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Hey everyone! Sean here today inviting you to our upcoming Mid-year Marketing Summit where we’re going to have resources
come out from representatives including Google, Facebook and Yelp talking about
ways to use their platforms to grow your business and in anticipation of the event which is going to be on August 16th from 8am-1pm we wanted to share with you a quick tip that we often get from clients that inquire about “how
do I list my business on Google?” It’s quite easy and I want to show you real
quick how to do it. So, first we’ve got to go over to Google and go to because we’re talking business today and we’re going to
go up here at the top right and hit set up now. We’re going to tell
Google “hey, our business exists” but before we can do that we have to sign in to our gmail account which if you don’t have one it’s easy to
create one and well worth it in this case. Let’s enter in our business name and
let’s go with Sally’s Skate Shop. We’re going to say we’re a home-based
business selling skateboards. We’ve got to enter in our address, our city, our state and our zip code. And a lot of clients I work with say I don’t want to list my business address publicly and Google understands that so you can
check off this box that says I deliver goods and services to my customers and hide my address. Then Google’s going to say based on your address and your name
are any of these you? In this case it’s not but again, going back to hiding
your address we still want to tell people we have a service
territory – let’s say within 10 miles of our address. Or, we can enter in specific
cities that we want to work with. We’ve got to enter in a category, let’s go with
“skate shop” that’s a good example for us selling skateboards, and a phone number.
You’ve got to have a phone number for folks to call you. You can enter a website if you had one and we can click finish. Now we’re going to tell Google
to mail us a postcard so we can verify that we actually received
mail and operate business at this location So, enter in a name here
and click “mail”. This will take 3-5 days to get your postcard
with a little verification code on it. Then, you can log back in and
verify your listing and start to add pictures, logos and more of information
about your listing so customers searching for you on Google can learn
more about you. Again we want to invite you to our upcoming Mid-year Marketing Conference where you can learn all about the new tips, tricks and trends
with Google so don’t forget to join us on August 16th from 8am to 1pm, but until then thanks for watching!

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