Google My Business For Apartments: Add More Categories For Increased Traffic

– In this video, I’m going
to share one easy hack for generating more traffic
at your apartment community with your Google My Business listing. (upbeat whistling music) Hey it’s Josh from Resident360, and I’m here to help you improve
your apartment marketing. Now obviously, you’ve heard
of Google My Business, and hopefully you’re taking full advantage of it at your community. Now Google has been
releasing several new updates for the Google My Business platform, and what we’ve seen at Resident360 is that
multi-family companies that are fully embracing these
updates are being rewarded with more map and search
views through their listing. Now, one easy feature
you can take advantage of right now is actually
adding more categories to your listing. So remember when you first set up that Google My Business listing, you chose a primary category that tells Google what
your business is about. Now this primary category
is really important because it has an impact
on local search rankings, plus it’s the only category
that’s publicly displayed on your Google My Business listing. Now, in most cases, that primary category
you chose was probably either apartment building
or apartment complex. Now it’s time to take it a step further by listing additional categories underneath that primary category. Now here are the categories
I recommend you add. So if your primary category
is apartment building, what you want to add as additional categories
are apartment complex, apartment rental agency,
furnished apartment building, that’s if you offer furnished units, and real estate rental agency, and finally, student housing center. That’s if you have student
housing properties. That’s it. Now let me show you how
to do this right now in your Google My Business dashboard. Here we are in the Google
My Business dashboard. So what you want to do is once you log-in to your own dashboard on
the left hand side here, you’ll see this navigation. So you want to make sure you click info, then your information will load up. You should see your
community name right here in the middle where it says Resident360. I’m just using my company
page as an example. And then right below that, you’ll see the different
categories you’ll have listed. You’ll probably have
either apartment building or apartment complex
listed for your community. You just want to click
the little pencil here. That’ll open it up and
allow you to edit it. So let me go ahead and edit it real time so you guys can see. I’m going to type in apartment
building for this first one. So let’s just assume my primary category is apartment building. So for my additional categories, let me go ahead and erase
these really quickly so I can show you. So the first one could
be apartment complex. And don’t worry if your primary category you
had apartment complex in there. You could always put apartment
building for this category. Click add another category. The next one’s going to be
apartment rental agency. Click add another category, and then I’m going to put
furnished apartment building. And again, that’s if you
offer furnished units. I’m going to click add another category. Real estate rental agency. And the last category I’m going to add is student housing center. Again, that’s if you have
student housing properties. Then that’s it. I come over here and click apply, and these changes should take
place in just a few days. Once you’ve added these
additional categories, you’re all done. Just give it some time, and you should be rewarded
with increased traffic to your Google My Business listing. I hope this video was helpful. I’m Josh Grillo. Thanks for watching. (upbeat whistling music)

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