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I was in the Navy for about four and a half years, and shortly after, got into a car accident and hurt my back. The doctor prescribed me painkillers. Then when the pills were all gone, the pain didn’t stop. And that’s when the addiction started to take over. You lose everything when you’re in addiction. Losing my home, losing friends. Losing time with my children. I ended up arrested, convicted, and thrown in jail. When looking for work, it was very difficult to find people to believe in me. The only thing they looked at was my record. They didn’t see the real person that I am. Here in the city of Cincinnati, there’s over two thousand people coming out of jail and prisons each year. Making a mistake shouldn’t define who you are. It’s where you go from there. You really can’t change your life unless you have sustainable employment. I’m Dan Meyer, and I’m the CEO of Nehemiah Manufacturing Company. Nehemiah is located in a very, very tough neighborhood. A lot of people without employment. We wanted to hire those that needed it most. We’re in simple manufacturing contract packing. The heart of Nehemiah is really employees, their families, the impact that they have on the community. But none of this is achievable unless we continue to grow our businesses. What we have found at Nehemiah, is the most effective, efficient way to grow our business is through the web. We started in this little facility, about 40,000 square feet. Today, we’re in two buildings, 120,000 square feet. Through the web, we have gone from ten employees to 110. That’s a hundred additional families that help transform the community that we love so much. Getting a job at Nehemiah changed my life. I have my family and my kids back in my life again. It means everything to me. We’re really transforming and building our community one person at a time. It’s just a powerful new way of thinking about business.

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