Google workshop: Online Marketing – Mission Main Street Grants – Chase

Frank Frausto, Sales Representative, Google: When we talk about brand awareness many customers say, you know, “I have a great product or I have a great company, the only problem is nobody knows that I exist.” ((Mission Main Street Grants bumper)) ((Graphic: “12 small businesses, $3m in grants from Chase, premiere sponsor: Google)) ((Graphic: “Online Marketing Workshop”)) What I wanted to do is just, sort of, boil things down in true Google fashion to make your job as easy as possible. Boil it down to sort of three key concepts or questions for the best online marketing solution that fits your specific business. The first is: ((Graphic: “Who is your target audience”)) Who is your target audience? Believe it or not, there are dozens and dozens of ways that we can segment individual users at Google: by age, by ethnicity, by demographic, by household income. What you will be able to do is use a myriad of different options in order to reach that specific market. Second: ((Graphic: “Who are your major competitors?”)) Who are your major competitors? If you have a set of competitors that you want to sort of model your business next to, what this will allow us to do is sort of benchmark some of the best practices or some of the data average return, number of customers that they’re able to generate per week… And last, and perhaps more importantly, ((Graphic: “How does your company define success?”)) is how do you measure success for your particular company? One thing that I always like to say when I’m consulting with small or medium size businesses is, “If you don’t have a target when you’re going into your online marketing campaign, there is no way you’re going to hit it.” Jonathan Jacobs, Co-Founder, The Robot Garage / Mission Main St Grant Recipeint: We are a retail shop in a local community, and we get so many people come in here and say, “I live like two blocks from here and I don’t even know you exist.” anything we can do to sort of use technology to focus our efforts so that we can connect with the people who live so close to us is great. Frank Frausto, Sales Representative, Google: No two business are exactly alike. They can be in the same field, they could be selling the same product or similar product type. But they can have totally different objectives when it comes to success or measuring the impact of what their marketing is driving. So, start to think about in very specific terms, “Who is it that I want to reach?” ((Bump out: Mission Main Street Grants,, #missionmainst))

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