Google My Business | Local Listing Basic Features

I just got my Google My Business listing
set up, but it seems like there’s so much more
you can do there. What are the things you can do,
and what you recommend? So Google My Business is an important
tool for you as a small business owner, and it’s really important to note you
need to either have a local business that’s a brick and mortar store with a
physical address or a service-based business that has a service radius. Right now, Google My Business does not apply if you
have an online only business or an ecommerce business,
it doesn’t make sense because it’s all about local search and someone being
able to find you and act upon that search right away. You have some different scenarios.
Number one, you may have an existing listing and it
could be sitting there, maybe someone created it before,
a past owner or a staff member that created for you,
but you haven’t claimed or verified it – easy to do. The other situation that you might have is that you have a brand new business or
a business that has not been submitted to Google before. That’s where you’re going to want to
create a brand new Google My Business profile.
Either of these things can be done by going to By going there, what you’re going to be able to do is either claim your listing or you’re going to be able to create a brand new
Google My Business profile. On that, you’ll submit your [Business] name address, phone number.
You’re going to be able to put your website in,
add photos and videos, add your logo.
There’s a lot of cool stuff you can do. The possibilities are endless with how
you can communicate with your leads, prospects,
and current customers. There are such things as posts that
allow you to update them every day if you want to,
every week, and even Google takes it one step
further, they’ll give you a little nudge. – Nudge Nudge – They’re going to email you every
time you need to update your post because a post,
usually expires within seven days. The other thing you can do on a Google
My Business profile is upload videos and photos. This is very big! Now I could describe my business to you
and tell you, come into the door,
turn left, turn right,
whatever, or I could take a video of a tour of my
business and I could walk you through. Isn’t that impactful?
I could describe a dish to you if I own a restaurant,
what’s in it, what the ingredients are,
how it looks, or I can take a photo.
Yum. Ultimately what you want to do is you
want to take advantage of these different tools,
photos, videos,
posts. You can even have people schedule
appointments through your Google My Business profile.
It’s insane the amount of stuff you can do.
It all starts by going to
and you’ll find that down in the description below.
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