Gowdy reacts to Lisa Page unloading on Trump in new interview


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100 thoughts on “Gowdy reacts to Lisa Page unloading on Trump in new interview

  1. Trey Gowdy… the latest orange Rim kisser to come out of the Russian closet. Fox News… 'The Putin Trump team' propaganda arm of Russia'. The YouTube and other US blogs … filled with thousands of paid Russian trolls and Bots spinning orange positives that ultimately benefit Putin. To the other brainwashed mentally enslaved Americans that have been taken in by the orange lies and cons, WAKE UP before you wake up one morning and find Putin as president of the US and president compromised serving as his vice. ( not funny )

  2. She is scum! Many more just like her in the government. What are patriots going to do about it? Answer: complain and take it. Prove me wrong!

  3. WHAT THE HELL IS WITH TREY GOWDY'S HAIR????? Get a stylist, dude!!! Or, get a decent stylist! I love the guy, but the hair? Just weird.

  4. Weird idea Donald Trump is mastrubating on a picture of Lisa Page, On the other hand this is the greatest Pussygrabber in charge.

  5. That's not the same. You need to stop talking about what the American people want. We want him gone. He is the most corrupt president in history. Why are you defending his? He lies everytime he opens his mouth.

  6. The Democrats reaction to the election of Donald J. Trump is the biggest embarrassment in our nation's history. I hated Obummer. As much if not more than a millenial gender studies student Hates Trump. But, i/we respected the vote of our fellow citizens.

  7. Should of kept her legs closed, and phone off. She should be held accountable for treason. Her pretty face won't save her now.

  8. Its all theater! Notice most of the cast is comprised of lawyers' and none of them are going to jail for their crimes!!!

  9. Too bad Gowdy, Nunes, Trump are trash ppl who wouldnt push indictment and only used this for political gains. Wouldve been a great opportunity to actually drain the swamp but ok.

  10. Lisa Page was not defamed when her own text messages exposed the interoffice relationship, her personnel political bias and her intention to direct an investigation. Both Page and Strzok had the option to recuse themselves from both the Mid-Term Exam and Crossfire Hurricane investigations but consciously and intentionally involved themselves in both investigations in order to direct the outcome. The "I was just exercising my first amendment rights" is a poor excuse for editing 302's and discussing strategies to direct an investigation towards a specific outcome while hurdling evidence that did not support the intended direction.

  11. What did this fairly attractive woman ever see in that weasel lying rat? Either way they are both ruined for life which is not enough after what they wanted to do.

  12. Anti trump texts lack context because the rest are still sequestered.. obviously not anything that would change the fact that these people were a hit squad against trump.. shoulda used the a-team instead. My mistake, they tried that and everything else. Lmaooooo.

  13. If i cheated on my wife and worked to sabotage a presidency with trash . The least thing i would do is go on tv and say i did nothing wrong “ the same ppl that said trump supporters smell like walmart .

  14. Ha, for get that old News. I have learned somthing realy Big" Natler told the truth said the people there are Stupid" Dem in Shock.

  15. The Page interview release is more pettifogging from the Dems and the Media… This is all Choreographed to confuse voters… If you can't dazzle with brilliance… Baffle with BS!!! All while our President is on foreign soil… This stuff happens every time our President goes abroad to conduct foreign business matters… Same ol', Same ol'!!!

  16. washington is full of lawyers and they protect each other , when will someone be punished instead of moved to another appointment ? when ?

  17. So Lias Page was accurate, Trump has been proved to be a National security risk. It was a private conversation. They have been found to have done nothing wrong. Talk about Republican big brother state.

  18. She is obviously not too bright, when the s**t is getting ready to start flying you don't poke your head up out of your hole.

  19. Lisa Page just like any other U.S. citizen has the right to view Trump as good or bad….!!!..And the fact that a person works for the government would not change that right. And there is no proof that she violated the any law doing her job.The majority of Americans who did not vote for Trump also feel that Trump is a Dishonest Sick Pervert.

  20. Well bless her heart, she will have plenty of time to bash Trump when she is in jail.  For three years they have been trying to get rid of Trump, never found anything so now impeachment.  The congress just reauthorized the Patriot Act so they can continue to spy on you and me, this has got to stop before the first shot is fired because there is no coming back from this. Its getting close. I hear it in the stores, people talking. Vets and hillbillies, black and white, no one trusts the government that steals tax money and gets rich in congress.  What a joke and they are laughing saying things like we are too dumb to elect a president.  They think they are safe in their gated communities while others are sleeping on the street, yeah good luck with that.

  21. Oh poor baby 👶
    Maybe you should have considered the consequences before you text your lover all those incriminating text messages.🤔

  22. Fools.
    They don't even recognize that the mear appearance of impropriety is damaging to the agency. They are so selfish they don't even care what they're doing to the rule of law.

  23. I believe Sir
    it is referred to as
    “moving the goalposts”
    It’s the only way their shallow ideology stays alive.

  24. Boohoo Martha they say it's unfair, what do you think they gonna say uh? I'm sick and tired that because of the media being anti -Trump these people who are traitors they feel bold to come out with more lies trying to play victims when get caught red hand, and the media is right there trying to sugarcoat those text, but at the same time they have the audacity to assume what was into POTUS head about the Ukraine, to pass anything for a criminal intent or act! I HATE THE NEVER TRUMPER MEDIA CLOWNS!

  25. We should see the corruption in our own country the senate is not going to do the right thing with what they see I can’t give up on our countrymen not yet

  26. She says she has the right to say anything she wants. Ok,Well guess what? SO does the President.he has the same right. She is an ignorant little person.

  27. Ok normally writing someone is a f**ing idiot, that's not nice, but if half the country thinks the same (dems and reps) it might actually say more about the person it's being written about.

  28. Trey Gowdy love him just a teeny bit less than President Trump … another stand up guy who can tell it like he sees it. Wish he could find his way into President's cabinet in 2020. He is another no nonsense warrior imo. KAG MAGA2020!

  29. Lisa Page is a Traitor plain and simple. We all know she will never be prosecuted however she should be hounded and chased out of the country.

  30. oh please your husband cant even trust you, your not a victim , we are , of your treason. so just shut up and turn yourself in. already do us all a freaking favor.

  31. thank you Trey for such an exceptional performance, may God almighty bless you in all ways always and all of us the American people as well👍😎🇺🇸💕🎵
    i am from Hispanic and we support our president mr Trump. 2020 2! VIVA LA TRUMP.

  32. "A Trump presidency would be a disaster" Peter Strozk. Facts……lowest unemployment in 50 years, highest stock market EVER, fair trade and manufacturing job returning from China. Peace with North korea. How much more "winning" do the American people need? What do we get instead? A sham of an impeachment inquiry from the swamp A.K.A the democrats.

  33. "Biased against Donald Trump" ? Well, if that means that I strongly side with ethical, honest, professional, service – especially when supposedly working on behalf of one's country ? Then "HELL YES !" Any Trump supporter that doesn't understand how the rest of the rational world is vehemently against him is just goes to prove WHY they would vote for him in the first place !! But, what makes the GOP Senators bend over while he shafts them and the rest of the USA, now that is as bizarre as it is concerning. We'll have to come with a new collective noun for the depths of absolute corruption we're witnessing. Perhaps it is time to make EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM RE-TAKE THEIR OATH OF OFFICE ON CAMERA… followed by a test to see if they understand what it really means !

  34. She's a Scandalous little Jezzebell 🖕 should be flipping my Burger or circling the track in some Ghetto somewhere.DRAIN THAT SWAMP POTUS

  35. Adulterous woman is offended because her adultery and deception is ridiculed. You brought the ridicule on yourself dirty woman

  36. Trey Gowdy, you were and still are an excellent attorney. He should be South Carolina’s attorney general if Wilson decides to run for Congress.

  37. What I am watching is Communists in our Government overthrowing a duly elected president.. It will be dealt with in due time.

  38. Hey Lisa, you have "Freedom of Speech" and with that freedom goes the responsibility of the choices you make and the things you say.

  39. Normally I would disagree with Page but if hrc is not held accountable, I see Pages point. If we never punish the elite, then there will always be a 2 tier system.

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