Google My Business Tutorial: How to optimise your listing

If you are the owner of a local small-medium
business, and you have a physical store where your customer come and find you, then claiming
and verifying your business on Google My Business listing is a MUST. In fact, taking care of this simple aspect
dramatically increases your chances of showing up on Google Maps, and other organic searches for
products or services that you offer. But how to optimise your listing to rank higher
on Google search? In this video we will see 5 simple things
you can implement today in order to optimize your ranking. Let’s start! 1 Take care of your business description and information One of the vital things to do is to share the key business information such as opening
hours, street address, email contact, phone number, types of payments accepted and so
on. The more info you share, the better. Regarding your business description, consider that
you only have 750 characters (of which only 250 show up in the search result), so make
sure to write a solid, sharp description. 2 Add photos and videos
Photos and videos of your local business will help not only to optimize your listing on
Google but also to make the visitor already familiar with it. A great idea is to show the people working
there, to humanize the brand and make it more relatable. Also, short videos of 30 seconds are very
effective for marketing purposes. The great thing about video marketing is that
nowadays you can easily create them simply with your smartphone and a
free editing apps. 3 Earn positive online reviews
Online reviews are incredibly valuable as a social proof to help your business stand
out among other search results. In fact positive reviews inspire consumers
to trust more a business so.. Ask your happiest customers to help you out
and leave an honest review of their experience with you. 4 Use GMB posts Another great thing that you can do to improve your ranking is to use Google Posts which appear below your listing. And these posts are kind of like ads with an image, a little text and a CTA where you can direct the visitors either to homepage or one of your landing pages. 5 Take advantage of the booking button feature
This tip is for you depending on whether or not you use one of Google’s supported scheduling software. Google supports already a lot of them and more will
be supported in the future, but anyway if you have the option and your business relies on customers making appointments, this will make it very easy for them book directly from the Google search page And it will increase your bookings. So these were 5 simple things that you can do to optimise your Google My Business listing. Let us know if you like them or what else
you would add to them.

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