GoDaddy How-to – Help Customers Find Your Business With Website Builder Business Plus

You’ve built your beautiful new website and put it on the web. Now you need people to come and visit you. ANNOUNCER
If your customers can’t find your site, it’s like having a grand opening with no one showing up. ANNOUNCER
So how do you attract visitors to your site and help more customers find your business? ANNOUNCER
90% of customers find local business through search engines. So if you want customers to find your business, you need to be listed in the top search engines – Google, Yahoo and Bing.
Website Builder Business Plus makes it easier than ever to get your website listed in the top search engines ANNOUNCER
so that when potential customers search the web for the products or services you’re offering, they’ll find your site. ANNOUNCER
When you’re using Website Builder, you don’t have to jump through hoops or spend hours optimizing your site. ANNOUNCER
We’ll help you get on Google and other search engines in three easy steps: ANNOUNCER
Confirm the business information that we pulled from your website. ANNOUNCER
Define where your potential customers are located. ANNOUNCER
Review and select the content we suggest for your website’s title, headline and copy. ANNOUNCER
When you publish your website, we’ll submit it to the search engines. And within a few weeks, your site will be out there on Google, Yahoo and Bing. ANNOUNCER
You can even track how your website is performing on search engines via your Website Builder control panel. ANNOUNCER
Website Builder Business Plus — Getting found on the web has never been easier.

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