Google My Business: 4roomed eKasi Culture

an entrepreneur– to me, it means I have a
responsibility to help others. My name is Abigail Mbalo. I was born in Gugulethu
and grew up in Khayelitsha. Here at 4Roomed, we say,
taking you down memory lane. It’s a reminder of
how we used to live in our four-roomed homes. I grew up in a four-roomed home. We celebrated our
lives around food. I saw this gap. That’s when I realized
that I am going to do something unique around food. In December 2016,
this restaurant started, the name
of the business being 4Roomed eKasi Culture. I did not know that Google
offered a free product for businesses such as
mine, like a small business in the township space. So it would have
saved me a lot of time that I had used creating the
website for over a month. If you have that guiding hand,
you’d actually be surprised how easier things become. To actually read the stats and
see what impact it has done, I had a lot of
moments of like, wow. Wow. And to see the numbers, how
they’ve changed over the weeks, it’s amazing. What I wish other
entrepreneurs like me knew about Google and the
web is that you shouldn’t be intimidated by
what you see out there on Google when you see maybe
a business being listed. Also know that
there is help that takes you through all the steps
and actually even shows you more that you can do
with Google products. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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20 thoughts on “Google My Business: 4roomed eKasi Culture

  1. Check the link below. we live in a scary world but this might change your life

  2. Never stop in what you believe you can make possible. With every vision comes a responsibility to make it into a reality. People will always give negative opinion about anything. So you girl what works for you that's what matters.

  3. im not even watching porn but Google is putting porn hub in my history. When my parents use my phone for something they see my history. PLEASE DON'T TRUST GOOGLE

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