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Managing Your Gold Coast Business Website The first issue we need to look at is the
fear of technology and there ís really no need to be afraid of a small business website
anymore. In the old days when they were built on HTML
platforms – yep, there was greater reason to be afraid. But now we build very user friendly
websites using Word Press technology. We provide your initial training and once
weíve set the website up for you, we can actually show you how you can create your
own entries on the website. You can put a special offer up in 5 minutes. If you know how to do Microsoft Word, there ís
really no problem. It ís very, very easy to do We hold your hand through the whole experience.
Most people will be able to do it straight off but if you need telephone support that ís
available as well. And it just becomes a 5 minute job then to
update your website with new products, with special offers, anything you want to do you
can do it yourselves quite easily but we wíll hold your hand for you anyway. Testimonial from Small Business Website Client
Keith Erskine Today, I am going to show you how easy it
is for you to update your Word Press website. What I have done here, I have brought up a particular
blog that I own, it ís called Itís a website that was built for me by Terry. Here we are at the login page. I am going
to click login obviously so we can get into the website. I am going to show you how easy
it is to do a post. Now this looks a little bit imposing but it really is not all that
overwhelming. This is what they call the dashboard that
you see when you login to a Word Press website. This is only needed if you decide to change
the content of your site. People who want to view your site do not have to go through
this process. So what we wíll do is, up in the left hand corner
here we see posts. We wíll click on that and here are some previous posts that I have put
onto the website. Now, Adding New. So it has come up with the Add New Posts screen. It ís fairly
simple here. Down on the right hand side here you can see
the categories. They are the categories that Terry spoke about a few minutes ago. So I am going to click Motorcycle Safari Preparation
because we have not yet left on the motorcycle trip to South Africa. This blog is about a forthcoming motorcycle
trip I am doing through South Africa into Swaziland, Lesotho, Botswana and Namibia.
So I have chosen a category, so I have not gone and itís perfect that I choose Motorcycle
Safari Preparation. Iím going to have some tags. They help also
with search engines to find content on my website if someone types in some keywords.
This is what the search engine will have to work with. So I am going to call it motorcycle tour.
I have already got that there. Motorcycle Safari Cape Town, Garden Route and that will do
me I think for this particular example. So I have got some tags in there. Now I am going to add in a title. I will call
it Motorcycle Safari Stage III, Cape Town, Garden Route, Pretoria. And you wíll notice
that what I have done is I have actually put some of the key words in the title. We have got some tags and we have got some categories.
And as Terry also spoke to you about it ís

also about having those keywords in there
but not being so overwhelming that you put them everywhere so the Google robot comes
to the unfortunate conclusion that you are keyword spamming. So what you see up here, it ís starting to
pop in a title and that ís all good. What I have done is I have actually pre-prepared
my post using Word Pad. You do not have to do this. You can post directly to the blog
but I do that because simply I can formulate it, I wíll check it for spelling errors and
all those sorts of things which you can do on the website, but it ís just my way of doing
it, you do not have to do it this way. So we wíll paste that in there. There ís the text. I am going to actually also add in an image.
It has come up with basically this little dialogue box, we can go from a URL or from the computer.
Well I have got this particular image on my computer so we wíll select files, it comes
up with the dialogue box, South African Safari, I am going to pick Southern Africa route 3,
I am going to open that, and it crunches that into a form that it likes. So down here I can see a thumbnail of the
image. I am going to put it on the right, I am going to have it medium sized. So I wíll
just click Insert into Post and it has put it into there. I wíll move it up just a little
bit so it ís sitting right down at the bottom. Do not really want that. So basically that ís the post done. You have
got an HTML tag there. You can look at the embedded HTML tag or code if you wish.
And the next thing we do is basically hit the publish button. So that has been done. So we just log out,
go to the website, and lo and behold the post. Now that was not particularly difficult. I am
sure you will agree. That ís all for me now. Signing off. Thank you.

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