Google My Business Posts and Local SEO

Hi everyone! I’m Tricia Clements with Today I want to talk to you about your Google
My Business account. What it has to do with your business’s online
identity and how it impacts your local SEO. Google My Business – what you need to do
is go to and login there to your account. The main thing you need to first make sure
is that you’ve claimed your business’s Google My Business account and it you haven’t
claimed it go ahead and claim it. If you go in to claim it and it says that
someone else already has access to it and won’t let you claim it – you need to go
ahead and make sure that you gain access to that account for your business. It’s really important and that’s something
that if you don’t have access to it, you need to get in touch with google to get access
to it. If you need help with that let me know because
I have helped numerous clients gain access to their Google My Business account. Again, your Google My Business account is
crucial for your online identity. When people are out searching for places on
their cell phones, where do they go? Google. You want to make sure that you come up in
that search and you also want to post weekly. So that if you have any specials going on,
if you have any upcoming events that you’re going to be going to that your clients – potential
clients can see that and know that you’ve got this special going on, maybe they will
stop-by or give you a call to make sure that they take advantage of that. Whereas, you may not have had that business
otherwise. So make sure that you are posting weekly on
your Google My Business account because those post on Google My Business they go dark after
a week. So make sure you’re posting weekly. And again, there’s a place to put events
on. So, if you have events that you’re going
to make sure that you post those on there because again they come up on Google Maps
and Google Search. So if you have someone managing your account,
posting for you, you also need to make sure that are an owner of that Google My Business
account. So, when you login to your Google My Business
account there’s a place that says USERS. You’re going to go in there and make sure
you’re an owner because if you’re simple a manager of the account that means that you
can’t add and remove users. You need to own the account. So, if you’ve got someone who’s managing
it, putting post on – that’s fine but make sure that they add you as an owner on
the account. That is really important for your business. So when you get in to your Google My Business
account make sure you add everything in there, your descriptions, your NAP, your name, address,
phone number. Make sure all the information that google
has is correct because when someone find you on a search you don’t want them to have
wrong information because they’re going to be probably a little bit upset about it,
maybe if they – you said that you’re open and they go to your store and your closed
because the hours are wrong. You need to make sure all the information
if correct. And again I said post weekly – Post specials
and for you Google My Business post it’ll allows up to Fifteen hundred characters, however,
most searches are done on a cell phone and the first one hundred words… uhmm I’m
sorry. First one hundred characters are the most
important. Make sure the main crux of what you want them
to know is on that first one hundred characters on your Google My Business post – that’s
really important. You also want to make sure that you put a
Link in – you can have a clickable link. There’s an option for that when you do the
post, you can set a call now, schedule an appointment, make a reservation. Make sure that you add that url in there for
them to click directly so they don’t have to do any copying and pasting. People want it – they want fast. Make sure you have that clickable link in
there. Now this is a Google’s free advertising
– make you’re taking advantage of it. You can go in and see. After you’ve done your post you can start
looking at them, see how you’re coming up, how many times you come up on the searches,
the map views and also going to the insights – see which post seem to be doing better
so that you can do more of those post and make sure you put pictures on your Google
My Business account you want to make sure you have good, clear pictures on your account
that’s going to help when you’re doing your Google My Business post. Alright, so there’s a couple things you
want to know about your Google My Business – It’s great for local SEO, people will
find you. You need to make sure you’ve claimed your
account. You need to post on it and post weekly – and
then post weekly. That’s the big thing and make sure your
information is correct. If anything changes – update it. If you have a different hours during different
holidays make sure you put those on your Google My Business account. It’s really important to make sure all that
information is correct. If you have any questions about your Google
My Business account to protect your Business’s online identity – let me know in the comments
below, I’d be happy to help. I’m Tricia Clements with and
I will see you again soon! Bye!

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2 thoughts on “Google My Business Posts and Local SEO

  1. Great tips Trisha. I just started and did notice I got a message to tell me my post was about to expire. So once a week would be minimum. I would do twice a week to make sure you never miss that deadline.

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