Google My Business Posts and SEO

Tricia Clements: Have
you seen the Google My Business post, and
wondered what they are and what they have to do with
SEO, Search Engine Optimization? That’s what I’m going to
talk about in this video. [music] I’m Tricia Clements, Chief Fur
Wrangler with I’m a Social Media
Manager specializing in pet businesses and video Today, I want to talk to you about
your Google My Business post What exactly is that? It is basically a free,
mini ad for you that Google is now putting
out there for you to put on your Google My Business page What you need to do is
go into your Google My Business, and where
it says Add A Post, that’s where you need to add
your Google My Business post Once you put a post
there, on your Google My Business, it will
come up in your search result right there People are going to see it It’s basically free advertising. Google allows you to put
an image there with it Make sure you do that because you
know how important images are Currently, you’re not able to put
a video or a GIF file up there Who knows? I’m sure that may change
in the future, but, for right now, it’s
an image that you put with some text Then, they give you the
option to put in a link Make sure you put that link in. What type of post should you be
posting to your Google My Business? You can do all kinds of things Anything from promotions, events,
sales, specials that you’re having If you have a new product
out and you want to emphasize something
about that, make sure you do that If you have a new blog
post out, put an image up there and lead people
to your blog post Remember, there’s a
clickable link on there and that allows you
to lead them wherever it is that you want them to go. For instance, if you’re
talking about a specific product, you can send
them to that page where you’re selling that product If you’re talking about a blog post,
you can lead them to the blog post That clickable link is
really, really important You basically have free ad space
there on your Google My Business You know how important Google is for
SEO, Search Engine Optimization It’s really important because this
is also what comes up in your maps. If someone searches and
find your business, and it is there, and
they see the Google My Business, and they also
find it on the map, they’re going to see
this post right there with the image Also, only the first
100 characters show up Then, they have to click it to
get the additional characters There is a 300 character
limit, but the first 100 characters
are the most important That’s what’s going to pull them
in and get them to click that link When you post your
image, you do need to be aware that everything
on social media has different sizes They haven’t really publicized
exactly what size is best I’ve looked and found different
conflicting information The best thing is you
can upload something, take a look at it,
preview it, and see if it works. I found, for me, the best image size that works is 660
pixels by 500 pixels That seems to work the best and make
sure that everything is in the image You can see it Nothing is getting cut off If you have text there,
that is on your image to draw people and get them
to read the rest of it You want to make sure that they can
see all of the text on your picture You’re allowed to put
up to 10 post on your Google My Business
page at one time. The first two and a
half actually show up in a carousel format so that
you can scroll and see them Anything more than that, they
have to click more to see them Those first two and a half
posts are the most important Basically, your two post,
maybe your third one Those are the most important posts Now, one thing you do
need to remember is all of your post will expire in
seven days, except for your event If you’re posting an
event to your Google My Business, one thing is
that doesn’t expire until after the event has happened. They do last a little
bit longer, but the individual posts themselves
only last for seven days That is one thing that
you need to remember that you do need to
be posting to that in at least once a week, if not more You may want to go
ahead and have several posts up there and
post a little bit more often so that you don’t
have a post that’s expired and then nothing
shows up on your Google My Business post
when people search for you. Make sure that you’re including
a call to action in your text That is also really good,
that they’ve given you a link You have numerous options on there You can include that
link, tell them this is where you’re going
to go to purchase the product, to learn more
about the service That’s what you want
them to do, is click on that link and go to
your site, your sales page, if you’ve got a lead magnet Something that you
want to lead them to Remember, Google is the
largest search engine It’s where everyone goes
to search for things If they are giving you
a free opportunity to have basically mini
ad space, go ahead and use it, use that It comes up on Google
maps as well, which is really good for SEO
purposes for your website. You are having people
search for you, and they are finding you, and
then they are finding this mini ad that they can click
and go right to your website Another thing, when they click the post, they have an option where
they can share that directly to social media If it’s something really
good, and they want to tell their friends
about, they can share that right there from the
post on the social media. Let me know in the
comments below how you are using Google My
Business post and how it’s helping you and your
SEO for your website I also have a free Google My
Business checklist for you You can download that, the link
is in the description below Make sure you grab that
list because it has everything you want to make sure you
have for your Google My Business To make sure everything
is set up and ready to go so that your potential
customers can find you I’m Tricia Clements with Thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed this
video, please click the like button, share it with
your friends, and subscribe I’ll see you in the next video. [music]

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  1. Now that you know how important your Google My Business post is and it's impact on SEO, how do you plan to use it?

  2. Do you know of a way to check how these posts show up when they are cropped? For example on mobile, on maps, or desktop, organic search, etc?

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