Google Pixel 2 XL Unboxing [Retail] & Note 8 and iPhone 8 Plus Physical Comparison

Hi guys, it’s MTG here. And today I got my Just Black Pixel 2 XL in
the mail, I’ll be unboxing the retail packaging and show you what comes in the box, and I’ll
also be physically comparing it to the iPhone 8 Plus and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Let’s get right into it. When you first open the box, you are presented
with the phone itself. I will set that aside for now. Underneath the phone, you’ll find a welcome
to team Pixel packet. In here, you will find a sim ejector tool,
a quick start guide that has helpful diagrams to help you get started with your new phones,
and another small pamphlet that will tell you about Pixel Care and other warranty information. Setting this aside, we see a USB C to USB
type A adapter. This will allow you to easily transfer all
of your information from a previous device whether it be an Android device or even an
iPhone. Looking under this little compartment, we
can see that Google has included a USB C to 3.5 mm headphone jack adapter. As you probably already know, Google has elected
to go the Apple route and eliminated the headphone jack on their new devices. Now you’ll have to use a dongle like this
to use wired headphones. Also, included is a USB C to USB C cable. This is actually very interesting because
this is the first phone that I have seen include a cable with USB C on both sides of the cable. For me, I have a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar,
so this will make charging from my laptop and data transfer a lot easier since I don’t
have to use a dongle. The USB C on both sides of the cable also
means that the power adapter also has a USB C input as opposed to a type A input, and
this should allow for some fast charging speeds right out of the box. Although charging speeds could get even faster
if you use a 27W USB-C power adapter as opposed to this power adapter, which is 18W. I’ll give a link to good ones in the description. Now getting back to the phone itself, I’ll
first remove the protective plastic. Honestly, feeling this phone for the first
time, it feels a lot better than I expected. I wasn’t too fond of the design after watching
the Google presentation, but the phone does feel premium and nice to hold. The Just Black color also looks very sleek
and professional. The Pixel 2 XL has a 6 inch, QHD+ P-OLED display,
4GB of RAM, an 8 Megapixel front camera (f/2.4), and front firing speakers. It runs on the Snapdragon 835, runs Android
8.0 or Android Oreo out of the box, and will get every Android update first. The phone comes in two storage options of
64 gb and 128 gb, but Google will include unlimited storage of photos and videos for
free until the end of 2020. On the back, you’ll find its single 12.2 Megapixel
lens (f/1.8) that can record 4k at up to 30 fps, 1080p at up to 120 fps, and 720p at up
to 240 fps. I’ll definitely be putting this camera up
against the Note 8 and iPhone 8 Plus in the near future so subscribe and stay tuned for
that. When the Pixel 2 XL was first announced, I
wasn’t sure how the phone physically compared to phones already out right now, so I thought
it would be cool to show a comparison between this phone and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and
the iPhone 8 Plus. First off, all three phones have surprisingly
very similar footprints. The indent in your pocket won’t be that much
different with any of these devices. However, the screen sizes of the three phones
vary. The Note 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and Pixel 2 XL
have screen sizes of 6.3, 5.5, and 6 inches respectively. Samsung was able to pull off the biggest screen-to-body
ratio out of the three at 83.6%. The iPhone 8 Plus has the worst out of the
three at 67.7%. While the new Pixel 2 XL gets right in between
those two with a ratio of 76.4%. We can give the new Pixel 2 XL a slight break
because Google was able to put two front firing speakers on their new devices. The speakers on the Pixel 2 XL are placed
in positions where they won’t be covered when holding the device like in the other two phones. The iPhone 8 Plus uses its bottom bezel to
put its TouchID sensor. Looking at the bottoms of the phones, you’ll
notice right off the bat that the Note 8 is the only phone out of the three to maintain
a headphone jack. The other two phones will only be able to
use wired headphones if you use their respective included dongles. Looking at the back of the phones, you can
see that Google has deviated from the dual-camera trend of 2017 by sticking with a single lens
system. It should be noted that the Note 8 and iPhone
8 Plus will be able to use their 2nd telephoto lenses for 2x optical zoom. Although the Pixel 2 does not have a second
lens for optical zoom, Google has claimed that using AI and machine learning, you will
still be able to get amazing portrait effects on both the front and rear cameras despite
the single lens. The Note 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus both have
glass backs that allow for the devices to use wireless charging, which the new Pixel
phone cannot. The Pixel 2’s back is mostly aluminum, with
glass on the top section of the device. The Note 8 and Pixel 2 both have their fingerprint
sensors on the back, with the Pixel’s placement being a lot more reachable by any person operating
the phone. The new Pixels don’t have that one feature
that makes it stand out from the crowd, but it’s the first Google phone that has me genuinely
excited to try out. Stay tuned for more in-depth comparisons and
reviews involving the Google Pixel 2 XL. And if you liked this video, please give this
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12 thoughts on “Google Pixel 2 XL Unboxing [Retail] & Note 8 and iPhone 8 Plus Physical Comparison

  1. What videos do you want to see me do with the new Pixel 2 XL? Camera Comparison? Charging Speed Comparisons? Anything Else?

  2. Nice work. I'd like to see a outside bright daylight visibility test compared to say a S8, Note 8 etc. I'd also like to see a screen colour comparison to other phones. Thanks

  3. The 27W wall charger to charge even faster was cleared up by a Google engineer as being not true. 18W is the fastest you can charge the Pixel 2(XL).

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