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-In this video, I’m going to give you
Google My Business page tips so that you can optimize it
specifically for your pet business. Hi, I’m Tricia Clements, Chief
Fur Wrangler with I’m a social media manager
and consultant and I specialize in pet businesses and video. The first thing that you need to do
is either add your Google My Business Page or claim it if you already have a Google
My Business for your business, however, you simply haven’t claimed it
and can’t go in and edit it, you need to claim it.
Go to First thing you might wonder is why do you need
to have a Google My Business Page? You already have a Web site.
Well, number one is it’s Google. Number two is, it’s free. With Google that is the number one search
engine with over 75% of all Internet searches being done on Google. That’s where you need to be so that
you can be found for your business. For mobile devices, that number
is a whopping 90% of all mobile searches are done through Google. Mobile searches are really skyrocketing
in the last eight years alone, searches using mobile devices
have gone up from less than 1% to over half of all Internet searches so
you need to make sure that you’re on Google My Business and that everything
on your page and your Web site is optimized specifically
for mobile searches. What you want to do when you go
to your Google My Business whether you have set it up, claimed it or maybe you claimed it and then you
just stopped and you didn’t do anything, you need to go in and optimize it. Basically, go through it and Google
will lead you through everything it wants you to do.
It will ask you for your location, your hours, your phone number all
of that so make sure that you go in and input all of that information
so Google has the most information about you and that is accurate. You’re going to also want to go and make
sure every at least once a week check your Google My Business Listing
because if you go to a business you will notice there has a suggest an edit
and anyone on the internet can go see your listing and suggest an edit to Google. You need to make sure that
there haven’t been any suggestions. If there have been you need to review them,
see if they’re a valid suggestion or that it is not and you go in and tell Google,
“No this is not correct.” You need to go in at least once a week and
do that for your Google My Business Page. Of course with your Google My Business,
you’re going to add images. Make sure that they are high quality,
high-resolution images, things that really show
about what your business is or what you do if you’re services,
products and show all of that there. You can also add some videos
so do an introduction video, put that on your Google My Business Page. They also have an option
for multiple locations. Let’s say you’re a brick and mortar pet store
and you have multiple locations throughout where you’re selling your pet
food, your toys, dog toys, cat toys, all of that and you have several locations
in a specific either a town or if you got it in several states. You want to go in and make sure that you tell
Google all of your different locations so that they know where you’re located
specifically because Google My Business not only comes up when people search
in the search engine but it also comes up in Google maps. You want to make sure you have
that information in there. This is also great for local SEO,
local search engine optimization, people going to a specific town and looking
for places for businesses like yours. They’re going to search in there
and it’s really good to make sure that you have your correct location
if you have multiple locations in there so that people can find you
and especially on the map. That’s great for a local SEO that you’re looking
for especially if you’re a business that is centralized around
a specific geographical location. Now, I have a bonus for you.
Your Google My Business Page is where people are going to leave
their Google reviews so any time your business gets a review it is there
on your Google My Business Page. What you need to do is go
in and see your reviews. Read them and make sure
if they’re really great reviews which they probably will be, you will go in
and comment and thank them for it. Let them know that you read it and
that you appreciate their comments. If you do have negative reviews,
go ahead in and comment on that as well. See if there’s anything you can do to have them
change their review to a more positive review. Go in and check those reviews. The other thing is, I have a link for you
forming Google five-star review link. You want to after you have a client
or customer that you’ve done business with, you want them to go and review you. After you’ve done business, go ahead and send them a link
to get the five-star review. I have a way that I set up to go directly
and it already has the five star selected. It’s really easy to send out. That’s the one thing when you ask for reviews,
give them a link. Don’t give them 10 step instructions
because people don’t have time for that. That’s something that you really need to make
sure that you’re doing when you do your reviews. Again make sure that you don’t send out
and ask for a review unless they have already been a client
or customer of yours. I know I’ve had local pet business
that has come and simply because I think I went to their website
and maybe filled something out. They then said, “We’re glad you visited us and
let us know what you thought of our store.” They keep asking me to review them. However, I’ve never actually been
in their store. There’s not an online store,
it’s all actually a local store. You want to make sure that when
you’re requesting people review you that they have actually been a client
or customer and it’s not someone that just signed up for your email list unless
your email list when they signed up, they’ve got something from you. Make sure when you ask for your reviews
that they are actually a client or customer. I’m Tricia Clements with
Thanks for watching. I hope you enjoyed this video. Please click the like button,
share it with your friends, and I’ll see you in the next video.

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