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Alex Thomas, New Business Sales, Google: This is, on average, the amount of searches that happened every single day in 2013 on Google. ((Graphic: 5,922,000,000)) ((Mission Main Street Grants Bumper)) ((Graphic: “12 small businesses, $3m in grants from Chase, premiere sponsor: Google)) ((Graphic: “Maximizing your business online”)) So, a search is definitely going to be a core way for you to connect with that audience when they are actively searching. Pay per click, search engine marketing … You, an advertising company, would select key words
((Graphic: “Use Adword to Generate Traffic”) that are going to be relevant to your business. So, if somebody goes on google and they search using one of those key words that you have identified, then ads will appear. You’re going to have your organic listings that are free, and then your paid listings that are up top. ((Graphic: “Your ad will appear at the top of the page”))
The vast majority of the time, a user is at the top of the page and they’re looking at those ads more than anywhere else on the entire page. There are a couple of ways where you can connect with your audience on a search engine result page. ((Graphic: Create a relevant “Call to action'”))
You always want there to be a call to action. Something that you’re directing the user to do, so: sign up today, learn more now, purchase… if it’s relevant to them and they want to do that action, they’ll click and that’s when you actually pay. Mauricio Sembek, CEO Milagros de Mexico / Mission Main Street Grant Recipient: 
The tools that are most secret to learn about are Google ad-words, because we believe that if we do it efficiently it can bring a lot of traffic to our website, and then hopefully convert those hits into transactions. Alex Thomas, New Business Sales, Google:
Even if you have the inter-ads, you still can connect with your audience. And the more relevant your ads can be, the better performance that you’re going to get. You’re only paying when somebody is clicking on your ads. ((Graphic: “Track Ads For Success”))
And at the end of the day, you want to be tracking all of this to reach your audience, grow your brand, drive sales… And you have all of that capable through the ad-words interface when you do decide you do want to do these pay per click campaigns. ((Bump out: Mission Main Street Grants,, #missionmainst))

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