Google Ads vs. Facebook Ads: Which is Better for Ecommerce? | Shopify Dropshipping 2019

Hey, what is up guys? It’s Rafael here your 7 figure e-commerce coach and today we’re gonna talk about What is better and more effective for marketing your Shopify store? Google ads or Facebook ads which one of the two reigns supreme. That’s all we’re gonna discuss today Let’s go to my computer and find out but before I do want to let you know that there’s a free training the first thing in the description there’s a free training how to combine free sagat’s Google Ads and Instagram to make $10 for every dollar that you spend check that out can’t believe for free subscribe to this channel for more videos now Let’s get in my computer. Alright, so Google versus Facebook ads, which one is better There are pros and cons to both right Google ads is more lower cost per sale higher conversion rate and higher active buyer intent what I mean by active buyer intent is someone that searches something on Google is Clearly wanting to buy this in the near future right if I search for Winter coats for men it’s because I want to buy a winter coat for men. So you’re targeting Active buyer intent lower cost per sale as you can see here There’s a little sneak beat to the presentation to the training down below one of my students. He spent four $38 on Google advertising and made three hundred and forty five giving him a very very high conversion rate His conversion rate is like eight to ten percent From Google and then a lower cost per sale rather costs him it to make eight orders it costs him forty dollars of five dollars per order and then he basically Ten next his money because this traffic is all I think he had around Not really sure how many people he had on a store, but it’s all very very active buyer intent, right? That’s why I mention it here people go to Google To find products so that they can buy them ASAP and then higher conversion rate lower cost per sale face book outs has this higher? Scalability though, right Google that’s a little bit hard to scale Facebook You can scale from a hundred dollars a day to five thousand dollars a day in the span of a week Google is gonna take a long much longer time, right? Tomorrow’s video is gonna be all about Google Apps and Google has secrets. You’ll be able to learn from that But Google Ads is it’s harder to scale it’s harder to go from like a $50 a day budget to a $500 day budget because you depending on the traffic for your keywords you depending on the traffic for your Google Shopping campaign? Which I talked in that video. So these are got higher scalability. It’s riskier than Google sometimes the margin isn’t as good and if you do something like a manual bid really really high it can spend you know 200 to 500 dollars and you get no purchases So essentially you’re getting like really really bad results sometimes or if you don’t do it Right, if you take risk, you can really get burned on Google. It really doesn’t happen like that Google doesn’t have that many risk and those big risk like Facebook. It’s cheaper to buy traffic So Google will typically be so let me add that here. Typically be CPC of around $1 To $2 on Facebook. You can get a CPC Much cheaper CPC of let’s say 10 cents all the way to like 30 cents So for a really good post it can be like five cents three cents. So the traffic is more expensive to buy on Google I have experience in this because I’ve tested it for myself in my clients and my students and Essentially, you know it’s cheaper to buy traffic but it’s an inactive. It’s a latent buyer intent It’s not active buyer intent, for example If you love to travel and then you see travel gear or a travel back pair of a travel jacket Whatever it is on your Facebook feed. It might be also you might love it, but you’re not actively looking for that So the probability of you buying isn’t as high right? That’s why the conversion rate is higher that explains a higher conversion rate, right? It’s it’s active and on a Google when they’re searching for travel backpack It’s because they want to buy a travel backpack on a Facebook, you know, if they see a child backpack They might think it’s cool, but they’re not gonna buy it right away. So that’s why the conversion rate is higher on Google It’s more it’s warmer warmer traffic not as cold but the better strategy to follow which I’m going to talk about now is Combine them both and I talked about that a lot in my free training below. It’s believed for free I combined them both to basically make it the perfect cocktail of results and as you can see here in the free training you can get an insane return on your facebook advertising Spanish because here 87 cents per purchase and it has a 51 return ad spend That means that for every dollar that we spend we made 51, right? So that’s that’s how you get that insane return on adspend is by combining them both. I Show you how to combine them both in the training But you’re essentially Retargeting that active buyer intent from google that warm traffic that people that actually want to buy that winter coat for example I really really want to buy that winter coat search it on google winter coats for men and then on Facebook. I get a retargeting product ad For that winter coat. I’m like, oh, right I had to buy it and then you have those abandoned cart Sequences on the back end that SMS bump that record with the video that I made on apps, right? So essentially this is the best strategy to follow and how you get that insane return on adspend. It’s by combining them both So you make you make sure okay. You’re taking warm traffic From Google then you’re retargeting it on Facebook and then you have abandoned cart sequences abandoned whoop bandit court apps and Sequences on top of that. So essentially you’re getting warp traffic from google Retargeting it on Facebook and then making sure that they buy from your site by actually having these Remarketing and abandoned cart marketing absence sequences. So that’s essentially these strategy that I recommend you It’s not like one is better than the other, you know Depending on this if you just want to make as much profit as possible And you don’t want to make huge numbers and you want to scale fast Google is the best way to do it if you want to scale fast and get results really really fast and test products very fast Facebook Ads, right. It’s testing products testing products takes longer on Google Testing products on Facebook is really really really quick. So quick product testing So it depends what you want to do, you know, it’s not that a platform is better than the other one, right? I recommend both I recommending I recommend using them in unison but these are the pros and cons to each and if you want to Scale fast facebook is better if you just want to keep a lot of profit Google is better testing products. If you want to test a lot of products really fast Facebook is good So depending on what you want to do the best thing to be is to Combine them if you want to learn exactly how to combine them how to make $10 for every dollar that you sell That you spent or $50 vary they spent checkout that training in the link below. Thank you so much for watching this video I’m Rocco Cintron sunfury comics coach don’t forget to subscribe and like this video if you enjoyed it share with a friends So they know that you know Which one of the two is better Facebook or Google check out the training the first thing in the description Thank you for watching and check out the other videos tomorrow’s video If you’re watching this later on it’s gonna be uploaded already, but it’s gonna be a Google ad sequence. Google ads a master class Basically, thanks for watching. I will see you in the night

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