.

  5. There are website builders that have a membership feature (just look for our Webs review) but it won't allow you to charge for your service on a recurring basis. You may want to run this separately through Paypal or something similar. // Robert

  6. Do youtube videos take up significant space on the website storage? Or only uploaded videos from my computer? Just curious.

  7. Save yourself a lot of trouble and go elsewhere. GoDaddy purposely lets sites crash to get you to call customer service so they can sell you more stuff! Twice in the past two months my website has gone down for days. The service rep said they had "moved me to a better performing server but the IP address somehow didn't get changed over." Their service rep then suggested that I pre-pay for 8 more years of my domain registration!

  8. WebKitWizard cant be that good when their own website looks like something my 8 year old could whip up in computer class… :/

  9. We've recently rolled out Website Builder 7 with vast improvements over the previous incarnation of our builder. We've addressed many of the issues customers had with version 6 and feel we've put out a great tool customers can use to create a professional-looking website quickly and affordably. We are continually adding improvements to the builder but encourage anyone to give it a try for at least a month. We think you'll be very satisfied with what you're able to create. ^J

  10. I'm sorry you had this experience with our support team. While I can say that we would never let a website purposefully crash to get customers to call in to attempt to sell them more products, it certainly sounds like what was offered to you at a time when you were experiencing site issues was not appropriate timing at all. If we notice server issues, we will attempt to migrate you to a better performing one. If you're still having issues, please reach out so that we can improve your experience.

  11. I apologize if you did not have a positive experience working with our new Website Builder. We encourage anyone who doesn't find the help they need through our help articles to reach out to our Support staff. They are available 24×7 and always happy to help. ^J

  12. I'm looking to build a social media site with an integrated chat bar but I don't have much experience in running a website any tips for me for first time web builder.

  13. Hi, if you are new to this I'd recommend you check out our website (WebsiteToolTester). There we have a free beginners guide and also a ranking table of the best site builders in the market. // Robert

  14. Fantastic and Accurate review!

    Thanks for the help! I couldn't figure out how to delete a stinking page!

    This site builder is clunky at best. I chose them because GoDaddy has Great customer service, but this site builder is a headache.

  15. they have great customer service and I are American speak American English like myself . I would agree their web builder is ridiculous awkward obsolete junk I have had no problems with their hosting & website has never crashed …

  16. Hi and thank you for your comment. Well we are talking about their support with regards to the website builder // Robert

  17. Can anyone explain the difference between godaddy web builder and Word Press? I need to make a decision between the two. All my (several) domains are with godaddy and, over the years, I have given their customer service 5-stars. That is, until recently, when they have been unable to help me with several email issues and with an inability to remove a Starfield Technologies pop-up that has been driving me crazy for a year now. Please help a beginning web builder

  18. I just moved away from website builder to use wordpress. While website builider is easier to use, it is not flexible. With all the mobile stuff attached to it, you have no control over what is happening behind the scenes. WordPress is more "technical" but there is way more help out there for the novice.

  19. I'd say that WordPress can be pretty complex for a beginner. Once it's running it can go smoothly but I realized that it's so easy to run into problems with plug-ins that stop working or other technical stuff. I wouldn't be able to use it properly without my programmer. Have you looked into Weebly or Jimdo? These site builders are much better than Go Daddy Site builder. It's also possible to use your Go Daddy domains with them. You can find more details on our website. // Robert

  20. which one of these Weebly or Jimdo has real live customer support?
    Also, which one uses html5 and new technology that will make your site stand out?

  21. Hi Will, both Weebly and Jimdo only provide email support. Jimdo uses some HTML5 elements but if you are looking for a site builder that makes most of the HTML5 technology better check out Wix. Make sure you check out our review as this also comes with a few disadvantages. // Robert

  22. Hi Ryan, there are a few site builders where you can set up password-protected pages or even a membership area (Webs, Webnode and Wix). But billing is tricky, you would have to find a different solution as none of those website builders provide a billing feature. // Robert

  23. Go Daddy would be easier to use than WordPress but there are website builders out there that are much easier to use than Go Daddy Website Builder. We have a special list of recommendations for wedding websites here: websitetooltester. com/en/how-to-make-a-wedding-website
    // Robert

  24. I see. I've already bought a domain and hosted it with Go Daddy. So if their tools are easier to use, I'll just use them.
    Any other tips you could give me? I read your tips in the link and they're pretty useful.
    Thanks a lot Robert!

  25. Thanks for this! I just finished a site on Wix (Mega simple) so I can let my client make future edits and was thinking about re doing it all (cost) with GoDaddy since my client is already hosting there but the idea is to make it easy for client and I can't believe there is no way of trying it out or see the whole templates. Thanks again!

  26. Very interesting. It's definitely important to do research before choosing a website builder. You want to choose something that will be easy to use, but can build the site you need.

  27. GoDaddy is by far not as good as Wix and unfortunately they don't offer a free trial right now. But you could keep the domain at GoDaddy and point it to Wix. More information on both website builders can be found here:
    websitetooltester. com/en/website-builder-reviews/

  28. Hard to say. It depends on your products. Jimdo has a nice online store that's already available in the free version. Look for Jimdo on our website where you find more information. Link is in the video description.

  29. Nice information, although you can't knock GoDaddy too hard on their interface as most I have seen are not the easiest to use; although I'm sure there are some that are better.

  30. Horrible tool. Does not even allow for simple things like counting page views. Does not allow resizing of graphics. Extremely difficult to cut and paste content into the text fields. If you have any other options, use them. 

  31. Can anyone explain is there only like 12 choices of font? im using the website builder, but i only have a set amount of font and options which i dont like

  32. I have to say, I find GoDaddy support extremely frustrating and this video has helped me make my decision  – thanks ! 

  33. HI
    can you advice me please, which builder business website   is better 
    Wix or 1and1 
    Thank you for your replaying 

  34. I agree with you 100%. I have struggled with Godaddy for years and finally migrated my websites elsewhere. I tried their site builder and though pretty, lack many modern features such as member login and so forth. 

  35. alot easier to learn then wordpress or joomla, i use it on all my websites. i like the free photo album and free forum that comes with it. members use the forum and the photo gallery is yours, i use it to share photos on facebook, without losing my rights to my photos.

  36. I'm new to website building and as a GoDaddy customer, I was told by the 24/7 phone help operator to Google or YouTube my questions TWICE….. after waiting 30 minutes on hold…… I haven't even published yet and I'm already wanting to migrate

  37. Go daddy is awesome and you should get on board with it! I have been using godaddy for many years.  I feel that it is an awesome resource for many people.  It is affordable and easy and the call center is open 24 hours a day.  Within a few minutes, every single time I have called, I am able to speak to a live rep and have all my questions answered.  I have several websites that are successful.  I read over the comments that others left and I have no idea why there is negative feedback.  All of the negatives that were mentioned are not true.  I have accessed all of the things that were said.  Godaddy does it all!  You just may have to ask them how to do it a little differently than you have done before.  They always help it work for you!

  38. This review is 100% correct and I hate that I wasted years of time with Godaddy. I spent most of my time speaking to technical support and each time it got complicated they would talk me into upgrades suggesting that it would make life easier for me but NOT! Now I am in search for another service. I wish I would have compared from the beginning. uuuggg

  39. Godaddy is the worst of the worst! Stay far far away of this company!

    My website was a joomla website about cheapest products of a market. Nothing illegal or for adult. Nothing wrong with my content. This is what happened with this very bad hosting company Godaddy:
    1) You buy a web hosting.
    2) You spend time to set it up
    3) You start to promote it

    4) They put down your website without any reason
    5) They don't inform you at all
    6) You cannot login in cpanel anymore
    7) You cannot fix anything
    8)They don't have livechat support
    9) You send a mail and you wait…wait….wait….

    Avoid Godaddy!

  40. Does it actually matter where my hoster is located? Let's say I live in Germany and the majority of visitors might come from near by, should I better get a hoster within Europe in this case? Thanks very much.

  41. I am very sorry that I did go with GoDaddy. I did pay for 10 years and after 3 months of not being able to use the 'website creator' as easily as I have done with Yahoo Site Builder, I asked for a refund and was told that besides charging me for the past 3 months, that I cannot get back my money. I could get a credit instead to buy more websites, domains, emails or the like,…. rather disappointing.
    I was told by Customer Service that they could not do any better.
    Victor 905 836 5928

  42. I had to take over a Go Daddy site for a group and it was a bear trying to edit it (version 6 as shown above), especially trying to add PayPal buttons.  The HTML wouldn't work depending on where it was located on the page and all I heard was delete it and do it over.

  43. Point less video ,most people will use wordpress any way, Go godady are web host not web site providers, waste of 4.47…….

  44. I know how to use dreamer weaver but my cousin has go daddy. All Im trying to do is make a link clickable and to line up the buttons in the design. are there any rulers. I am trying to edit something a friend did for her. I am now going to try to use the dashboard. I think muse and dreamweaver or writing your own code is easier

  45. Can you work on your website with just a message that says something like "updating in progress" without showing all your changes until you publish it?

    And is the 50 themes for the personal website probably good enough for a small business website?

  46. GoDaddy's Website Builder SUCKS!!! I am on the phone with them twice a day having them fix my site because the website builder has so many glitches and only GoDaddy can fix certain things!!! Stay away from the Website Builder!!!

  47. Thank you for your website reviews they are very helpful and seemly unbiased ,which is rare. Would you consider doing a video about building strictly a eCommerce website? No pros and cons between the top five website builders would be interesting. Some of the most important things to me is customer service with a live person (no 'live"chat), methods of payment thru shopping cart,SSL security,functionality,use of use, company location (no overseas must be in the USA) and of course price. For some cheap is all that matters but you get what you pay for. Also once a website is built who has ownership concerning the top five?

  48. I disagree with your evaluation on godaddy's website.  I have three of them.  They have been the easiest designing of any web site products.  Also I call them when I have a problem.  They answer the call and help with any little question I have, so your comment that they only have canned answers is totally incorrect.  You need to update this review.

  49. I've never built a website before, but I just started using this product. It's pretty straight forward and simple to use. I thought it would cost a lot more money and a lot more time, but it's pretty easy. I did have trouble getting my account to register properly before I could publish my website. It took almost 12 hours. I called their tech support about it, and they were really nice and helpful. While it's not perfect, it's a lot better than I thought it would be. 4/5 would recommend.

  50. I actually used the website.  I think it can be confusing but somehow it works and the guys who pick up the calls are pretty damn good.  Depend on who, they give good help.  Not so sure about email help.

  51. Did it get better now? The instapage tool is horrible and i wanna try this one but so far, it gets the job done i think.

  52. Very useful. I'm a newbie, just to let you know before I ask. I've been building a website on wix, is it possible to copy all my set up to godaddy builder ?

  53. I was considering purchasing the website builder on GoDaddy, but when you look at the "hosting" option it says it has one click options for things like Joomla. Isnt that a website builder itself? Why wouldnt I just go with that option and skip the extra fee of the website builder?

  54. I have yola, but thinking about leaving. While you can have more then 1 site, they don't support basics like "blogging"! Also, I feel their sites look dated and old.

  55. Hi! Can I ask some questions? I just created my website here http://www.yun-zhiwei.com/
    I didnt finish yet, when I edit it I didnt see like double text something wired, but when I click preview, there has lots of stuff double together… and I have no idea how to delete them, do you know what can I solve this problem?
    Lots of thanks!

  56. Like a lot of people I want the most for as little money out a month. I already have a free website with Yola but I would like this to be just my website. The basic package does not remove the footer for Yola so my question is who gives you the most for little outlay.

  57. though it is very good for beginners but is having lack of special symbols like alpha, beta and so on…. Also subscripts and superscript of letter is not available. In my field of engineering i continuously in need of these type of things….

  58. is anyone familiar with blue host and how much would it cost for someone to design my site from them? Thanks

  59. so sad, so, so,, sad. I'm fed up being furious.  I have been through all the other emotions.  All I want is to simply sign in to my web site and work on it. But around and around I go and no nearer.  But do you know something.  If I log out completely and try to log back in again suddenly its easy….. would you believe that… Just about to start watching the this video.

  60. Have you made a 2018/2019 GoDaddy remake video? I watched this video a week after it was released, and I used GoDaddy since 2009 or 2010. I am still using GoDaddy, and the editor, the website stability, the support, etc are very good and useful. Possibly even outstanding. Just wondering when you are going to make a GoDaddy remake video. Also, the payment prices for me has gone up by 5$ (I live in the United States) and that’s one thing that I don’t really like. But at the time I first watched this, I agreed with you, but now I don’t (really) anymore. Thank you!

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