Google Ads Tutorials: Linking Google My Business and Google Ads

[light music] Your free business profile on Google My Business helps you reach and engage with local customers across Google Search and Google Maps. Linking your Google My Business account to your Google Ads account allows your ads to appear with location extensions. Location extensions encourage customers to visit your storefront. Your ads can appear with your business address, a map to your location, or the distance to your business. Customers can then click your location extension to get further details about your location or your business profile. Setting up location extensions is the groundwork
for using location-based features in Google Ads, like store visits reporting or local campaigns. In this video, we’ll show how to link Google My Business
and Google Ads in order to use location extensions. Let’s get started. If you’re new to Google My Business, begin by creating an account. If you already have a Google My Business account, start in your Google Ads account. Click ads & extensions in the page menu on the left. Then select extensions at the top of the page. Click the blue plus button and choose “location extension”. Here you have two options: To find an existing Google My Business
account using your website domain, or to link to an account that you know. Under find an account, your website domain should show up automatically. If it doesn’t, enter your domain to discover potential Google My Business accounts. Select countries by clicking the pencil icon. In the list below, select the Google My Business account that best matches your business. Confirm that the correct Google My Business account is showing in preview, and then click continue. If you manage a Google My Business account, click “link to an account I know.” Select the Google My Business account that you manage from the dropdown menu and click continue. If you know the email on the Google My Business account that you’d like to link, click “link to an account I know.” Enter the account email address to send an approval request. Only when this email accepts the approval request will the Google My Business location be added as location extensions. Once you’ve linked your Google My Business and Google Ads accounts, your storefront addresses are eligible to show up
as location extensions across your account. However, if you want to direct customers to certain storefronts, you can set up filters at the account, campaign, or ad group level. To add filters at the account level, navigate to the extensions tab. Select the Google My Business account that you want to add filters to. Under the “limit the locations that are synced with Google Ads” section, fill in your exact business name or narrow down the locations further with specific labels. Keep in mind that if you wish to filter by label rather than name, those labels must be added to locations in Google My Business before applying filters in Google Ads. Alternatively, you can add a filter at the campaign or ad group level. You can choose all synced locations, sync locations with a specific label or business name, manually select specific locations, or filter no locations. For more step-by-step videos on Google Ads implementation and optimization, check out Google Ads Tutorials on the Google Ads YouTube Channel. If you have any questions, or for more information please visit Google Ads Help. [music continues]

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18 thoughts on “Google Ads Tutorials: Linking Google My Business and Google Ads

  1. Is this available Globally or only in selected countries? I mean the statistics on store visits from Google Ads.. Thanks

  2. I AM TRYING TO GET THIS MESSAGE TO THE HUMANS AT Youtube. Search Results Filters STOPPED WORKING; about TEN days back. googletranslate

  3. Create Location looks quite different than what you're showing in this video. I'm in Canada, yet somehow my business page got linked to my personal AdWords account and not my business account. :S

  4. Hi please help. When I click ads & extensions I don't get any of the extension links above to click on to go any further. Do I need to create ads before I link my accounts?

  5. Hey, I can't see "Ads&Extensions" on my google ads account. I just see the name of my campaign and nothing more. I'm in Colombia, is this available here?

  6. Hey, I can't see "Ads&Extensions" on my google ads account. I just see the name of my campaign and nothing more.

  7. Hi, I don't have this UI and those choices too. only my campaign name. And no it's not a smart campaign. Please how can I link my GMB account ?

  8. As of Today, where can I find updated information? The Ads and Extensions tab is not available in Google Ads

  9. How to connect Ads account with GMB when I have smart campaign? I do not see any of "Ads and extensions" tabs and so on.

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