Google Review – Create a direct Google Review link for your business

Hi Guys this is Jamie from and here’s a short video tutorial for you it’s designed so
you can get more of your customers to leave reviews view on google if you have
more reviews on google or reasonably rated reviews at least it’ll put you
higher up in the search engine so it’s a great idea to get them especially if
you’re looking for local customers the local search will put you in their
shortlist that comes up there but for a lot of people it’s difficult they can’t
find where to leave your a review or don’t know what how to do it so we’re
going to create a URL you can send them that will take them straight to the
review page unfortunately by the way that Google works they’ll still have to
have a google account or sign up for a google account if they want to leave you
a review there but that’s not not difficult so the first thing we want to
do is go to Google place ids and I’ll put these links down below so don’t
worry about looking at the URL there are well put them down below and if I just
get rid of that it’ll come up like this and you’ll want to enter a location so
you put your business thing in there presuming you’re you’re you’re listed on
Google if you’re not there’s not much point in having a review but anyway put
your business name in there and it’ll it’ll pop up this little box here with
your business and you see this little string of characters here or this long
string of characters here this is what we want so we’re going to copy that we
don’t need that address underneath just the characters on top my copy those and
we’ll put it into a little notepad so I’ve copied that and put it into a
notepad over here now we need to add that to another URL which will take our
customers right there so if I this URL there and again I’ll leave this
below so you can use it for your business just after the equal sign there
we want to append or copy and paste that string of characters that we just copied
so there it is we copy that let’s just check it out I’ll bring up a different
browser and one that I’m not signed into Google ass that’s open up this for here
and I’ll just paste in that URL we created and go there there we are it’s
brought me to the page they wants you to sign in to write a review
like I said before if that your customer doesn’t have a Google account i have to
create one to create a review but this is what they’ll get and usually most
people are signed in anyway so if they’re signed in it’ll automatically
come up with a box i’ll just show you that on my other browsers of the like em
signing on so I’ll kill that and just open a new tab here and put that same
URL in and this is what they’ll see if their sign into the account I’m not
going to give myself over you right now because I wouldn’t really be sure but
this is what they’ll see if they can just write your review and give you a
star rating and what have you now that link that we just did was kind of long I
mean that those long URLs do occasionally frighten people so we can
shorten it to make it look a little less intimidating with Google URL shortener
so if we just paste that URL in here and go short new URL and there it is and go
let’s go to that link to your hands and I’ll take them that same along link of
course you can copy this short URL copy the link address and then you can just
send that to your customers in an email or I we like to do it or just add a
button to your site that says leave us a review and just add that link to it and
it’ll enable people that give you a nice google review presuming you’ve done a
good job for them I’m sure you have so there you have it that’s a way to easily
let your customer know how they can leave your google review which is really
useful for them and also useful for you so i hope this tutorial has been useful
for you thank you for watching this has been Jamie’s from system 22 and great
web design com

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