Google My Business Stories: Yogolandia Yogurt & Botana Bar

I was born and raised
in Chicago, Illinois, in Little Village. Little Village is what
Mexico in Chicago looks like and it’s a representation of our culture. My dad came to this country
at 13 years old. He came to work in the fields
in California. He eventually started importing
candy and piñatas from Mexico. And that’s how
the Dulcelandia Candy Store was created. If you’re willing to work hard and put in
the time it takes to get things done, there are opportunities everywhere. The important thing is to provide
for my children and my grandchildren. My dad is a true example of a successful
immigrant business owner, that set the bar pretty high
for my brothers and I. During the economic downturn, we started consolidating
some of our stores. It was heart-wrenching to think we would
have to disappear as a small business. After 15 years of
a career in communications, I felt that I could add something
to the business my dad had created and that is Yogolandia Yogurt
and Botana Bar. I wanted to offer customers
Mexican flavored frozen yogurt, like horchata, churro, mango, and even better,
topped with Mexican candy. The first person I reached out to
was my brother. And he says, “Yes, this is great,
but how are you going to get the word out? How are people going to know
that Yogolandia exists?” Listing Yogolandia on Google
was absolutely key for us. It truly legitimizes you as a business,
it’s free and it really put us on the map. So that’s really exciting for us to see that
people are finding out about Yogolandia, there’s photos,
and we’ve got phenomenal reviews. It’s a great opportunity for us to take
advantage of all of these tools to help small businesses grow. It’s important to bring the business
into the 21st century. It’s the only way people are going to know
what my dad created 23 years ago.

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