Google My Business Video Posts – Tips You Should Know

In today’s video we’re going to talk about Google My Business video posts. If you’re already using Google my business and you haven’t been using video on there, stay tuned to find out how. If you haven’t done so already, hit that subscribe button. And don’t forget to hit the bell for notifications. If you’re not already on Google My Business, there are other videos that you can check out to find out how to get started on Google My Business. This is not that video. This is going to tell you how to use video on Google My Business. So let’s get started. When you sign into Google My Business the first place you’re going to go is to your dashboard. Which is your home. And you go to create post. Now, when you open create post, this is where you can add in a photo or a video. I read on several websites that a video needs to be only 30 seconds. But I found that that’s not accurate. I actually did a bit of digging. And found out that a video should be less than 100 megabytes. And the size should be over 720 pixels. You could do it in square or you can do it in rectangle. But 100 megabytes is the size of the video. And you can do that in MP4, WMV, FLV, AVI, MKV, MGP, MTS. Those are all the different video types that you can do on Google My Business. Now once you click here and add your video, it will tell you if it is too big. If you want to know how to check the size of your video, all you need to do, is pick out one of your videos, and it’ll say the size. 7.83 megabytes is how much that one is. You can also right-click it go into properties. And go to right here. It’ll tell you the size of your video. You can put it under a tab of what’s new, event, offer, product. Whatever you feel is appropriate for your video. And then you get to write a post about it. Make sure and insert your keywords to go with your video. If your video happens to be really long and it’s over on a different platform like YouTube or Vimeo, you can actually put a video snippet in here just a little piece of a video. And then click the Add button And hit learn more. And when you do that it’ll give you the option to put in a link to your video. So even if your video is too long, you can still make a little promo video that will go to that video. Let me show you some of the ones I’ve done. Now see, this one was too big to go on. So I went ahead and I put up a picture just a thumbnail. I probably should have went with a square but I already had the one that goes with the video already made. And then when you click learn more, it pops over to YouTube and opens up that video. Now this one here is 30 seconds. And it’s an Audiogram that I put up there. Which is another fun thing that you can do with video. This one here is a minute nine seconds. And it’s just a short video about videos for small business. And I actually linked it to the longer video that’s on YouTube. This one here is just a short promo video. I’ll go ahead and push play on that one so you can see it. There we go. And this one here is just a 6 second bumper I put in. And this one here is 48 seconds. So you’re not limited to 30 seconds. It’s more about what the size of your video is. And these are a great way that you can show off some of the behind the scenes. Or maybe if you’re having a special event, you want to do a little video saying, Hey we’re having this event. Why don’t you come on down and join us? And say where. If you’re not sure how Google My Business works, let me show you how it works. When people go to Google and they put in video editing services It’s going to show the local ones on the map. And here’s my name right up top. So when I click on that one, As you can see, it gives them a link to my website, it tells them my address, phone number and if they want to ask me a question. And it also shows any posts I have. So, here’s the latest posts I did on the scavenger hunt. And you can click view all. And it will show all the different posts I did. So are you using Google My Business? If so, drop me a comment down below and tell me if you’ve tried video yet. Thanks for watching and we’ll see you next week. Hey, thanks for watching! If you haven’t already done it, hit that subscribe button. And give us a thumbs up. We’ll see you next time.

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