Gray Hat Web | Branding & Identity w/ New Business Cards

>>YAN HUANG: So, I had lunch with one of my
clients/friends — well, he was a client first…we became
friends — at this place off of Melrose.
I handed him the new business card for Gray Hat Web.
He was really impressed. He told me I should make a video of the business card.
At the time I kind of just laughed, but looking back, well, here I am making the video.
So the business cards…when they first came in, I was really impressed.
I still am. They’re designed by our creative director, Anthony.
Basically, here’s the front side. Let me sharpen a little bit more.
Here’s the back side of the card. [pause]
With the back side, we have the emblem, which is the logo and also the branding identity
of the business. As you rotate at certain angles, you really
see the high-level reflection that just makes the card stand out in a pile of
cards. I put this red paper clip here, so you can
really see it — the reflective quality of the silver on the
card. If I rotate this to the front side of the
card…here’s the front side. We have the emblem, the seal, the logo as
well, on the top. It’s just as detailed as on the back side.
But beneath that, what’s really cool is that the text — the information that you
need to see — it’s actually shiny.
This is a technique in print design called Spot UV, which
allows you to specify certain spots that you want the card to be shiny.
The card…it’s almost like a gunmetal feel to it.
It’s a type of matte, but on the lettering, it’s glossy —
now obviously, on the emblem logo, that’s silver.
Hopefully you found this video insightful and helpful.
If you have any questions with your company’s branding and identity, feel free to
reach out to me. You can reach out to me by going to
If you want a copy of my business card, feel free to shoot me email, as well.
If you’re in the area and want to just grab lunch or something,
I’m open to that also. Other than that, thank you for watching this
video, and also thank you for Liking my video, and
thank you for subscribing to my channel!

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