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Hello there ladies and gentlemen This is tom with EasyWeb 101.com web design bringing you a new video update of a grouse central 101 tutorial It’s been a little over a year since I made my last video. It’s been quite popular, but ghost central has changed a lot so it’s time for an update to go over the new features here now before we start if You need help with this If you’re stuck, if you’re not wanting to do it, if you want me to build it I do offer those services Have a lot of paid services tutoring services that kind of stuff. So if you’re interested left my website in the link below easy 1 or easy web 101.com As well as my email, which is just thomas at easy web 101 dot-com So feel free to reach out to me if you need some help and we have some services available to help you out That said we’re gonna roll into this video we’re just gonna start out in our my products page our GoDaddy account underneath websites and I have quite a few website builders here. But if you’re new to this you’re starting out with just the You’re brand new free trial or purchase, whatever it may be but there’ll be a blue set up button to the left We’re gonna to the right we’re gonna click the blue setup button and roll right into this thing. So, Today we’re gonna design a food-truck video just like the last one. That’s what we did. So This this first part here of what’s your industry? This is just trying to help you pick out a template for your website So don’t worry about it doesn’t have a lot to do with SEO or anything else It’s really just trying to help you pick out a template. So if you happen to hit food truck and You know you go. Oh, I Don’t like that web design at all That’s nothing closer to what I want then you know You can grab one of these other ones try that see if that’s a little bit closer Don’t worry too much Though cuz you can add it everything within this website So as long as it’s close to what you want, or even if it’s not it really doesn’t matter. Just pick one In this case, we’ll just go with food truck. And what do we call your site? This is not the easy web one on one site Today we’re gonna build Tommy’s barbecue Bvq capital, well, I can’t type. There we go. Alright and What do we call your site is just where you throw in your business name and then we’re gonna go ahead and hit the continue button right there Next thing you want to do Right off the bat when you get in here, you’re gonna have themes pages and site settings So the first thing that I do is I go into theme and you need to find a layout that you like again Doesn’t have to be perfect, but you want it to be you know It’s it helps if it’s at least sort of close to what you’re looking for there For me I think on this on this particular build, I’m gonna roll with this right there Alright so we’re gonna go with the craft theme totally appropriate for barbecue like crafting getting barbecue. It’s all one in the same Anyways, so once you pick a theme it’s gonna bring you back to the colors and fonts section. You can go ahead and click colors Being that this is a WYSIWYG builder what you see is what you get is what they call it Anything you click? It’s gonna show you live previews. So feel free to just kind of click around here You can see, you know, each time. You click exactly what it does So you’ll know instantly is this gonna work for me? Is it not? So click around a little bit you won’t break anything don’t worry This So I’ve gotten red on red. I feel like that’s a pretty good color for me. So I’m gonna go ahead and close that or Click on fonts to move on to the next part so fonts here Right off the bat we have this is this helps you select your text size this will change the size throughout the entire page So as you can see it kind of it all goes up and down The website builder does not have a way by default to change specific sections That said though just a little side note little hack that I’ve got for you if If you need specific color specific sizing and text in certain sections even though the website builder doesn’t allow it if you type it out in the format that you want and say Microsoft Word some kind of word processor and then copy and paste it into the website builder At least at this point in time, it will keep the formatting so sighs textile Whatever it may be so that’s kind of a way to cheat this a little bit if you need you know Say a little bigger text in here, but you don’t want necessarily the text up top to be bigger So that’s my little tip there And I fell out of my section there. All right, so last one Once you have your text size where you want it, you have all your fonts listed right there. You can scroll through them It’ll give you a preview of it here. I already know that I want to use caveat brush on this particular one here So I’m gonna go ahead and select that now One of the next things that you need to do is actually Lay out your header So you can just click anywhere within this header and it’s gonna bring up a couple different options on your right hand side. So The accent it’s gonna help you choose, you know, if you pick through this it’s gonna change the layout just a little bit There you can just click through them and see what they do. I kind of like the black one. We’re gonna stick with that this Alignment depending on the theme it’s gonna change the layout of a few things you can see for me It’s just moving my little bubble around I’ll go ahead and I’m gonna put it on the right side. I feel like that works for me right now promotional banner The idea behind the promotional banner if you click on it and turn it on you’ll see it’s it’s kind of meant to do like sales Something like that So, you know get 20% off this month when you try our services or you could maybe enter a promo code up there You know for this You can Think outside the box on this about some other stuff that you might want to use for it Like for me for a food truck. Yeah, I’m not gonna have a sale really I mean, I’m not selling my delicious barbecue at 20% off but what I can do is my location Everybody who comes to my page right off the bat, they’re gonna want to know where I’m at for the day. So, you know today we are at 16th Street and Broadway or something like that, so Right off right there. Boom people as soon as it gets my page. They know where I’m at They don’t even have to look anywhere else. They just hopped on my page. It’s right there at the top That’s really convenient for a food truck business. I’m sure you can guys can think of some other uses for it But it’s pretty cool The other thing that you can do is to that promotional ad you can add a link in other words make it link somewhere So I could have it linked to somewhere else on the page Say if I wanted it to link to my promo page or something or in this case It has a shop page already set up But if if I had select that shot page right there Then and when I click this it would go right to the shop page So that’s what you would probably do for like a sale or something like that Outside of that what you can do that’s really cool Like say I know I’m gonna be on 16th Street and Broadway for my food truck, right? So 16th Street and Broadway we’re just gonna Google that real quick and Right there comes up with a map. We’ll click on that map And it’s gonna give us this crazy long link if I highlight this copy and Then if I go ahead and go to this This here website URL I can put in a custom URL right there So if I were to paste that in there and then right here do click here format Done I’m gonna go into preview mode Preview mode allows you to see how the website functions before actually posting it live like actually click on things and pretend It’s a real website So anyway, so we’ll go to preview mode and watch when I click on that. Boom It pops up a tab with a map of right where my food truck is at today. Oh How about that? So you can like I said, you can probably think of some other uses for it, but that’s that’s pretty cool I could think of a lot of cool things that to do with that O-p-s while you’re in preview mode. This also shows you how your website is going to look on a mobile device So you can see you know, is this something that’s reasonable? Does it work, you know? Which as I scroll through this right here, I mean that would look pretty clean on a website right there This might be a little bit long so When I put up there, but whatever were We’re we’re not too concerned about that right now. We’re just trying to show you how this thing works. So anyways moving on Let’s click back here in the layout anywhere that will bring us back to this screen now from here after Promotional banner we can go ahead and choose cover image there So your image You can replace it right here with something else. We’ll do that in a second, but Also for the image say you need the header image to spoke focus on a specific part you can drag this little green dot around and it’ll kind of adjust where the center point of the image is for your header and Then you can also use the plus minus, you know Just drag this to kind of zoom in and you’ll see what that does zoom in zoom out So if you need something to be a little bit different up top, you can use those tools as well Describe this image alt text. This is this is for SEO purposes So this is what helps you with Google your search engine optimization to get your ranking is up So whatever you whatever you put in, there should be a description of that image Now a long description just a short description Maybe one or two words just to explain what it is. The reason being behind that Google is a robot it does not have human eyes that cannot decipher. What is it an image? So by you? Putting that text in there. It’s helping Google understand what’s in this image. So when it goes to index it Say like in this case You know if I was gonna tag this specific image, I would do like slicing meat or something like that You know So if somebody were to search like slicing meat barbecue something related It might come up with that image on your page so it just it just helps Google understand what’s there so but just something short and sweet don’t don’t say like here be like my business is a Barbecue business and this is me slicing. Don’t do that. Google doesn’t understand what that is. So All right anyways moving on So if we want to replace that image, we hit the replace button and there’s a couple different options here so one of the things that you can do is My uploads right here. You can actually upload stock media from your computer if you just click upload select the file that you want and stock You know or or whatever image that you want straight from your computer now Say you don’t have an image Or maybe you’re gonna get an image, but you just want to kind of get a layout idea for now. We do have the stock media button here this is gonna give you GoDaddy stock media library, so it’s all royalty-free images That you can use within your website. It doesn’t cost you anything to use them They’re Creative Commons license, whatever you want to call it. So if you go to stock media, you can actually search for images so If I were to do that hit barbecue, you know, it pulls up some related images I can actually select one of these and insert it in my page by clicking the insert button below I’m not going to do that though because I want to show you also this there’s also stock videos now right now There’s a pretty limited selection but this will give you a header video which adds a really nice flare to your website It looks really cool For me, I’m BBQ. So this little video right here is just about perfect So I’m gonna go ahead and select that one and then hit insert and you’ll see right away Boom gives me a little flaming header right in my video I mean for a barbecue business that is fire. No pun intended Okay. Yeah, there’s a problem identity anyway, so That’s selected. We’ll go ahead and hit done. Boom So now we’ve got that laid out you can use this button here to insert your logo If you do have a logo, it’ll put it in up top. I didn’t make a logo for this web page, but Just for the heck of it. I’ll show you easy web 101 If I throw my logo in up there You can see what it does and then you can kind of adjust this button back and forth I’ll probably make a logo for this later for now. Let’s go ahead and remove it because that does not fit with what we’re doing And then finally the last thing on here your action button action button This is where you can define where this button goes so our schedule You can see This it shows button label right here so you could change this to You know find us on the map Or whatever you want you can type in right there for your button label and change it below here page This is where you can select to to where it goes if you want in a different part Or you can also do section on page So say I wanted that to link to the contact us section if I did that and then we’ll just hit preview real quick so we can see but if I did that it wouldn’t it would scroll right down to the Contact us section Do it boom Contact us Steve In this case, I don’t need it for that So again, just like up here I’m gonna steal this link real quick. But you know if I wanted to I could you know post a link in here by going website URL like that save Alright so once you’ve got all that all that Jewish filled out the next thing that you you want to do We didn’t talk about editing text in the page, but it’s pretty simple anything that you want to edit I mean literally you just click in the box here of the text and just boom I’ll take that out and you Can add stuff in? We don’t care about that Best in the West I Don’t know why that’s just a thing that’s in my end for some reason lightly so we’ll roll with it Alright, Tommy’s BBQ the best in the West we got up there. We got a contact thing on top this is the where to find us things so I can go through here and Quickly edit my schedule so, you know now I know If I’m gonna be in the same place all the time where to find us and I can change this oh wait No, I’m sorry. This actually links to a calendar. So this is kind of cool. You can link this to your Google Calendar I’m not gonna go over all about how to do it But it does tell you right here almost anything that you want to know within go central if you’re not sure about it There’s gonna be a show me how link in there somewhere So if you were to click this it would go to another link that explains how to link up your Google Calendar with that basically if you were to link this up All you would have to do is add events to your Google Calendar. It would automatically pull through on the page right here But let’s say I didn’t want this section just for the sake of argument If I did not want that particular section to be there, I would go down click in that section It pulls it up and towards the bottom. It says delete section. This will actually take that specific part out of your age Now on the opposite side, I wanted to add a section which I’m going to get rid of this yelp section – Cozy open Alright, so if I wanted to add a section I could click Add section there Actually, I want to do that in a different part you can always drag and drop these sections and other places but let’s do add section and you’ll see this gives you a whole bunch of different lists of different types of contact sections here or not contact sections, but Blocks really is what they are. So like if I wanted to add a photo gallery I could you know select one of these and pick out a photo gallery or you know Click here and do about and it will show us a couple different options as far as about And you just kind of pick a layout and say I wanted to pick that layout Boom It’s gonna throw that section in and then I can click on the pictures replace them Just like I did my header image if I wanted to No problem search Ok that Yep in place stock media do how about You search barbecue again that one, okay and The final one sure Do you see Whatever I’m not gonna change all this out because you get the idea But anyway, so you can select those images you can put in the tax. Boom We got most uh, most that done now now the next thing that you need to know I’ve showed you how to edit Images button some of this stuff is a little less obvious like the contact form if I click on that Everything pretty much pops up on the right-hand side So if you’re kind of wondering you can look through here and you’ll end up finding Whatever you’re looking for if you clicked on it, it’s gonna be in here somewhere So scroll down a little bit if you have to but like for instance this like contact form Okay where’s You know, where where do I put in? you know my My hours or something hours if I wanted hours on there if I had a business outside of that you can click on that You know turn it on boom. There’s only hours I can edit my hours by the day or Some of the other options you’ll have to scroll through here, but you’ll see some of the other options Address I Could again plug in 16th Street and Broadway to here for the day 16th Street and Broadway Road And somewhere I’m in New York for the day. Ok. Yeah, you know that will update the map so so Yeah, if you’re just kind of wondering where things are just click around a little bit and then if you don’t see it scroll through This right-hand side here and you’ll end up finding it Alright, so outside of that one other note about the sections they have accents just like the header did so if you wanted you could change these to black or red or Whatever else that you may have as well I’ll go ahead and you know toggle these around as well because I kind of want my page to match That’s the social media header up there which by the way again, pretty simple Oh A side note. I don’t know why I always seem to get this as a question. How do I remove the header? just click on it and Then get rid of that. We’re not the header footer And delete it over there so you can get your Go Go Daddy go central thing out of the way All right. So your links here? Here’s another one your social media Just like everything else click on it pops up on the right hand side plug in your Facebook link, so You know, I know mine Facebook.com slash easy web 101.com Oops They don’t know mine Not com, so that brings me to my page But you can you can go scroll and find your page and copy whatever link appears up here in the address bar So right click copy boom bring it back here paste that in there and then it’ll activate that link only and if I had some other ones here YouTube I Do have YouTube? Let’s see. I take my youtube link, which I have copied over here whoops Leave that one Okay YouTube Done alright, so there’s my social media. It’s already put in now Here’s the the next most important part pages. So if we want to add other pages or remove pages You you know start at home click this pages button and it’s gonna bring you to the pages section if I hit delete page I’m gonna get rid of this shop page because I don’t need to shop so three dots will delete that now If you want to add more pages, you can go ahead and click this blue Add button here And then you’re just gonna type in your page title. Make sure new page is selected up here Show in navigation and that’ll make it so that it adds it right to the top of your Navigation bar for you, and then it’s gonna bring you to a new page right there. It’s gonna say this page is empty Let’s add some content. I don’t know why my screen is spazzing out but whatever add section So here I can add my blog and it’s gonna show you the different formats that your blog can have You can add that one It’ll give you some options as far as a blog right here if you click stick and start writing It’s going to bringing to the Go Daddy blog management page The other thing that you can do is in this section over here external blog feed if you click that it will actually give you a place to put in your RSS feed if you have one of those Sam tumblr or Blogger or something like that. You can post that in here and it will actually just import it right there Also a background image you can swap out that image to something else if you want to that image sits right there we’ll just leave that alone and Then I’m gonna go back to pages. I need to add some more So I’ll click this pages button up here in the browser and then I’m gonna click that and do a Contact Us page Because I had that add that other one on the main man our main website, but I don’t really want it to be there So contact us Boom, we’ll create that Now I’m going to show you how to move a section. So say you don’t want to contact us on the home page you can By the way, as you navigate through this page You can just click on here and the website builder to go back to the page that you want to edit So we’ll click home. And I know I got my contact us at the bottom there that I don’t want it on there so if I click this section and I want to move it somewhere else to another page. What I can do here is actually Click contact us and then click home Or you can do this from the pages section, excuse me I should have done that from the start but you had pages and then a home and Then you’ll see the specific section that you want. This contact Ducks section. Click the three dots there. You can click move section It’ll ask you what page you want to move it to hit contact us move Well takes it off your page now that one is over here on Contact us. So if you design a section on the wrong page decide you want to move it later on That’s how you can do that all right, and then beyond that the only other thing that you might want to know is underneath pages when you click Add It’s also gonna say link to external website This will allow you to add a link to there Too right here where you can link it to something else Whatever. You may want it to be like I said that google map or something else It’ll add it right in the top say I wanted my youtube link right at the top. I don’t know why it would but if I did I Could do that and it add a YouTube button in there and then you’ll see it pops up my YouTube page And Then last in the final there if you don’t The only other one that’s in here. Actually, I’ll leave that there for a second but let’s say Drop down menu is the other one. So drop down menu allows you to create a drop-down menu to slide your other pages underneath so I’m just gonna call it example because I don’t really I can’t really think of why I needed drop down anyone’s page But if you have that selected and hit create menu, it’ll show the navigation bar right there you’ll see it says example now you can take other pages and you can throw them under there by essentially if I click right here on these you two lines and I kind of pull it over to the right just slightly and It’s gonna actually throw these pages underneath of there So now you’ll see when I click on this all my other pages are underneath of there so cool way to create drop-down menus and That’s pretty much it. As far as go central gross for the 101 There’s some other stuff that’s in here. And as far as like SEO marketing email marketing a Whole, you know a whole slew of things but but this is the basic gist of go central and how it works This should help you get started with with Bill getting the website built And then from there You know all makes some more Videos later on and a little bit of a series where I go through some of the other features Like I said the marketing and stuff But the this should get you off to a pretty good start and we’ll go ahead and hit publish on this Oh one other thing when you’re when you’re finally ready to put this on a On an actual domain you can hit the connect domain button and this is going to ask you to pay for it right now But after you hit select come in and pay for it, you can actually change your domain right there. So Once you’ve changed your domain it will be live and published on the website so So, yeah, that’s that’s kind of it but we’ll look we’ll take a quick look at Tommy barbecued Go Daddy Side it’s calm. Is that what I did? Yeah. No, that’s not my website. I Don’t remember what my temporary link was Okay. Oh, is it Tommy’s barbecue one? All right. Let’s try that. So we’ll see how by actual website looks so far Looking at the actual Internet so Tommy’s barbecue one Go Daddy sites calm alright So there we are you can see Hang on. Let me just take this Take this menu out. I don’t like it. I Usually do like little one-page sites just for ease of navigation I Don’t like building on all this extra stuff but sometimes I do but let’s pop that out so we can see how the page looks Do Delete publish All right fresh So if I was just doing my little one pager, you know You can see right off the bat. This shows my menu right there. I mean for a food truck you don’t need a lot I got the menu going a little bit pictures Facebook YouTube I lost my contact dust but If I click this click here to find us on the map Pops me up shows them right where I am on the map or find us on the map. Click there as well So got some nice call-to-action buttons right there. I mean you Know we’re 31 minutes into it now and there’s a lot of me talking and a lot of explaining so, you know You could probably do this a lot faster But as you can see Go Go Daddy’s go Central is very quick very easy to use website builder. It does build a nice website Oh, and the other thing that’s nice about it is just the responsiveness of it being able to be mobile-friendly without having to do anything extra is Is just great, you know, if we look at this this preview get out of my way. Stop try to make a video clubs, love Okay, so, you know looking at the mobile view of it. I mean, that’s nice that that scales down. Just perfect. It looks great you Don’t have any extra work to do to make it mobile-friendly so My review of this what I think personally, it’s a pretty sweet website builder I think it fits a huge portion of the population Probably as good or better than WordPress Or something like that Not to say that WordPress is bad. But for a lot of people this is easier. It’s simpler it doesn’t need maintenance or update it will accomplish the job for you and You can get it done in a short amount of time. It’s very affordable. So Pretty cool website builder, but there you go. There’s there’s my my new 2019 tutorial for you guys like comment subscribe Let me know Again, like I said, you can reach out to me at easy web 101.com or thomas at easy web 101.com is my email Happy to help out Or like I said can build it for you anyways thanks for watching

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